1969 Pontiac Firebird 350 H.O. Convertible

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All 1969 Firebirds come with unique body panels, making them a one-year favorite for many fans of Pontiac’s first-generation pony car. This 1969 Pontiac Firebird convertible in Jacksonville, Florida ramps up the rarity as a convertible and (according to the seller) one of 112 drop-tops with the hard-hitting High Output 350 V8. Add its status as a two-owner never-restored specimen with mostly original parts, and this creamsicle ticks off many high-interest boxes. Check out details and more pictures here at eBay where at least 12 bidders have raised the Firebird’s market value above $18,000.

With its 10.5:1 compression ratio, “48” cylinder heads, and special camshaft, the High Output 350 cid (5.7L) V8 makes 325 HP and a stout 380 lb-ft of torque. A Hot Rod dynamometer test backed up those numbers, showing the hard-charging 350 H.O. made over 350 lb-ft from 3,000 to 5,000 rpm. Check out brochure engine specs at lov2xlr8. You have to respect sales literature listing a table of specs including compression and gear ratios. Today you might get the car’s horsepower, and a warning not to drink the antifreeze.

The Parchment interior matches the body tag, as does the Carousel Red paint, refreshed some 20 years ago, according to the listing. A three-speed automatic handles the gear changes. The claimed original upholstery looks great, standing out nicely against the new black carpeting. I’m a sucker for this color combination, and GM deserves credit for offering the light upholstery with a black carpet and dash for so many years.

Though not ram-air, the 350 H.O. package included the hot 350 hood badges, dual exhaust, and heavy-duty springs. This hood-mounted tachometer lets you shift at desired RPM while keeping your eyes on the road, plus it looks super-cool.

Not without rust, this imperfect pony car makes a much better starting point than many classics we’ve featured. Have you heard of the 350 H.O. engine option?

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  1. Ed

    A 350 HO is a lot to handle, but fun.

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  2. PairsNPaint

    “This hood-mounted tachometer lets you shift at desired RPM while keeping your eyes on the road.” Ummm………..it’s an automatic, pretty much shifts when IT wants to.

    Nice car, though. Should be an easy restoration.

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    • Stacy

      I had a triple black (starlight black paint, black interior and black top) 1969 firebird convertible with the 350 HO engine, factory air conditioning and the Muncie M20 4 speed. Rare and fun car indeed.

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  3. Maggy

    This is a really cool car.I like it.But if I was going to buy it I definitely would inspect first and bring a magnet.Owner needs to show close up pics of the quarter and fender bottoms as well as the underneath , trunk drop downs subframe, rear rails etc.If it was a 4 speed I’d like it more.Being a FL car would make me shy away a little.

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  4. Bill

    I had a 69 Firebird in 77. That 1 had a 70 455 and a M21 4 speed. Very fast and a handful to drive. If you’re interested in this 1. Check out the rear shock mounts. Mine were rotting out. That’s why I sold it.

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  5. lance hildebrand

    Would like to see the PHS to prove provenance

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  6. Robert Levins

    First thing to go is the hood mounted tachometer. Ruins the look over the hood. What I like about older cars (classics) is that most cars have nice long hoods, especially “hood ornaments”, which are on the front. Hood scoops and tachs destroy the feel of the car. Anyway I really like this car, too bad I have to save my money towards retirement or I’d buy it. Somebody will get a nice car for sure – if the final price will allow the new owner to restore it and not – keep them from retirement. Great article and – good luck to the new owner.

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    • Johan

      Just when you think you’ve heard everything. That’s a first! Personal taste I guess…

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    • Bill Rosen

      Robert, thanks for your comment. You’re the first person I’ve ever come across who hasn’t been loved with a 400 Hood along the hood tach.

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      • Bill Rosen

        Always remember before hitting submit. What I meant to say was you were the first person I’ve ever come across who has not been in love with a 400 hood.

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  7. Johnmloghry johnmloghry

    To me, these are one of the most beautiful cars ever made. Back in 71 I bought a canary yellow 69 Firebird 400 with turbo400 trans. Very fast car and I loved it. If this were a 400 HO like mine was I would be all over this, 350’s just don’t do anything for me, every hot rod has one. Some happy camper will get this and drive the tires off of it.

    God Bless America

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    • Claudio

      Every hot rot has a chevy 350 , not a pontiac 350 !
      Pretty big difference…

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    • Bill

      All Pontiac and Oldsmobiles and most Buicks V-8 were big blocks. Big difference than the Chevy small blocks. Nothing against small blocks owned plenty of them over the years. Nothing like that rumble of a big block. Recently bought a 65 GTO. 455 4 SPD. Fun car to drive, as you actually have to drive it.

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