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1970 Plymouth Superbird On Craigslist!?

Dateline 2062:  “Plymouth Superbird found in La Brea Tar Pits!” Thanks to the Internet, there’s no end of amazing never-restored super-project cars. If we drain the oceans to study the Lost City of Atlantis, some archeologist digging with a toothbrush will reveal a rusty but not-too-far-gone Superbird amidst the ruins. This 1970 Plymouth Superbird in West Wareham, Massachusetts seeks a new owner here on craigslist along with some washing machines and a barely-used Nordic Track. Thanks go to reader AMXBrian for spotting this iconic muscle car.

The white interior and four-speed manual transmission make this NASCAR-inspired coupe even more desirable. After ten years of rest, apparently near some woods, amidst the remnants of a shingle job, this example of one of the most desirable cars of the classic muscle car era shows signs of decent care. But honestly, who cares? It could have been flattened by a steam-roller and the only question would be “How “or “Who” would restore it, not “if…” Since these cars have topped lists of awesome “finds” since the ’80s, you can be sure previous owners never forgot about it. More likely it’s been left to simmer and accumulate value, and now is a good time to sell. Thirty years from now everyone who lusted after these Wing Cars in the showroom will have claimed wings of their own, and their magic will fade.

Along with the enormous stabilizing wing, the aerodynamic nose created a magic combination on the tracks of NASCAR, a 0.28 coefficient of drag that few cars achieve today. Check out the excellent page at allpar.com for more details on the Superbird and its Dodge Daytona counterpart.

According to the decoder at stockmopar.com,  the VIN matches a 440 six-pack-equipped 1970 Belvedere or Satelite. That’s a great start, though the fender tag would make more of a statement, as described at aerowarriors.com. But hey, what do you expect for $70,000? The listing leaves many questions unanswered, suggesting the seller enjoys spending hours on the telephone answering the same questions over and over more than typing them once. Are you reaching to smash your piggy bank, or calling hogwash on this Plymouth?

P.S. This isn’t the first craigslist Superbird we’ve featured! You can read about two others below. They are still out there guys!



  1. Avatar photo Keith

    $70,000.00? Wow really?!

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    • Avatar photo Bry593

      I see my comment was deleted, most likely due to my user name “miso honerey”. Evidently, barn finds ain’t as smart as they portend to be? So, if I have to say my comment again, I’ll cut this out of my habit…. Don’t need dummies policing jokes that we car guys understand. Get it Barn finds?

      BTW barn finds, if you are brave, post my comment and let your clients decide.

      Sincerely, Miso Honerey…

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      • Avatar photo Jeffro

        Have you ever thought about going to “Bring A Trailer “?

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      • Avatar photo Jesse Mortensen Staff

        @Bry593 – We didn’t delete your comment. You changed your username so our system thought you were a new commenter. First time comments are always held for moderation.

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      • Avatar photo Superdessucke

        Bring a Trailer deletes your comment if you post it while you have a negative thought somewhere in your head, lol! They like the well-heeled clientele to always be thinking happy thoughts.

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    • Avatar photo RICH BALL

      Yes, really! I sold my ’70 RT/SE Hemi Charger(1 of 9/1of 3 remaining), five years ago for $65k and it sold again 6 months ago in Europe for $185K

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    • Avatar photo mjf

      $7000 sounds better….

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      • Avatar photo JBD

        Just the steel nose and rear cowl pieces are worth big money. It will be restored eventually, usually commanding big money.

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    • Avatar photo FAISAL

      Still available

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      • Avatar photo Steve H.


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  2. Avatar photo James

    I remember when these were in great shape, and were in used car lots all over and cost only 1200-1800 bucks and NO one wanted them (1978 gas crunch anyone?) The market is adjusting, and all the crooked CEO’s with 30million dollar golden parachutes have driven the “value” to obscene levels…well, they are (rightly so) adjusting downward as are most of the really desirable muscle cars of the time. It will be interesting to see I’d it turns out to be a real one… so far, it isn’t looking good…

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    • Avatar photo RICK BALL

      Yep! And in 30 years Priuses will be remarked upon in the same way, I’m sure.

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  3. Avatar photo CRAIG

    I looked at this car a few years ago. Its about 15 minutes from my house. At 70K I will still be looking at it again in a few years because it will still be there. He is suffering from that rare disease known as “BJS” Barrett Jackson Syndrome.

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    • Avatar photo Dean

      The “rare disease” has turned out to be quite communicable.

