1970 AMC AMX 390 X-Code Go Pack!

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For those looking for a real barn – or in this case, lean-to – find, Barn Finds reader, Patrick S., may have found one for you. This 1970 AMC AMX 390 X-Code w/ Go-Pack can be found here on eBay in Magnolia, Texas. After 32 bids the current high bid is $12,400, but the reserve has not been met.

Having been introduced mid-model year in 1968, AMC packed some mild, yet significant, updates for the 1970 model year. One 1970 AMX advertisement read “We made the AMX look tougher this year because it’s tougher this year.” That toughness included many exterior updates – most notably an elongated front clip that still rode on the 97-inch wheelbase and hood scoop – that was functional with the Go-Pack – but also many mechanical and interior upgrades. The AMX was really coming into its own by 1970, but production dropped sharply over previous years – just 4,116 rolled off the assembly line. Only 901 of those were equipped with a 390 and automatic transmission like this one. That sealed the fate for the AMX, as 1970 was its final year as a standalone model

This AMX is wearing most of its original factory Hialeah Yellow paint. After being awoken from its long barn rest, the rear deck lid and hood had to be repainted and the seller “blended in the lower part of the rear quarters and a few more small spots where the paint was worn too thin.” The seller claims the car is now rust free. I’ll assume that means rust through, as there’s plenty of surface rust shown in the photos. The original Magnum 500 wheels were sand blasted and repainted “the correct dark argent and black.”

Those who like interior work should enjoy this project. While the AMX was only a 2-seat car, those 2-seats are not in great shape. The seller removed the carpet to clean the floorboards and has not replaced it. What’s left of the interior looks like what you’d expect from a lengthy outdoor storage.

Under the hood is the optional for 1970 top-of-the-line X-Code 390 cubic-inch V8. This AMX left the Kenosha WI factory with the optional $383.90 Go Package, which included power front disc brakes, handling package, and ram-air induction. Patience is key when working on a car that’s been sitting for a long time and this seller practiced that. Before attempting to start they “removed all the spark plugs…and oiled down the cylinders for a couple weeks” then “primed the oil system with a drill just prior to turning the key.” It fired right up and had good oil pressure. The engine was then removed and a cosmetic restoration was performed, including a repaint in the original AMC aqua. All gaskets and rear main seal were replaced before re-installation. The original transmission was also rebuilt. For those who like easy driving and a comfortable cabin, this AMX is also equipped with power steering and air-conditioning.

With fewer than 20,000 ever built, the AMX isn’t a common sight. Add that Go-Pack and 390 with automatic transmission and production numbers are quite small. This seller has done quite a bit of the hard work to get this one road ready while maintaining much of its originality. Would you complete the restoration or install some carpet and go? Count me in the latter camp.

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  1. Steve R

    This car looks like it has great potential.

    Maybe whoever buys this car can strike a deal for the wrecked AMX he was trying to sell which was featured on this site last week.

    Steve R

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  2. 19sixty5Member

    Some parts of this look pretty decent, but the rattle can undercarriage with the bright silver exhaust system paint don’t exactly inspire confidence. The Magnum wheels look even worse. The seller couldn’t even mask off the chrome “spokes” of the wheels, they are full of overspray. A few moments with some lacquer thinner or even 0000 steel wool would have made a huge difference. I would rather see the chassis as is, you get a better idea of what you are dealing with. It just makes me suspicious, sort of like buying a car in primer, “ready for paint” or a car that was just hosed down with water for photo’s.

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  3. TimM

    This is the way to “flip” a car!! Buy it get it running and driving and make it desirable for someone to want to continue to bring it back!! They of course could just drive it as it is!! I hope the flippers that use this site take note of this guys way of doing things!!

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  4. HoA Howard AMember

    Yeah,,,”GO PACK”!!!, if we have a football season, this year, that is. What’s that? Oh,,,AMC Go-Pack,,,never mind. Being from Wisconsin, I always wondered if it was plug for the Packers. Why not? We were mighty proud of this car. Showed them, we did. (“them”, the other guys, and “we”, the #4 car maker in America) IDK about this ad, I think we’re seeing a lot of “file” photos from before storage.

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    • James Schwartz

      Being a fellow Wisconsinite (and AMC & Packer fan), how great would it have been if AMC had called it the “Go Pack Go”!

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      • Stevieg

        Heck yeah! Go Pack Go!
        Even my family in Arizona are all Packer Backers!

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  5. luckylugnut

    Jeez, look closely at the “as found in a barn” photo… There’s deer heads lying all around. Looks like somebody is pretty good shot.
    Question is, with a vehicle or a gun ? LOL
    I would love to show up at my brother in law’s with this car.. he’s had a ’73 Javelin in the restoration mode for probably 30 years. This would really piss him off.

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  6. Ron

    This looks identical to the AMX I almost bought in 1975. I wonder if it is the same car? 390, Go Pack, Yellow and black. But an unnerving engine knock made me walk away. Back then it was just an old car, a money pit.

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  7. Ed Stull

    I had a ’69 AMX 390/4spd. no a/c, but power brakes. No go pack. (No hood scoop for ’69). An Isky cam, bigger four barrel, and Doug’s Headers were factory options for a very conservative rating of 340 hp. Mine was 315 hp, bought in San Francisco upon return from Nam, ergo, no headers! I later added Doug’s headers, turned 13:23 in the 1/4 mile @101 MPH in Newbern, NC. Consistently pissed all other muscle cars off in E/F Stock, AHRA. (You could run headers and cheater slicks in stock classes then.) Shirley Muldowney held NHRA Nat (12:60) Record in a specially Factory equipped AMX (one of 50) that had enlarged wheelwells, painted red, white and blue, like, “The Machine” Rambler. Only stock non-hemi street muscle car of the era that outran me was a 427 Vette, 425 hp. And he was quick in third gear! A 14 second quarter mile was considered fast in stock classes back then. We all run whut ya brung back then…. 340 4bbl.Barracudas were strong with the Posi no slip Torqueflight launch. Thanks for letting me reminisce…! I’m 73 and riding a 160 hp BMW K1600 daily, its fast too. Hehehe.

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  8. Steve

    I had a 1970 AMX 390 in high school. Loved that car. Friends had 340 Darts, 402 Camaros, 383 cudas, nothing beat that red headed step child from AMC.
    On one occasion, police stopped me, I asked whats the problem? He says the plate is registered to a 1970 AMC. I said what the hell do you think this is? Have a good day sir.

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    • Frank

      Back in the day, an F Stock 340 Cuda, A body, could run mid 12 seconds with headers and slick, used to blow away most big block cars on the street

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  9. Tooyoung4heyday Tooyoung4heydayMember

    Also Wisconsinite here….I think you guys are onto something with the go pack go. Sounds like a good candidate for a personalized license plate on an AMX with perhaps double meaning…. As for the wheels 19sixty5, don’t quote me cause I’m not 100% on this but I believe some of the AMC magnum wheels were painted complete like that with the black and metalflake only using the chrome lug nuts and beauty rings as brighteners differing from the traditional polished spoke. Nice car though, good potential. I liked the update for 70 nose but always thought the dash was blah….

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    • Steve

      1970 is the best. The dash is cool, but the glove box “woodgrain” never matches the left side of the dash. Thats my pet peve. It must be an AMC thing.

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