28k Mile 1971 Jaguar E-Type Garage Find!

Once called “the most beautiful car in the world” by none other than Enzo Ferrari, over a production run spanning fourteen years, the Jaguar XKE cultivated a reputation of being the ultimate English sports car. Still today, the XKE holds its status as a classic sports car, and rightfully earned a spot in the Museum of Modern Art’s collection. Originally coming from the factory with Jaguar’s impeccable, tried-and-true inline six-cylinder engine, later generations introduced a V-12, a 2+2 configuration, and an automatic transmission. You can find this 2+2 here on eBay, a true garage find, and at no reserve.

Under the long, front-hinged hood is Jaguar’s 5.3 liter V-12, driving the rear wheels through an automatic transmission. It made 272 horsepower when new, which definitely contributes to its grand touring car specification. The seller states that it starts and runs well, and they offer a full history of the vehicle. Owned by the same family since new, it’s spent its whole 28,000-mile life in the southwest corner of the United States.

The benefit of its geographical location is obvious: the weather in that part of the country doesn’t eat away at cars as it does just about anywhere else. Its lived a decent life, and the interior shows it. You’d expect there to be tears, missing trim, or broken pieces, but none of that is present. The car was only driven occasionally and always serviced. It looks like just a good detail away from being show-worthy.

Of course, no matter where the car spent its life, it’s still fifty years old this year, and as such will have a layer of patina. Patina can’t be faked, and only comes from experience. The phrase “they don’t make them like they used to” is often overused, but this Series III XKE will provide a driving experience that can’t be replicated in anything modern, and the patina is part of that. Would you restore it to how it was when it left the factory, or would you keep it as a driver with its personality-filled patina and white wall tires?


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  1. alphasud Member

    Enzo was not wrong. The E type is one of the most beautiful cars out there. I wonder what Enzo would think of his Ferrari FF? I for one thin they are pretty cool but the design is polarizing. Same goes for the BMW M3 roadster.

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    • wuzjeepnowsaab

      I don’t think Enzo really said those words. Internet legend

      But, the series 1 and 1.5 XKE’s were definitely one of the most beautiful cars ever penned

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  2. Rodney - GSM

    Ten bucks for the plaid sleeping bag and the pizza boxes
    Car? What car?

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    • Frank

      Let make a deal! I’ll pay for your pizzas for the next ten years, throw in two plaid sleeping bags and $10K

      • JB

        28,000 miles?? That DRIVERS SIDE SEAT will beg to differ!! Try 128,000!

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  3. Luki

    A quote from Ferarri Chat.

    “Enzo lived another 25 years after the supposed quote. In all that time he never confirmed that statement? That is because he never made it! This legend belongs with Washington and the cheery tree.”

    I agree it’s probably not true.

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    • Solosolo Member

      He may never of actually said it but I bet he thought it!

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  4. Rex Kahrs Member

    The 2+2 is my favorite iteration of the XKE. So long and sleek. It’s awesome.

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  5. Steve R

    These can be a beautiful cars, but the 2+2 is the exception. The longer roof to accommodate the rear seat throws off the proportions, throw in the automatic and you have the red headed step child of the E-type family.

    Steve R

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    • Bigcat Member

      I agree generally, IMO the Series III’s were better proportioned 2+2s than the early cars. More of a GT than sports car. This one has the right colors, bumpers & stance. I’d change the headlights (add the covers) fix whatever needed fixing and enjoy the ride.

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  6. Lowell Peterson

    Best thing about these IMHO, is the headroom and the fact you can put a 5 spd in fairly easily. We did one and it was awesome to drive. And if over 6′ tall you can get out! Without help!

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  7. wuzjeepnowsaab

    I don’t think Enzo really said those words. Internet legend

    But, the series 1 and 1.5 XKE’s were definitely one of the most beautiful cars ever penned

  8. Steve Clinton

    Why on earth would someone use a pic of a car piled high with garbage as a lead-in photo?

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    • Rodney - GSM

      The same guy who proudly stands next to it in stained and torn clothing with a possessive hand resting on the entire garbage pile. I do not get it either. Perhaps it is a study in contrasts. Maybe he thinks the car looks better compared to trash? Most likely, a severe case of not thinking and poor or no judgement at all.

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  9. Hollysmom Member

    2 days left and it’s at $22K. Is that a fair price?

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  10. ADM

    Just an E-Type, not an “XKE.”

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    • Solosolo Member

      I stand to be corrected but I believe it was always known as an E-Type in UK and the rest of the world, and always an XKE in America.

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      • tompdx Member

        It was badged as an E-type the world over. Jaguar Cars North America negotiated the use use of “XKE” in its marketing to build on the success of earlier Jag sports cars (XK120, XK140, and XK150). But that doesn’t change the name on the back of the car – it’s an E-type.

  11. Tony T

    ” … with Washington and the che(r)ry tree.” For Sale: the hatchet that George Washington chopped down the cherry tree. Handle replaced twice … and the head once.

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  12. Franksave30 Member

    Those who remember know…..

    I took my Cobra down to the track
    Hitched to the back of my Cadillac
    Everyone was there just a waiting for me
    There were plenty of Stingrays and XKEs

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  13. Laurence

    Enzo did say what he said about the E Type. He said it was the most beautiful car ever made, and he wished he had built it. It was reported in multiple magazines, Princess Grace of Monaco overheard it, and it was also reported in Italian newspapers, such as Il Correio della Serra. Another thing that Enzo actually said exactly ten years later about the new Jaguar V-12 first showcased in the Series III E Type: “It is the best V-12 engine in the world”.

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  14. Rex Kahrs Member

    I recall that night in Varenna, overlooking Lake Como. After dinner and wine, Enzo said “Rex, you are correct, the 2+2 is the most beautiful car ever made”.

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  15. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Not a fan of the proportions of the 2+2, but even the homeliest of E-Types is still a handsome car.

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  16. Gary Rhodes

    1977, I was 12 and the neighbor across the street and down a few doors put a V12 convertible out front for sale one day. Never knew he had it and I knew where every cool car was in a five mile radius. I had gotten off the school bus about three minutes before my dad got home and was in a trance, it was beautiful! Pop came over and said I had to stop drooling on the man’s car. The owner showed up about then laughing. He wanted $2500.00? for it and said I’d spend that much keeping it running every year. It was gone in a day or two but man it would have been a cool first car.

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  17. JB

    28,000 miles?? That DRIVERS SIDE SEAT will beg to differ!! Try 128,000!

    • tompdx Member

      Nope, I’d wager only 28k. You should see what those seats look like after 100k … all stuffing and very little leather!

  18. ADM

    Robert Kraft, the future Patriots owner, was a Jaguar fan. When I parked cars at a restaurant, on Cape Cod, he owned two Jaguars, at the time. One was a 1974 E-Type Series III V-12 convertible, and the other an XJ12 sedan.

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  19. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Ended:Sep 23, 2021 , 3:00PM
    Winning bid:
    US $38,700.00
    [ 57 bids ]

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