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      • Avatar photo v

        i have a vintage 1 only yugo cigarette lighter that was only optioned in the blue one they made. also cig. lighter was never used. im asking 3500. for the original 1 only cig lighter. oh now wait my sister just lit her cigarette with it. now its only worth 3350.00

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      • Avatar photo win

        No Cigar lighter?

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    • Avatar photo James Martin

      I posted comments on a car posted at classic oldsmobile. Got deleted right away. All I posted was a price guide info on the going rate of the car posted. Some people dont like the idea that some buyers know the price worth of the car they are selling.

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  4. Avatar photo Green66

    70k seems high if the car is as presented and not a hack fake. 35-40k might be better. It’ll take 100k to put it back to Mark Worman level.

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  5. Avatar photo Steve H.

    Drain the oceans or your bank account. Maybe Graveyard Carz can take this one on. But I’m sure Worman wouldn’t pay $70k for it.

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  6. Avatar photo ChallengerChick

    BWAHAHAHAHA!!! Good luck buddy! These people and their Dom Perignon dreams with PBR products. And I’m diehard MOPAR. If it’s got such upside potential, why doesn’t he just get a loan and take on the resto himself?

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  7. Avatar photo 36 Packard

    I remember seeing a 69 Daytona at a car show around 1980, truly trashed, someone had painted it with a brush too! It was for sale, though I do not recall the asking price but I do remember that everyone who saw it laughed and I saw no obvious interested parties the day I was there. I remember one guy saying that even a “hard up high school kid” would be embarrassed to drive it.

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  8. Avatar photo Mountainwoodie

    Well I won’t be getting wings……more like a junior pitchfork and some scantily clad high heeled devilettes…but I digress………this poor thing will return to the earth and head my way……………..down…………..if the seller doesn’t…….ummm…readjust his aim…..and quick………. jess sayin

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  9. Avatar photo 433jeff

    Ok sure i agree with all the comments, but still very excited, keep em coming, keep opening up those barn doors. Pistol grip white interior, 440 bird, its still special

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  10. Avatar photo Gaspumpchas

    70,000 and the price is firm? Maybe he will find another cool air drinker with the scratch. To each his own but they make this ol grey hair smfh.


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  11. Avatar photo alex apinis

    thank god fer barnfinds for comming up with these rare pieces of automotive artworks

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  12. Avatar photo AndyinMA

    Honestly, how does this happen? Who allows this to decay for so long? I have to think at least 20 years ago everyone knew what a Superbird was ferchrissakes.

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  13. Avatar photo Paul


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  14. Avatar photo johnny119

    i just sold one, about the same shape, v code stick, numbers, papers, one owner, 105k in a heartbeat, its a spak stick, cmon, only a hemi tops it…..and this one in b5 blue over white <<<<wow<<<>>>>> if it can be pried out of the bird watchers hands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Avatar photo Sidedraught

      Hey Johnny, What is a spak stick?

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      • Avatar photo Johnny119

        Six-pack with a pistol grip

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  15. Avatar photo Dan Almashy

    So,…is it a real factory Superbird or is it a Satellite? I seem to remember seeing the kits for sale to put on them. Lots of copy cats and made up cars. I would want to see the dealers invoice and it should have a frame off restoration before it’s worth 70 grand to me.

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    • Avatar photo Steve R

      The VIN tells you it isn’t a Satellite.

      Steve R

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      • Avatar photo Dan Almashy

        Thanks, I’m not too familiar with Mopar vins, I’ve always been more of a tri five Chevy guy so not much of my time learning Mopars. a family of my closest cousins however have always been die hard Mopar people, having cars like this in the 60’s and 70’s, they had some awesome Cudas and GTX cars back then. Most of them are not RIP but we have some great memories of them and their cars. I’m 70 now and at that time the best that I could afford was a 60 Valiant with a slant 8
        6…it was a pretty good car for a new driver…lol..

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    • Avatar photo Carl Showalter

      70 B body Mopars don’t have frames. UNIBODY my man.

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  16. Avatar photo bruce baker

    Drop a zero, & someone can put $ 63,000 in this thing to at least stop it from rusting away. Bring it back to the road on cruise night with a new high dollar paint job please!

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  17. Avatar photo Ted

    We all know of one musclecar in a guys yard/barn/garage/drive that is rotting away and we can’t pry it away for any amount of money or badgering. Mine is the 66 Satellite Hemi 4 speed car that the owner has teased me about selling for too many years to count. As I get older I’m starting to think some of these guys/gals get some kind of perverse pleasure of saying no to people who ask if their car is for sale or they have some otherworldly ask that just drives people away. Yes I think the ask on this bird is a little dreamy like, but you know what? Some monied Mopar fan will drop the dosh on this, resto it, and voila. It’s going to bring big numbers back in the future, that’s a certainty, not a guess.

