1972 Jensen Interceptor: Bare Metal


Kudos to Barn Finds reader Robert R for spotting this 1972 Jensen Interceptor project here on eBay with the reserve unmet. While I’ve never taken on a bare metal restoration like this, I’m still always amazed when these projects get this far and then stall. Obviously, life conditions can change, forcing the seller to cut his losses, but it has to be painful to look at the work done and realize you won’t see the project completed. I’ve always liked these Jensens for their design and the combination of British elegance with brute Chrysler power. If I were more of a British car aficionado, you can bet I’d have one of these and a ’65 TVR Griffith parked nearby. Given the seller’s lack of info, I wonder if he’s actually the one who oversaw the first phase of the restoration, or if this is a case of abandonment that lead to the car being sold to settle any debts. Either way, this Interceptor presents a nice, blank canvas for the next owner to tackle. Have you ever had to walk away from a project just when it was gaining momentum?


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  1. Dan h

    What a bummer. Looks like someone was going to go all the way with the resto. Hope the buyer has Interceptor knowledge…….. going to need it while trying to piece that one together.

  2. Mark E

    Are these worth big bucks restored? Otherwise this seems like a good starting point for a 1950s style customization…chop the top, change the back window, add a trunk, put box flares on the fenders…the opportunities are endless. And it might look very striking depending on the skills & taste of the fabricator.

  3. Peter

    Mark E,

    Re: this:
    “Are these worth big bucks restored? Otherwise this seems like a good starting point for a 1950s style customization…chop the top, change the back window, add a trunk, put box flares on the fenders…the opportunities are endless. And it might look very striking depending on the skills & taste of the fabricator.”

    …I know it’s not April 1st,but you ARE kidding, right? LOL

    It seems you might not be very familiar with these cars–nor am I, for that matter–but if you look at the rear ends in this link (you’ll have to cut ‘n paste it into your browser) I think you’ll find that the last thing you’d want to carve up is the rear of this car–IMHO.

    Link: https://www.google.com/search?q=jensen+interceptor&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=NWJcVaLMAYSXgwSVx4GYBQ&ved=0CAcQ_AUoAQ&biw=1366&bih=634


    • Mark E

      Actually my father, for some reason, always thought Jensen Interceptors were the holy grail of cool cars and always wanted one.

      In my mind, the ultimate way to customize one would be to change the ‘bubble back’ look.

    • Dolphin Member

      Lots of Brits lusted after these Jensens.
      I knew one who did and he explained it to me:

      “second greatest crumpet catcher known to man”

      By which he meant, second after the E-Type.
      Apparently the ladies liked both of those cars.

  4. Peter

    Mark E,

    Well, to each his own. :-) And thank you for your polite, personable response.

    I learned, only last week (from S.W.M.B.O., i.e., She Who Must Be Obeyed) that not all Jensen Interceptors were AWD. I’d always thought they ALL were AWED–I wonder if your Dad liked the AWD aspect of them, as much as I did/do?

    But given all the C2 Corvettes (my fave) that do NOT have either:

    a) an opening rear hatch, or;

    b) an opening TRUNK, of any kind,

    ….I not only find the Jensen’s hatch attractive, but particularly so, given it’s practicality, in that it actually OPENS–LOL.

    But, of course, the ’63 Split Window Coupe Corvette is, for me, one of the best-looking three-quarter views that has ever been created–I could count it’s competitors on one hand, in this respect, personally (and, I must admit that) the Interceptor would not be on that list. (I have this thing where I think MOST cars look better from the rear, 3/4 view, and there’s a lot of competition out there, for me, personally, in that regard).

    Thanks for sharing, about your Dad. Perhaps you’ll be able to find/figure out more about what drew him to these cars. I certainly hope so.

    Best wishes,


  5. The Walrus

    I’m wondering if “Approx. 100% of the parts are available.” means the same thing in Canada as it does in the US. Meaning, I have no idea what that means.

    • MikeH

      LOL!! I had the same thought. That sentence means absolutely nothing.

    • skloon

      It means he has all the parts sort-of maybe and if he finds them later will ransom them to you at an exorbitant price

  6. That Guy

    The seller’s other auctions are for industrial equipment, though he doesn’t appear to have been an ebay seller previously, only a buyer. I’m guessing this car was part of some kind of business liquidation as Jeff suggests. I’d be really wary of paying too much for this, because there is clearly no way to know what is and isn’t included unless you can personally take an inventory before the sale. The seller doesn’t seem to be in a position to know for sure, and if it was in fact a seizure or distress sale of some sort, it’s entirely possible the person who owned the car intentionally kept some important pieces to ransom them later.

    This car is a crap shoot, and the purchase price should reflect that.

  7. john h

    Did anyone happen to notice this car is in Canada? Having purchased and imported a car from Canada, I can tell you it’s orobably going to cost you $1000 bucks or months of grief to import it. Also, I’ve found basically two types of old cars in Canada: Cars that were extremely loved and pampered so they NEVER saw winter salt, and then the rest which now are rust buckets. Virtually none fall in between. caveat emptor!

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