1970 AMC Rebel Machine: Really 1 of 3?


Back in 1970, the AMC Rebel “Machine” was a big, loud, fast, car. AMC always tried to grab the attention of enthusiasts by doing things a little out of the ordinary, and this was no ordinary car! And this one isn’t even an ordinary Machine, with reports of it being one of only three fitted with factory air conditioning.  Although it originally left the factory in Bayshore Blue, it was decorated in the more familiar red, white and blue livery later in it’s life. The seller presents a very forthcoming auction listing here on eBay, with bidding currently at over $15,000 and the reserve not yet met. The car is by no means in perfect condition, but it is in enjoyable condition, and that’s exactly what the seller sounds like they have been doing. So, would you like to be the next person enjoying this patriotic machine? Thanks goes to Jim S. for this find!


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  1. sir mike

    interesting but..how can it still be 1 of 3 when it’s not in it’s original color?

  2. Dan

    Had a buddy buy one of these a few years back, 4-speed car, and I made fun of his “Rambler” til he took me for a ride. It would run and hide from my 396 chevelle…..

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  3. MIkeG

    I have always respected that AMC tried to set themselves apart from the others. Maybe not in a really good way, but they tried nevertheless. The AMX and the Gremlin are 2 very iconic American cars, not for everybody but I liked them. This Rebel is so very 70’s and screams “nowhere else but in AMERICA”!!!

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    • John Newell

      Actually MikeG, in Canada too. In fact more were sold in the mining town of Sudbury, Ontario than anywhere else.

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  4. Steve

    This car has the potential to be a good investment if it is the real deal. It’s rare now, and will be even tougher to find in five years.

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  5. Howard A Member

    Wow, whatever color it was, someone sure did their homework. I was unaware of the different colored “Machines” until I went to the AMC reunion in Kenosha. ( which I strongly recommend for AMC fans)There were several in these colors, but many more in all different colors. Apparently, after 1000 units in red,white, and blue, ( one for every AMC dealer for display) you could get almost any color ( I think the Big, bad, green is the rarest) but they all had that signature hood scoop/tach. This, along with the SC/Rambler, were considered some of the greatest cars of all time, possibly , in part, because of it’s patriotic graphics, or it’s limited run as AMC’s super cars, these cars are highly sought after today.

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  6. The Chucker

    I was at a car show last weekend and there was one of these there in red, white and blue livery. The car stood out nicely amongst a sea of Chevelles, Novas, Camaros and Mustangs.

    In speaking with the owner, he said the wheels for these are very rare and are model specific.

  7. John

    Someone has to say it. One of who cares???

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    • Blindmarc

      Only you. And who cares if you post.

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    • John Newell

      Actually a lot of people care. And more all the time as people finally start to realize just how good these cars really were. They were the only muscle car that handled like a sports car, had the best brakes and for an extra $500 you could raid the Group 19 parts bin and enhance the horsepower all the way to 472 and 12.73 in the quarter mile. All with a small block engine and nothing more dramatic than a competition valve job.

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  8. blindmarc

    There was a bay shore blue for sale about 6 months ago. It also stated 1 of 3. He had it priced at $65k. It was out of some classic car dealer in the northeast. These were pretty fast cars in their day.

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    • John Newell

      There is no official record of how many of the various colours were made. But three is not correct. There are still more than three of that colour.

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      • Bryan Barton

        John it is not just color. But the fact is it was a solid color a/c and 4 speed car that makes it rare.

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  9. GlenK

    Here is a Bayshore blue “Machine” on my street 4-speed as well. The car was originally from the Southern states. It now resides here in Ontario Canada. interesting car, not my cup of tea, but nice car all the same.

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    • John Newell

      Where is that Machine?

      • Bryan Barton

        John I own this car and have verified the numbers it is the real deal. Bryan

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      • John Newell

        Hi Bryan are we talking about the car in the shot on this site?

        Anyway, I do believe you Bryan. I’m sure it’s the real deal. It doesn’t sound like you want to sell it all that badly if you’re still working on it. Personally, if I had that car I would be far, far from wanting to sell it. The wheels I can see look to be in good shape. Are they straight? If they’re all in that condition, you probably don’t want to touch them regardless of scratches.

      • Bryan Barton

        Yes I own that car know and i am in the process of going through it

  10. Blindmarc

    Post a pic. GlenK!

  11. Rex Kahrs Member

    We saw William Shatner’s one-man show a few years back, and he was hilariously entertaining with his reminiscences on his 80+ years on the planet, and his many years as an actor. He said something in summary at the end of the show that really stuck with me, and I’ll paraphrase…

    “It’s easy to say no. That’s your first reaction. But don’t say no. Say yes! Say yes and live life!”

    My first car was a Rambler and I’d have this cool Machine any day of the week. Yes!

