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1970 Plymouth Barracuda Convertible: Price Justified?


I’ve never understood the fascination with desirable convertibles. This 1970 Plymouth Barracuda convertible found here on eBay is a low-spec 318-powered automatic car, but bidding is already over $25,000! I know production numbers were low, and I can possibly justify the expense for one of the super rare high-performance variants, but paying this much for a cowl-shaking droptop with an anemic 318 leaves me scratching my head. Sure, factoring in the rare color and original, low-mileage condition makes this one a bit more compelling, but at the end of the day, it feels like a lot of money simply to say you own a Barracuda with reduced structural rigidity. Now, I am a Mopar fan at heart, but I’d welcome feedback from our experts as to whether production numbers alone are enough to justify the investment here.


  1. Rhett

    Cool car, but not likely to stay a 318 for much longer……too bad, because I’d be willing to bet that base spec cars are rarer than Hemi Cudas bout now…

    I get that for the price of a crate hemi and a stripe kit (a vast oversimplification) you can flip this car for big bucks, but it’s still a shame. I like this car with whitewalls on!

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    • Fred

      My thought exactly. How many other 318 convertibles have been cloned with 383s, 440s or Hemis? Being purple adds a little interest. If I was in the market, I’d probably buy it and keep it original.

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    • Cole

      it will go one of 2 ways with this one: a) because it has all the right docs/#s matching/color combo – someone will restore it right. or b) someone will turn it into a BB clone. the minimal rust issues to take care of saves a LOT of $$.

      completely agree about the low spec cars becoming rare. I have a ’70 Barracuda with a 225 slant 6 that I’m rebuilding …. these are a lot harder to find original anymore, just like the 318s, so I’m keeping it as it but upgrading intake/exhaust (easily replaced back to stock items, but makes driving it more fun)

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  2. JamestownMike

    BEAUTIFUL survivor base convertible. Perfect “chick” car!……..however I’m sure I’m not the only guy out there that really digs plum crazy!?! I’d drive it the way it is and enjoy it! But I agree, someone paying $40k or north of $40k most likely isn’t going to keep that 318. The driver rear lower quarter has been butchered (look at the under pic)…….is that really duct tape??

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  3. Chris A.

    Nice cruiser with white walls and the 70’s color. Just leave it like it is, but it’s not worth $25K+.

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  4. don

    bidding up to 39k! amazing story. sad thing someone will bastardize it and not leave it the way it is. :| and not worth 39k

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  5. Ed P

    The bid is now $39,900. This is a nice solid cruiser. The 318 will give it good acceleration without outrageous fuel consumption. But it is not a super car and the price is way to high.

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  6. Koolpenguin

    I think that this is Mike Brady’s car.

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  7. JW

    While it’s a nice survivor car I’m not a fan of convertibles and with it at $39,900 I’m definitely not interested. Heck I could get a nice Mustang fastback or a cool Chevelle SS for that kind of money.

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  8. moosie Craig

    Nice car but not worth the price of admission, typical dealer hype ,,,, certi-card shown is not for this car the dealer claims is a “Texas” car,.

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  9. Joe Moss

    Very nice driver. Bidding for this car is crazy. Wonder what this dealer gave the son for it?

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  10. Jason

    Love the color but prefer a hardtop.

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  11. Scotty

    The reason is cloning. With the small production of “Cuda” models, these are easily transformed. A beefy 340, 360 or stroker small blocks will dump right in…

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  12. Steve adams

    Go find a great car at that price thete r none thats,why 25k. U can find rusty turds 4 10 k but not a good car

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  13. Rick

    So what that its up to $40K – it’s only money. Nobody even so much as bats an eyelash when a similar vintage and commonly seen pagoda Benz droptop goes for much bigger $$$. And added bonus, with this Barracuda you wouldn’t have to worry about passing yourself going the other direction . . .

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  14. JW

    Steve, why would I pay $39,900 for a 318 car when I could have this with a 351 that would blow the doors off it for less than the 25K. Now if this was a 340 6 pack or a hemi car I would definitely jump on it even if it is a convertible which I don’t care for. This Mopar is just a crazy purple basic 318 convertible Challenger, nothing that special about it except a survivor car. Now I’m not saying anyone who buys it is crazy I’m just saying on a need for speed point of view I would rather have the 70 Mustang with the 351 under the hood.

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  15. Mark E

    I’ve never understood it either. Just because they’re rare, Cuda convertible prices are nearly as batshit as Porsche cabs. And why? There are much rarer cars out there but they’re cheaper. A classic case of public opinion (or taste) driving the market I guess…

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  16. Chebby

    This is a cool find: a basic-spec car in one of the wild colors. At a reasonable price it would be great driver, but that price has passed. I don’t care for all the dealer drool. “Enjoy our presentation”. Rust spots, seat rips, “someone should detail this car and it would look much better”. Well how about you Mr. Dealer, what are you adding here besides markup. I hope the kid got a good price.

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    • Rspcharger Rspcharger

      Did you not see where the dealer applied armor all to the spare tire & radiator hoses? That alone is worth a 20% mark-up. LOL

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      • JW

        Rspcharger Funny I caught that too.

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  17. Luke Fitzgerald

    Hey, slow down kids – let the market decide – somebody wants it – at least the dealer got shots of the rot ! ( and I also would like to know what he paid for nanas car)

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  18. Clark

    Nice car but it’s a 318 really overpriced

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  19. jpvogl

    uhhhhhh what does 1970 smell like?

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  20. Steve Member

    Real deal – certicard, build sheet. I doubt it will be swapped to a big block. Rarity + desirablilty = high prices. That’s how it should work. Let the free market decide the price. #merica!

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    • Johnny

      I agree Steve! Let the market decide what it’s worth. Essentially in any car of this vintage the price is whatever someone is willing to pay. The color and the rarity are keys to this one. Sometimes you have to throw “the book” out the frickin window. I sold cars for 20 years and I hated hearing about “the book”. The book is only a guideline, a national average. If a car is above average and rare the book doesn’t always apply.

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  21. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    It’s that color….and yes….it’s a little pricey….have there convert mopars and only the B-body has really nice floors…glad someone caught the certifiacard – this guy is close by me….always stop by to see what he has….will take a closer look at this one….

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  22. Grant

    Ok its way overpriced sure, but honestly for a site that has featured (enthusiastically) A FREAKING YUGO (nope, not gonna let you live it down lol) I do not understand why you would hate on a very honest example of what people drove back in the day. The 318 may not have been a stump puller, but it was (is) a good motor and found in a lot of applications. We’ve had a couple in boats, and cammed right they make excellent torque off idle. I know that isn’t at all the point and that this car isn’t as special as its price would suggest, but with the example of the Yugo (and the Chevettes, and the Fiesta’s, etc) I really don’t understand you guys sometimes.

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