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Project Plymouth: 1970 Plymouth Sport Fury

071516 Barn Finds - 1970 Plymouth Sport Fury- 1

Binghamton, New York is where this 1970 Plymouth Sport Fury is located. It’s listed on eBay with an unmet opening bid of $3,000 and the reserve won’t be met even at that price. There are only a little over two days left on this one so if you’ve been looking for one of these rare Sport Furys, it’s crunch time.

071516 Barn Finds - 1970 Plymouth Sport Fury- 2

I love the look of this car, it’s 90% perfect to my eyes. It’s a little grungy, faded, and patina’d to within an inch of its life, not to mention those super cool dog dish hub caps and thin white wall tires. Although, the seller says that the original rally wheels are included.” I would keep them in the garage because I’d be using these black steel rims and caps. As much as I love mint-condition vehicles, I would have a hard time doing anything to the faded Alpine White exterior of this Sport Fury. If they ever did a remake of of the movie, Christine, I would highly recommend using this car.

071516 Barn Finds - 1970 Plymouth Sport Fury- 3

The more I look at this car, the more I like it. The more I love it. The more I want it! This Sport Fury is a bodystyle number “PH29”, as in, it’s a 2-door Fast Top Coupe bodystyle, as opposed to the PH23 which is the 2-door Hardtop Coupe. The seller mentions that the headlight “doors are functional however the motor is no longer working. Power steering is leaking at the gear. A seal kit will come with the car.”

071516 Barn Finds - 1970 Plymouth Sport Fury- 4

D’oh! Ok, the interior is where I’d do a lot of work. Parts of this interior will clean up and maybe they could be dyed, but as you can see, other parts have already died… This car has a 727 automatic with a floor shifter and according to the seller, it “shifts fine” but it needs a new console, as you can see from the photos.

071516 Barn Finds - 1970 Plymouth Sport Fury- 5

This Sport Fury has a 6.3L 383 V8 as opposed to the Sport Fury GT which has a 7.2L 440 V8. A 383 works for me, and I have a feeling that a few “Sport Fury GTs” are really Sport Furys with an added 440 and GT badging. The seller says that this engine “is complete, original and runs.” I’m guessing that you’d want to pull this engine and go through it with new gaskets, paint, etc., not to mention clean up the engine compartment. Or, that’s what I would want to do, all while leaving the outer body in its current condition. I love this car, are there any other fans of these big, C-Body Plymouths out there? How would you restore this car, or would you just get things working perfectly, redo the interior, and drive it as look here, like I would do?


  1. Ron

    Update the brakes and suspension lowering the front 3 inches and the back 2 inches, full custom black with blood red piping leather interior, with four bucket seats and a full console. Keep the 383 and 727 however completely rebuild both keeping it close to 400 hp. Remove all the chrome. Black out the bumpers paint it tuxedo black with ghost flames and a ghost flamed skull with blood red eyes on the hood. Keep the steel wheel but wider maybe 18s paint the dog dish hubcaps the same tuxedo black but with a blood red 1/8 inch stripe .

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    • JimmyinTEXAS

      I like your style. I might leave off the ghost flames and skull, but when you get finished with it call me and I will come and take a ride in it with ya…lol

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  2. duke

    that sure was a nice car at one time and quite rare too—-sure hope someone recognizes this and saves it–

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  3. Bobsmyuncle

    IMO pulling the engine would result in “might as well” after “might as well”, turn into a full resto, and I’d end up with a car that I would be afraid to use.

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  4. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    For some reason it seems more like Mopar Monday than sleep in Sunday. All interesting cars, great work gang,

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  5. Steve B

    Fantastic mile-eaters. Made many 100 mph+ plus blasts between LA and Vegas in a 72 C body back in the day. Effortless cruising for these beasts. Perfect Hunter S. Thompson cars.

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  6. Jay Calk

    I had a 1971 Sport Fury with the 383 Police Interceptor Motor. It had a dual point distributor, four barrel, & dual exhaust. The health nurse had purchased it new. When I got it in 1974 it had 32,000 miles and she had two fender benders and it was a challenge on wet roads with biased plied tires. Of coarse I burned all four of those off and got a set of Daytona radials. With Amoco white gas ie suoer preminum that car would fly. I raced and beat several GTX’s and one Cuda. Once the radials got warm it would shot out of the hole. Had to change the rear end at 50,000 it literally torqued it shinny clean. Also, changed a couple motor mounts but that car was fast. It was bright yellow with a green top and green interior.

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  7. Ron Engel

    These big monsters are turning up as great blvd. cruisers! Starting to see a lot of them cleaned up, pretty affordable fun cars. I think we are running out of clean, inexpensive cars!

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  8. Williewonks

    Here is a pick of my ’71 Sport Fury I owned about 25 years ago, I really miss that car. Sorry to say that it was sent to the crusher quite some time ago.

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  9. RS

    The car in the listing will never be made to pass for a Sport Fury GT, not with this body style’s “Ford LTD” t- type roofline. I just sold my 1970 Fury project car two weeks ago. I won’t go into detail but bodywise it was a far sight better than the one in this listing.

    Once upon a time I owned a REAL Sport Fury GT, a 1971 of which only 375 were made. That’s another story too long for here (including the 4 speed conversion) but I’ll post a pic taken at a nice day at the Lake Geneva dragstrip in 1974.

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  10. Bill W

    The PH29 roofline is actually the formal roof line (1969-1972). It shared the roof and rear window with the 4 door hardtop.

    The term Fast Top was used on the 1967-1968 PH29 hardtops.

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