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1970 Jaguar XKE Roadster Project


The Series 1 E-Type may be everyone’s favorite, but this 1970 Jaguar XKE Roadster is tempting. It was supposedly parked in a barn for 28 years before the seller got a hold of it. They have sandblasted the body so you can see all the problem areas, which seems like an honest way to present a restoration project. Find it here on eBay now with bidding at $3,250.


Open headlights, ugly markers, and “safe” toggle switches are the downsides with any Series 2 car, but when you drop the top on this one everyone will forget those minor details. You wouldn’t think it by looking at this one, but the E-Type was a good looking car, especially in convertible form.


What the Series 2 lost in good looks, they gained in creature comforts. Nicer seats and a little more room for the feet were welcomed improvements. This interior is going to need to be completely gutted and replaced. Luckily, there are plenty of sources for parts.


We dont think you are going to get away with doing anything inexpensively here. This car is going to require a complete restoration and it is going to get pricey. Hagerty does value a #1 car at $90k, but it is going to take a lot of work to get this one to that point. So, how high can bidding go before it doesn’t make financial sense?


  1. snake

    buy it someone and save the poor thing….or just part it out. Actually lots of good parts on her!

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  2. Jeff

    Nice find, bidding at 5K+ already. Deep pockets are needed here but seems to be a good long-term resto candidate. A personal inspection is a must for a serious buyer to contemplate this beauty. Having the 4.2L over the Money pit V12 is a plus for this style. I wish someone to save her.

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  3. Stu

    I bought one of these awhile back, and now coming to the end of the restoration. Long hard expensive road, but with my sweat equity Included, I’m not anywhere close to being underwater. I actually like the open headlights better, and when I installed a three-carb intake from a Series 1 it became a lot more fun to drive. They also have much improved braking over the Series 1, and most of the S2s had a good a/c system. This one however, does not. Good luck to the buyer, I’ll bet it goes to around 10G.

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  4. Dolphin Member

    The body is said to have been sandblasted down to the metal, altho there seems to be paint left in some areas. If it is down to the metal, that is not good unless the body has been protected from moisture, but there is nothing said about that in the listing. I’m not an expert on blasting, but I think sandblasting is for large, heavy chunks of metal. I think bead blasting is less damaging and would have been the way to go here.

    Normally when a car body is blasted it is done immediately before the prep for painting, followed by the actual painting, but if left unprepped/unpainted for buyers to inspect in this case I see that as a poor idea for paint adhesion later on. The chrome was left on but taped over, so may have taken some abrasion from the sand if not completely covered. The seller has no feedback and I’m guessing that he may be new at flipping cars.

    This car is in the rust belt, so I would also want to see pictures of the underside, but there are none in the listing.

    I would not expect this to be an easy restoration.

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      that’s the long version of what I was thinking and right on target,

      flip flop, …just not too much work,
      and we wouldn’t want to get our hands too dirty….

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  5. Doug M Member

    Having owned a couple of XKE’s, this really calls out to me. I think this definitely needs to be restored, not parted out… I love this model! Good luck to the buyer, as it could be a very rewarding project!

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  6. Wally

    Might be a cool resto-rod. But a more serviceable drivetrain and elec system in and have the style without the worry. Seems like a good way to go for all these old Jags. Is anybody doing that these days?

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  7. Bryan Cohn

    I’m baffled by the sand blasting at this point. Why? Surely the possibility of doing more damage to trim and getting sand in places you don’t want it outweigh seeing bond and bare metal? I’ve worked in resto shops and we did more than several XKE’s, sand blasting 3 of them to bare metal. All were done as bare tubs, with doors, bonnet and trunk removed. Gotta be careful of the trunk lid, as I recall they were thin and easy to warp the metal.
    Over $11k as of Saturday night, wonder how high its going to go? That’s got to be close to top dollar for one in this condition.

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    Seems like they blasted it and saw what was under the paint and gave up.
    Now it’s not just with holes rust and unprimed, but also full of silicone dust….


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  9. Loits

    Hey Wally.
    Check out eagle engineering if you like resto rods you will love this ( crazy prices though) There is a fantastic piece on you tube by Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear (UK version) on this car

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  10. Stu

    @ Wally…the main reason you don’t see these as resto-mods is the final value of a restored original, that, and the fact that an XK engine of 4.2 liters is one tough piece of kit.

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  11. twwokc1

    @$14,150.00 with reserve not met. Yikes!

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    • Horse Radish

      Thank you, for the update, since the auction disappears after 60 days or so….

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