TNT Powered: 1970 Chrysler Three Hundred Convertible

With its convertible top, power options, fuselage styling, hidden headlights, and shiny trim everywhere, this 1970 Chrysler Three Hundred Convertible represents the pinnacle of full-sized style for 1970. Located in San Francisco, California, this life-long Golden State resident comes to market here on eBay, where the only option is to Buy It Now for $20,000. Said to run great with “no issues,” it features minimal rust. Everything works, though the air conditioning no longer blows cold. Advertised as never “out of place” or “out of countenance,” the Three Hundred appealed to a “man… looking for exhilarating performance” and tons (over two tons) of style. Ditch the 1970’s sexism to include humans of all sorts, and you may agree that the car makes a similar statement today 

In addition to air conditioning, this Three Hundred comes with automatic climate control, power windows, and door locks, and (though not described) I believe power wing windows as well. Other pictures in the listing show a nice-looking driver’s seat with small tears. This Chrysler’s bucket seats with folding armrest came standard on the Three Hundred, with a bench seat optional.

Smooth bumpers integrate with the body lines front and rear, and the full-width rear lights complete the look. Where most comparable cars utilized body-on-frame construction, Chrysler built these C-body cruisers with unibody construction, praising the resulting rigidity, a foundation still measured by luxury manufacturers today. Ride and handling further benefited from the front torsion-bar suspension and wider rear track. Standard front disc brakes deliver technology from “the racecar circuit,” though which race, or car, remains unknown.

The sportiest of Chrysler’s full-sized fleet for 1970, the 300 features nothing less than a base 440 cid (7.2L) V8 making 350 HP, as stated by the seller and automobile-catalog. The “TNT” 440 made a full 375 HP. Either provide a sub-8-second 0-60 and boatloads of torque for passing and hill-climbing. Looking at modern cars under $20,000, I wouldn’t choose any of them over this Chrysler. By the time the new ones will be worth a few grand, this full-sized convertible will be worth the same or more as today. Are you the performance-oriented high-roller for whom Chrysler built this convertible Three Hundred?


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  1. Rex Kahrs Member


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  2. DualJetfire

    Unibody construction was pioneered by ahem Nash. Also, note the hidden wipers. Now we flaunt our wipers promiscuously.

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    • JoeNYWF64

      & the many huge ugly cloudy yellow plastic headlites. & way too big, stickin out too far, ugly cheap plastic side mirrors & excessive plastic fading exterior trim.

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      • Chas358 Chas358

        You try sitting outside for 50 years.

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  3. Vance

    I got me a Chrysler it’s as big as a whale……I got me a Chrysler it seats about 20… If I owned this I would play that song everytime I had the top down. Till this day that video still makes me smile and gets my toes or fingers tapping. There is nothing like driving one of these with the top down, the roominess is unbelievable. If I had the dough I would buy this car today and grin from ear to ear. If you haven’t watched the video in a while do so, it will put you in a good place.

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  4. Gord

    correct me if i am wrong but i believe this is actually a hybrid unibody.. there is a significant subframe up front a la camaro/firebird/nova. Technically still unibody as you can unbolt that part and lose all the front suspension. Unlike a dart where it is all “welded” in as it were
    Only on the C-bodies I believe. still a great car! (had one but so long ago, the mopars start to melt together!)

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    Whew…….just made it with that black plate.

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  6. Walter

    Stunningly beautiful! While I don’t necessarily want it in my garage, this is a great car.

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    • Gary

      It won’t FIT in most garages!

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  7. Poppapork

    Mass scale unibody was pioneered by Citroen in the traction avant, uninody, front wheel drive and independent suspension front and rear before WWII.
    3 quarter millions were made.

    The absolute Global pioneer in unibody was an American company Budd Manufacturing Co., where Joseph Ledwinka created the first unibody prototypes, later helped with Citroen, Chrysler Airflow, pre war VWs

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    • Poppapork

      This was to DualJetfire, sorry guys

  8. Joe

    Rim blow steering wheel

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  9. XMA0891

    Yep; she is absolutely a show-stopper! This reader, however; much-prefers the cousin to this car: Since I first started it, the ’70 Fury convertible has remained slotted at “Number One” on my ever-growing list of Own-Before-I-Die-Vehicles. I found one once in purple with a manual transmission – Everything claimed to be factory. Probably should’ve taken that chance…

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  10. Steve Bush Member

    Beautiful car that you could fit a whole family in with enough room for normal size adults in the back. Saw a very nice 1969 model at a show a few years ago. Red with a black top and beige interior with buckets and console with auto.

