1970 Mustang Boss 302 In The Barn

1970 Boss 302

Shortly after featuring Chase V’s Mach 1 Mustang find, he told us about another Pony car he had just recently found, but this one is even more incredible than his previous find. Hiding in this barn, he found a 1970 Boss 302! And while it is an amazing machine, the story behind it is even more powerful. You see, the previous owner purchased the car back in 1976 and parked it in the barn in ’88. He had planned on restoring it with the help of his two sons, but tragically both died in car accidents. The pain of losing his sons left him unable to even look at the car, but in late 2014 he decided he needed to let it go to a new home. He listed it on craigslist and that’s how Chase discovered it.

Mustang Boss 302

Chase was surfing craigslist one evening, as most of us do, and he decided to try searching for Boss 302. To his surprise he actually found something of interest. He thought it might be a scam, but decided to send the seller an email. He was quite surprised when he got a response back with Kline’s (the seller) phone number. He called and from that point, Chase and Kline started a genuine friendship. The barn was about a 5 hour drive from Chase and given the asking price, he wasn’t sure if he should even go look at it, but he called Jeff Sneathen at SEMO Mustang and asked a few questions about the Boss. Jeff recommended that he go look at the car, even if it was just to have a look. Not wanting to regret not at least having a look at it, he decided he would make the trip. At 5 a.m. on a Sunday morning in December, he made the five hour drive. When he arrived, he was greeted by Kline and a number of Mustangs parked in the driveway.

1970 Boss 302 Engine

Kline lead Chase to the barn, as he pulled back the doors Chase got his first look at the Boss. There it was parked in the middle of the barn. It was covered in dirt, with a bale of hay piled next to it. It was the kind of scene we all dream of and he was living it! As they looked it over, Kline told him the story of his sons, their plans for the Boss, and the family’s love of Mustangs. As they talked for the next three hours, Chase did as much investigation work as he could to make sure it was a legitimate Boss 302. He decided to take a few photos of the underside and he was a bit disappointed to see the condition of the floors, but not nearly as much so as Kline was. Between the pain of losing his sons and recent medical issues, he hadn’t really taken a close look at the car in years and didn’t realize how bad things had really gotten. Eventually Chase had to head back for home.

1970 Boss 302 Interior

Over the next seven weeks the two stayed in contact. Because of its condition, Chase had offered Kline considerably less than the asking price. They spoke at least once every week and Chase even called to check on Kline before and after he had major surgery. It was at that point that Kline decided that even though he had other interested buyers, he wanted Chase to have it. I’m sure it also helped that Chase plans on making this a father son project! He also plans on keeping Kline in the loop for every step of this project and will be making the drive to Ohio again when it’s completed so Kline can take it out for one more spin. Chase told me they still talk frequently and each time Kline tells him a new story about the car!

1970 Boss 302 Cleaned Up

I have to say, this is an incredible story that just about brings a tear to my eye. You can read the complete and detailed story here on mustangandfords.com and be prepared to tear up a bit! I want to thank Chase for sharing his finds with us. He just recently sent me updates on his Mach 1, which I need to post, and another recent find that he hasn’t even pulled out of his trailer yet! I hope he will keep us updated on the progress of all his finds and I wish him luck!


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  1. David Frank david Member

    Thank you so much for sharing the story of this Mustang. This is truly what barn finds are all about! I look forward to hearing more about this mustang.

  2. Dolphin Member

    Great story, Chase, especially since it was the opposite of the flipper-type story that we see so often these days since most old car values are up so much.

    It’s really good to hear about a visit to see a car that ends up with not only a satisfying deal for both sides, but also a friendship and follow-ups afterward. I wish all my car purchases were that satisfying.

    Like 1
  3. Steve

    Keep the slot mags! Original boss cars all look the same. The mags give it character and set it apart from the “herd”.

    • Barzini

      I agree about the slot wheels. You almost never see them or chrome reverse wheels anymore. It’s too bad because they do stand out and give older cars the period correct look.

  4. Oldstuff 1941

    WoW ! Great story and find…. I got anxious this morning when I saw the Barn finds email that said ‘1970 Mustang Boss 302 In The Barn’ . I ALWAYS get giddy when it comes to The ‘Boss’. At the time when these cars came out, I was a sophomore in High school. I was driving a 66 Nova SS, L-79, and had many friends with other great Muscle cars too.

    What makes the Boss special for me was that my cousins who were Ford guys and had a couple of other nice Mustangs and were always coming up with some unbelievable deals… One of our good friends rolled in one weekend with a 68 Fastback with a 390 4spd…It was a monster!

    In 1972 not long after we graduated my cousin called me one Fri. afternoon and asked if I had to work or a date that nite. I had to work I told him but would get off at 9 and he could come by and I would go cruising with him… He didn’t tell me at that time he had a new ride..While I was waiting for him outside the Burger King I worked at,(the only one within 60 miles, although we had 2 McDonalds and Jack’s at the time…lol..) I saw AND HEARD this car coming from a block away, but still didn’t know it was him. When the car rounded the corner into the drive I saw it was my cousin,… driving the Hottest looking, ground pounding muscle car I had seen in a long time!…

    It was a White, BOSS 429, with Black stripes,rear window shades, spoiler and Black interior….Needless to say, we cruised that night and so many others in style. It was about 6mos. later that I got the news that he and another buddy had a wreck on one of the country backroads going home late one night. The Boss was totaled and my cousins best friend died along with the guy who was on the wrong side of the road coming around a tight curve. My cousin survived with some injuries and much mental anguish.

    Occasionally when we see each other, the conversation will go to the BOSS, and how awesome a car it was, and then always gets somber remembering our friend Teddy and the drunk who ended their lives and the reign of one of the most awesome cars I ever remember.

    Thanks for sharing this Story Josh about Chase’s Boss… brought back some good but poignant memories…Good luck to Chase on his father/son resto…

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  5. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    What a terrific story!!! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Rocco Member

    Yes! Keep us posted.

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