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1970 Mercedes-Benz 600: Slightly Deflated


There are some cars that, no matter how dusty and dimly-lit their surroundings are, just scream luxury and class from every angle. The Mercedes-Benz 600 series has always had that effect on me, and Barn Finds reader Jonas N spotted this 1970 example here on craigslist, appearing fairly intact despite a drooping air suspension. These cars are not the types of projects you enter into lightly – costs are significant to restore one properly, and like any luxury car, these long-wheel base limousines packed plenty of high-end features and finishes that are frequently costly to repair. The seller does not say much about the car in the listing, but from what I can see, the interior appears intact and no major corrosion is visible, but that can change the deeper you look. These cars, even in project form, rarely sell cheaply, so the lack of a price may indicate a steep ask from the seller. You never know unless you call, at which time you should find out if that air suspension will come back to life with ease.


  1. Mark E

    I recall that the 600 has high pressure hydraulic windows and other options too. I’ve actually read of people fixing these themselves but it’s pretty specialized and I don’t think 99.5% of us should try it. They are real over the top luxury for their time though!

    • TVC15

      Yes and I think to open the Trunk you pull the lever between the trunk lock and to close it you push the lock in ( and stand back they close like a guillotine ) I think I am right ?

  2. Dave Wright

    Wonderful car, world class in every way. You guys need to watch your sweeping generalities, most of these cars were not limousines but what were known as short wheelbase sedans. I owned one just like this that I bought when I lived in Germany, it had been chauffeur driven but was not a limo, just a car for a wealthy family. The down air bags are seldom a problem as long as the car has not spent a lot of time in really hot weather, that will destroy the rubber bags with time, but it is also hard on leather and wood interiors and this one looks quite presentable. These cars commonly sell for the same price as a simple house does here in Idaho but driving and riding in one is really an experiance. I would take it in for a major service and drive it from looking at the photos.

  3. Robert R. Member

    Maybe Jay needs another?

  4. patrol

    I worked on one of these cars hydraulic system and i tell you it is a pain. After a full month of work still leaks. Let us hope this one has no hydraulic problems. Anyway i don’t see the seller number. How to contact him?

  5. moosie Craig

    My Uncle, ( a Mercedes aficionado) had a Black one like this, he loved it except that it was more expensive to keep running than any of his 190 D’s. It’d be nice if the other pictures for this one were as bright as the pix of the rear seat.

  6. krash

    I’ll purchase this baby, secede from the Union, and declare myself king…
    then I’ll attach the four corner flags with my family crest (a stencil of some roadkill critter that choked to death on a jawbreaker) and velcro gold-encrusted epaulettes to the shoulders of my oil stained t shirts. I will lounge in the back seat of my new Head-of-State official vehicle, torch up a foot long cigar and play the role of driveway dictator, barking out incoherent orders and demands at my eye-rolling fourteen year old while he tends to the grounds with the royal push-lawnmower.

    …every weekend until he returns to school in September….

    • taxijohn

      Sounds like a plan!

  7. packrat

    Looking at the Jay Leno’s Garage video on YouTube will give you an idea of the rocks and shoals involved in restoring such a land yacht–and the beautiful technology that makes these so fascinating.

  8. B and A

    Simply majestic! Beautiful color.

    I can only afford the one above……

  9. jim s

    looks like warehouse/garage full of MB’s. i too think it could costly to own but what fun it would be. i wonder what the price is or is the seller just fishing. great find.

  10. 2VT

    I wrote about a Mercedes 600 once and described it as follow: “Mercedes 600’s are like airplanes as you need to know what the TBO’s are (time between overhauls). And this one has oil leaks in all the wrong places (like under the glove box)”

    • packrat

      Agreed, but if you could get into one “right”, and had a spacious place to put one into dry storage, what an interesting ruin to study, and work on bit by bit. I just thought “another old sedan” until I saw the video… Leno said that manually shutting the automatic trunk latch would be a 17,000.00 mistake, or like, iirc– so no doubt, too expensive for me to restore. Back over to You all who have inherited enough or have made better Life Choices than me :-)

  11. Ross W. Lovell

    Greetings All,

    This one smells funny,

    These were very limited and expensive production cars. Have seen far worse sell for $150K.

    Big ticket restoration but this one looks pretty darn good as long as the engine and transmission is under the hood.

    Hydraulic everything, making Viton seals your best friend.

    Find it hard to believe there is not a price, again Craigslist not the venue for this car unless he’s taking deposits to hold the car until prospective buyer shows and then disappearing.

    Didn’t see a VIN listed. Guessing it sits on a rarely used level of a parking garage he frequents.


    • Horse Radish

      ” * Brokers, Dealers & Consignees need not respond!!! ”
      … and I know why…
      too many looky-loos and tire kickers on CL .(My guess: 90%)

  12. Rick

    I took 15 minutes and downloaded, enlarged, and lightened the photos to make them more usable to potential purchasers.

  13. gunningbar

    Saw one once… impressive ride. “Declare yourself King”…funny.

  14. Ross W. Lovell

    Greetings All,

    Like the new photos.

    Too bad you can’t make the engine bay materialize. Wondering if the original V8 is still there or has a Chevy replaced it.

    Later, Ross Lovell

  15. Dave Wright

    Spoke to the gentleman, probably a nice car, reicent top eng and timing chain work, he has owned it in his collection for a while, long history being a chauffeur driven car for a wine grower in the Nampa valley, he starts it from time to time, needs some wood restoration, otherwise a straight clean car. Could use new hides, Asking 85,000………..there is one on EBay right now that looks a bit better with a buy it now price of 75,000……… But who knows, I will go see it in a couple of weeks if he still has it

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