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  12. geomechs geomechs Member

    Interesting. I thought the Machine was only available in this color scheme. I always liked this configuration. I remember a guy moving into our home town with one of these. He talked it up as his pride and joy. Too bad there were so many cynics who didn’t share his enthusiasm; to them, Machine or plain Rebel, it was just another Rambler.

  13. pontiactivist

    There wasn’t a lot of these built in alternative colors. This would be worth more restored to original, but I would be hard pressed not to paint it this way. Love the red white and blue on amc’s. Especially on a gremlins or an amx.

    • John Newell

      Actually about half the Machines were RWB and the other half were the rest of the solid colours. 1,936 of them were made. That is now accepted as the official count via recently surfaced documentation. But from that count where nearly a thousand solid colour cars were made, how absurd it is to claim that only three of a given colour were made. Each time someone says that we look and in all but the Big Bad colours we find more than is claimed.

  14. dj

    I have to agree with Pontiac. This is neat in these colors but it would have been better in the original color.

    • John Newell

      The Red White and Blue colour scheme is known as the colour code 25A which so far has not been found in any AMC documents or the parts book so far that I know of. But it is the colour scheme by which the car is known and is generally worth more money generally speaking for cars in similar condition.

  15. doc

    on vacation, just saw this one rust rust and more rust, rear quarters, what is behind that pushed out door panel? undercoating? What is that hiding? East coast cover up boys..

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    • Mac

      Hey Doc, can you expand on the condition of the car. It sounds like you went and looked at it? Did you drive it? How bad were the quarters etc? Was the owners honest with you about the condition?

    • Bryan Barton

      You must I have seen the wrong car this one is not that way.

  16. John Newell

    Doc’s comments are no surprise. There have been no new sheet metal parts for these cars made since 1987. Replacement sheet metal has all come from donor cars or stock piled parts left in dealerships. Some employees hoarded parts knowing what was coming – Chrysler trashing all the tooling. But now I’m about to start making brand new SHEET METAL PANELS FOR REBEL MACHINES. So far I have new floor pans, rear quarters and door skins. Next will be inner and outer rocker panels. I also make the correct stripe kits. The stripe kit on the car above is far from correct. You can find me at http://www.rebelmachinestripekit.com

    I hope I’m not offending anyone by putting the website name there but how else will people who need to know find what they need to know? This is not a big manufacturing operation. It’s all done by hand, one part at a time. But really great work. No excuse for donor cars now. We can literally make a brand new Machine body.

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    • Bryan Barton

      Actually… that is awesome! I am planning on redoing the interior and paint next winter and knowing where we can locate a quality stripe kit will be very helpful!

    • Bryan Barton

      We are also planning on restoring the wheels … yes they are the original wheels … which most know are rare. Do you know who to contact about restoring them?

      • John Newell

        I would hold off on doing anything with the wheels just yet. Only one man has so far come up with a finish that matches the original and the secret died with him a few years ago. I’m working on it. You should contact me via e-mail found on my website. Lots of things going on with Rebel Machines these days and a lot more will be going on. My stripes are the real deal. Expensive but authentic. And they look fantastic once they’re on the car. I’ve been making them for over 20 years.

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    • Dave Mazz

      John; Your website is great…it brought back a lot of good memories . I never owned a Rebel Machine, but I did have a couple of AMXes (1969 and 19700 and they were great cars. I hope your Rebel Machine venture lives long and prospers!!!

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  17. Bryan Barton

    Thanks the wheels are actually pretty good I was just curios. I have heard the beauty rings are very dificult to get off.

  18. John Newell

    Yes that’s what everyone thinks and that’s exactly what Machine owners want people to think. It took until 1995 to figure out how to do it without damaging the trim ring. I won’t tell you on a public forum how to do it. You will have to do it eventually because there’ll be all sorts of dirt and maybe rust behind the trim rings you’ll need to get out. Luckily the job is an easy one that doesn’t take a lot of time.

    By the looks of it you’ve got yourself a great car. There’s lots to find out about it too. They are very interesting and collectively have the most astounding back story in the automotive world in my opinion. They are also the cars that should have been used in the TV show “The Dukes of Hazard” for all sorts of reasons. Luckily they weren’t or there’d be fewer left and they’d be at least four times as valuable as they are now, so non-rich people would never be able to afford one.

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    • Bryan Barton

      Thanks John i will be in touch.

  19. kerry

    Where was this pic taken

  20. Matt

    I knew someone who had a 70 rebel …cool car ..think it had a 390 it sounded bad ass! I know they were rated at 340 hp but acted like it was much more like 375..under rated ? I had a 300hp 68 Camaro 4spd 373 and it was meek compared to the rebel

  21. Matt

    Also knew a guy that had a dart with a built 340.he was friends with the rebel guy..took me for a ride and it scared me..and I’m not scared of nothing. Lol

  22. Steve S

    This is a nice car. I wish I had the money for this car. I would be taking it to the cruise in that is going on in the town I live in tomorrow if I was owned it.

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