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  11. TimS Member

    Given my love for the ’70 300H, this would be an acceptable substitute if I had the space.

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    • 19sixty5 Member

      Beautiful land yacht! About the only thing I would do is find a set of the optional road wheels for it. Beautiful car!

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  12. Paolo

    I could be very happy with this car.

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    • Paolo

      Golden Gate Park is a great place to photograph you car.

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  13. Doc

    Cars like these were built for Mike Brady…

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    Love these cars.My first was a Imperial coupe from the same year.

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  15. Miguel

    Convertible, black plates, air and covered headlights.

    I will take it.

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  16. Scotty Gilbertson Staff

    Nice one, Todd! What a beautiful yacht. I’d put a big ol’ Hurst 4-speed in there… just kidding!

    Speaking of where a 4-speed shifter would go, is that faded carpet on the tunnel from one of those bean-bag garbage bins with two cup holders? Maybe that’s just sun and/or shadow playing tricks.

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  17. Terry

    parade car………..

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  18. Chris

    Poetry in Motion

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  19. johnu

    Wow, looking at that brings back the memories of the ’70 300 my father had. The white bucket seat interior was beautiful. I came across it years later in a junk yard in a sad state of despair.

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    • Paolo

      I have been there and it is a sad, sick feeling.

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  20. Chas358 Chas358

    And with the the big 440 it can move.

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  21. Gary

    My Dad had a 72 New Yorker coupe. I buried that speedo past 120 when I was in HS.

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  22. Big Cat Member

    Love these Mopar boats, Dad had a 69 Newport. Unibody was lighter weight and his would fly with only a 383. Was the high school burn out King. This looks to be in great shape, might be missing some hard to find trim. Definitely has power vent wings. Wouldn’t fit in my garage

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  23. Angel_Cadillac_Diva Angel Cadillac Diva Member

    Joe, not sure if this one has the rim blown horn ring. My ’72 Imperial had that. This car could have it, or that could just be a shadow on the inner steering wheel. It’s got everything else… why not the rim blown horn ring. Which, by the way, was a royal pain in the ass!

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    • Gary

      Yes it was a pain (rim blow). Whenever I’d floor my Dad’s 72 NYB 440, I’d be grasping the wheel and the horn would be blowing while the tires were squealing! LOL

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  24. Troy s

    I can’t think of anything less than 440 cubic inches being under the hood of such mass. The seller states it’s the original 350 horse motor. Is he wrong? I thought the TnT was 375.
    No doubt about it, more so than any muscle car or pony ride, these massive cars define that era. The bigger the car the more successful you were, in theory of course.

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  25. tom h

    I had a 71 – used to love stomping the gas at the end of on-ramps. It would drop to 2nd and the front would rise up and boogie!

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  26. Rex Kahrs Member

    I said “rim-blow” to a nun in 3rd grade, and got my mouth washed out with soap.

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    • Paolo

      She was trying to save your soul you filthy little sinner.

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  27. Maestro1 Member

    I love these cars and I would buy it in a minute if I had the room. The car is about three hours from me. Damn!
    Yes, the plastics are cheap, and the electronics and switching equipment on the dash are worse. The climate control is a nightmare if it breaks, generally when you are in Palm Springs in August in about 115 degree weather.
    I don’t care; I’d spend the money, fix it, give it what it needs. I would blow the doors off all the cheap computers on wheels being built today.
    And remember to weld a gas station onto the filler cap leading to the gas
    tank. I’m sorry I’m not an owner right now. Enjoy; you won’t be disappointed.

  28. Stevieg

    Really cool car! I even like the mellow yellow color. Made the same year I was born. And it will fit my fat a$$ lol.
    Another to add to the list….
    There was a 4 door hardtop version of this for sale locally a number of years ago that I wanted. Same colors, I believe same year. Wish I bought it!

  29. Kenn

    “Everything works”! But the air doesn’t blow cold? So, what’s the definition of “everything”?

  30. TimM

    What a great car!! Big block is what makes it!! It would be the ultimate cross country cruiser!! Not much to do to this one but get in and drive!!!

  31. Thomas

    That is NOT 375 HP TNT 440, it is a 350 HP 440 with a TNT pie tin (air cleaner lid) on it! note the blue valve covers! TNT 440’s were “orange” and the 350 hp were painted blue. I have a 1969 300 convertible and my brother in-law a Mopar GuRu has a 1970 Chrysler 300 Hurst 440 TNT, only like 499 or so of them ever made. great looking car in great shape but it is no 440 TNT…….

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