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Worth $90k? 1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

Oldsmobile made some big changes to the Cutlass line-up for the ’73 model, but the third generation was still going strong in ’71 and featured a body style that many enthusiasts seem to prefer over the later offerings.  Of course, most of us like the coupes, but when I first glanced at this 4-Door model yesterday here on Craigslist it appeared to be a really nice car.  The ad has been updated during the last 24 hours, but I’m not kidding when I tell you the original asking price was listed at $89,995.  That’s not a typo, as in 5 dollars away from $90k.  Perhaps the seller got some flack about the sky-high cost, so he’s now wanting offers instead, so if you’re interested in pursuing this one it’s located near the Bronx in New York.  T.J., thanks for the tip here!

In all fairness, the Cutlass is overall a pretty nice example, that is if it doesn’t have twice the amount of doors you’re looking for.  On a very positive note, the seller posts a nearly 30-minute video on YouTube which shows a complete walk around, and it seems reasonably clear what you’re getting here by the end.  He does mention in the ad that the car is in close to mint condition, which is subjective or objective depending on how you look at it, but it’s not without some blemishes.  The front passenger fender has some scrapes and a small area of rust, plus there’s a moderate dent in the rear quarter on the same side.  If you stare closely at the front bumper, maybe it gently tapped something, although it’s not too bad.  But for the most part, the exterior looks quite nice for a driver.

Under the hood is a Rocket 350 V8, which is stated to have just 36k miles on it, with some more good news being we get to hear it run on his video.  The motor starts right up, sounds strong at idle, and when it’s revved there are no strange noises.  There’s no mention at all of the transmission, but hopefully, the Olds is mechanically sound and has lots of good life left.

Unless it’s been redone, which I doubt, the interior reflects what I’d expect a car with this kind of stated low mileage to look like.  The only aftermarket item I spotted was a Stereo with a CD player under the dash, which is sort of placed oddly, but it works and the factory radio is still intact so that’s good.  We get to view the door jambs in the video, which are looking good, and there aren’t many things inwardly to complain about.  Now that the $89,995 asking price has disappeared, what is a realistic price to pay for this one?


  1. Todd J. Member

    C’mon, man, taking a little time to detail the engine compartment would have improved the presentation. Get with the program!

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  2. Fahrvergnugen Fahrvergnugen Member

    While I’m sure the seller didn’t mean $899.95, maybe $8,995 was the intention.

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  3. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    Hagerty lists a Cutlass Supreme SX 2-door hardtop in concours condition at a mere $52,000. So, get a 2-door, get the SX package, get concours, and save $37, 995.

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  4. John VanGorder Member

    $89 HUNDRED would be a stretch on this one. No denying it is a nice car but there is just very little market for 4 doors, and add to that the fact that the A/C is clearly inop maybe $6500. I could be way off but I dont think so.

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    • Gary

      A guy I worked with had a 56 and 57 Chevy four door sedans, not the sport sedans. He has over $8,000.00 in each of these rust buckets, he bought every piece of aftermarket sheet metal he could find for the 56. Both are 6cyl/3 speeds. Amazing what people want in a “collector car”

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    • John D

      I agree with John on this one. Although a very nice car $8995. Is a stretch with inop ac and messy engine compartment, I appreciate the fact they didn’t cut up the dash to install the radio but they should have hidden the aftermarket radio at least in the glove box.

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  5. Howie

    Close To Mint Condition? Good One!!

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  6. DLM Member

    Typo or fantasy? Nice car either way!

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  7. Maggy

    Knock off about 85k ….let’s talk.

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  8. mike

    You have got to be kidding seller….

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    • Rw

      They did detail engine compartment they chrome spray painted the brake master cylinder and booster, very nice..

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      • Martinsane


        Rattle can rebuild.


        A Craig’s list rebuild.

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  9. Mike76

    Nice, clean, and unmolested Olds. But. It’s a 4 door, so a limited market. $8995 seems much more realistic. When I saw this ad on MP, I thought for sure it was a typo. If the owner really thinks it is worth 90k, I really want to get in touch with him/her to see if he can send a package of whatever they’re on. Must be outta this world.

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  10. Chris Cornetto

    Every old car is a gold mine. I would use this as a daily driver and not think twice. It’s a car, just and old decent car, no nicer or better than the 87 Caprice I use now that the ac does work. It will be nice when the so-called hobby readjust to reality. Cars like this are just cars, not high dollar collectable. As the line goes these are the regular guy line and nothing more.

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    • Grant

      DD? Really? This will get about 10-12 MPG. I hope you have a two mile commute. For 5 or 6 grand you could buy a used Honda that will average around 40 MPG and be as, or even more, reliable. I think people throw that daily driver phrase around too much. Gas is not going to stay at 3 bucks a gallon, trust me on that.