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    • Avatar photo Harley505

      Sounds like he loves the “Bragging Rights” what would he be without it… just another old fart… like me… wishing he had one!

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    • Avatar photo Gaspumpchas

      Well said, Ted! My philosophy with someone who has a car sitting there is, says he wont sell, keep gently asking over time if he will sell to you, and if the stars align, he will be ready to sell. Friend of mine had a 56 tbird sitting next to his house, outside in plain view of US rt 44, must have sat there 20 years, kept after him and finally one day he said it was time to sell and I found a buyer for him. Was crusty but it was restored to a 100 point show car. patience is a virtue, but sometimes it doesn’t work. Hope you can score that satellite someday!! Friend of mine was after a 40 ford pickup, waited 28 yrs and finally got it!!


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  18. Avatar photo 433jeff

    Ahhh human nature, i want the toy more than the pule of cash. Or i want the pile of cash more than the toy. First impressions mean a lot, someone told me about the car on so and so street, and when i crested the hill and saw the car i peed a little , from that day on i wanted the toy more thsn the pile of cash, then poop happened and i need another pile of cash to get my toy back.

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  19. Avatar photo John B.

    About 30 years ago I took my car hauler and moved a coworker’s wife’s one owner Super Bee from their former residence to their new home. I unloaded it in a nearby lot; it sat there until a short time ago! There is little or no logic as to why people hold on to cars they know they aren’t going to ever restore. I personally believe that it is a dream they hold on to until they finally realize that it will never become a reality-it’s almost sad! I have seen this scenario repeated numerous times.

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  20. Avatar photo RICH BALL

    I paid $4500. for a ’55 MBz 300S coupe in 1975. and was offered $360k a couple years ago… and I never been near a Barrett Jackson rabbit-hole…

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  21. Avatar photo MilFs4Muscle

    Yes, in 1990, $7000. really did sound better. But sadly, we are NOT stuck pining for the past.

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  22. Avatar photo Jack

    Good friend said: “ you can’t pay too much, but you can buy too soon “

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  23. Avatar photo Del

    I have looked closely at this to see if it was a clone. But I cannot tell. The VIN confirms it was V code runner and 7 th digit confirms Lynch Road plant. But without a fender tag or build sheet or a personal inspection, I still am not convinced.

    The nose cone also does not seem correct ?

    For price asked there is not enough info

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    • Avatar photo Steve H.

      The way the two photos of the car and nose cone were taken… with the front of the car “conveniently” blocked from view by a tree branch… and then the nose cone the way it was tilted forward so the damage isn’t showing so much… it all just seems suspicious.

      BTW guess what… still for sale.

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  24. Avatar photo TimM

    I just think is amazing that there are still rare birds out there hiding in the bushes and fields!! You just can’t pick them up with a few fresh crisp C-notes!!!!

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  25. Avatar photo Jon Rappuhn

    As a lifelong moparite and being more skeptical as I age, I would definitely be looking at the “hidden” numbers located in places on the frame and body. And yes, as sales weren’t what was hoped for, the body panels were for sale separately.

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  26. Avatar photo Johnmloghry

    I don’t like Mopar. As a mechanic for many years I hated seeing a Mopar come in the shop. There are people who idolize these heaps, but for the life of me I never understood why. If the dude can get 70k for that rust pile of junk more power to him.
    God bless America

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    • Avatar photo Arthur

      You don’t like Mopar? Why?

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      • Avatar photo Johnmloghry

        Because I worked as a mechanic from the 60’s through the 90’s and those cars always leaked oil everywhere, door handles and other hardware was always breaking, they were like working with a left handed monkey wrench. I could go on and on, but this is not the place for that.
        Happy July 4th
        God bless America

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  27. Avatar photo Milfs4Mopars

    Yes! Wholeheartedly agree with you. But to say it now in judgement of any Daytona, Superbird or 70-71 E-Body is the same as saying that De Vinci was just another mediocre graphic designer.

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  28. Avatar photo Johnny119

    Amen Milfs…..Visionaries aren’t recognized for many years even centuries later, Motzart was buried in a mass grave ….. and hated for being Amazing ….

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  29. Avatar photo Joe Machado

    Real Bird. Clairpointe received it 11-28-69 and shipped it to dealer 12-2-69.

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  30. Avatar photo David Hunt

    Bought 250.00
    Sold 2005 for 19xxx

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