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      • Chris Cornetto

        Not interested in a clapped out honda or any other over complicated ultra safe jelly bean.that is not easily repaired. My daily right now is an 87 Caprice or a 72 Impala convertible or a Hyabusa

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      • 62Linc

        I don’t want a used Honda just because it gets good mileage. I had a 66 thunderbird and 63 Lincoln as DD for the last 22 years. Work is about 16 miles. Even when premium hit 5 bucks it was still cheap to drive a car that holds its value and enjoy my drive. Maybe you could just realize that not everyone worships appliance cars such as a used Honda.

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  11. B Wallace

    WOW! I only paid $750 for my 72 Cutlass Supreme

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  12. BA

    Almost any used car with the A/C not working is quickly forgotten by myself! down south you would be regretting this purchase daily I don’t care what it is rain or shine this one would not be mine unless you knock off the ask for a expensive trip to your local air conditioning specialist it’s just not worth it!

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  13. Jeffro

    wife: you need to sell that car!

    husband: it’s been up for sale, but no one will buy it.

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  14. midnightdriver2

    Uhhh…this ad ought ‘a be posted on April 1st!

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  15. Joe Padavano

    People need to stop watching Barrett Jackson auctions. Just sayin’

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  16. Morley Member

    Worth every penny–all day long!

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    • Joe Padavano

      Right, in a world where a nice 1969 Hurst/Olds struggles to pull $90K, this is worth every penny.

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  17. Rickirick

    Hmmmm…Seller is near the Bronx. Interesting. Fine place. Makes me wonder if the car has a legit title. And better be sumpin’ very special in the trunk that comes with the sale for that much $$$.

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  18. mike david stangler

    i would saythe car is worth 7,500.00 not 89,000 sorry i could get a 2 dr cutlass 4 around 35,000 45,000 with paper work

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  19. LMK

    The video of it running was painful for me to watch while it was extremely high revving and then the seller was goosing it…Clearly not a knowledgeable or caring car guy. I wouldn’t pay $3K for this one.

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  20. Kent Krueger

    Nice Looking 71 Cutlass,
    But $90K for a 4 Dr and inoperable A/C? I don’t think so. If it had a 455, maybe $11K. I believe that $9K is a more realistic price. This just isn’t a 442 with a 455 and the W30 package and a 4 speed. To many people see the desirable and rarer models with huge prices, then think their run of the mill examples are worth a fortune too. It’s a fair weather driver, not a show car.
    Good luck on the sale, get realistic on the price and someone will purchase it from you.

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  21. Phipps

    Its never a good idea to list a car hammered

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  22. Dale

    My favorite year Cutlass. My old boss owned a ’71 white convertible with a white top, and medium green interior that he bought new. Last I heard, he still had it.

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  23. James Martin

    This is the result of watching to many auction reality based shows. And of course the if I get an insane price then I will sell it syndrome. Did they legalize weed in New York?

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  24. UncleAL

    hahahahahha…….thank you for the early April’s Fools Joke…..made my day !!!

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  25. Dti

    I’ll give you ninety thousand. I’ll give you ninety thousand in pennies.

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  26. John Jasper

    90 grand for a 4dr? Not to this guy. More like 20 grand.

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  27. Poppy

    Nice unmolested car. 350 4bbl, A/C, disc brakes, and is that a posi tag I see on the differential? Still not worth more than $10k tops.

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  28. butchb

    This reminds me of the time I was in Las Vegas at the John Varvatos leather jacket store with a great friend of mine. When I showed him the $2500 price tag on one jacket, his comment was, ” For that price it must come with an ounce of cocaine in the pocket.”

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  29. 64 bonneville

    $15K at the very top for a #1. A/C is inoperable, no power accessories other than “standard” options as we called them in the car business (Automatic, power steering and brakes) only an AM radio An almost “typical family car” from back in the day. Hope he cleaned the fuel system before he started it and revved it up. If he asked $5-6K it would be gone in 60 seconds.

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  30. Big Bear 🇺🇸

    Craigslist showing $0 now. I guess the seller realized the mistake. So I guess you get in touch with the seller and talk price. Good luck to the buyer. Oh it looks like South Bronx on the map on the site. 🐻🇺🇸

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  31. Zen

    This car, originally from Bayshore, NY, which is on Long Island, has been for sale on and off, all over craigslist for years. It’s very nice, but no one wants a 4 door.

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  32. nlpnt

    Nine grand all day. 10x that amount is an “Honey, I swear I tried to sell it but nobody wants to buy” price.

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