1972 Plymouth Fury Sport Suburban

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Plymouth’s top-shelf wagon for 1972 promised luxury, room for the whole family, and style. Twist the key on this 1972 Plymouth Fury Sport Suburban in San Antonio, Texas, and you could drive “to New York City” according to the seller, or presumably anywhere else. The well-equipped wagon sports a decent shine on its original paint. This highly-original classic looks ready for a second life, and you surely won’t see many hidden-headlight stations wagons at Cars and Coffee. The honest original status could be worth preserving as-is, and the high bidder here on eBay can decide if they meet the seller’s Reserve. So far at least 13 bidders have cast their hat in the ring, and the $6400 bid as we go to press is not enough to seal the deal.

Though less than pristine, the light-colored interior nicely contrasts the metallic brown paint, and the 50 / 50 bench seat allows separate adjustments for driver and passenger. A fender tag jammed full of options details a Y16 Sales Bank car that probably occupied a prestigious place in the showroom. With air conditioning, speed control, headlight delay, and tinted glass, this Suburban promised comfort and class. Thanks to Mopar1 for some details.

Bumper guards and grab handles at the rear bring to mind the platforms used by Secret Service members when protecting dignitaries, though in this case they provide access to the optional roof rack. That and the trailer hitch suggest duty as a family truckster pulling an Airstream or other classy home on wheels. While the simulated wood grain siding shows some sunburn it may be revived with some TLC and the right products. New tires and window tint render this commodious hauler ready for a tour of Texas or wherever you point the pool table-sized hood.

The 400 cid (6.6L) V8 looks as though it saw regular service and typical replacement parts including the monster-sized twin-circuit master cylinder. The inverted air cleaner cover is a poor-man’s performance trick of the day, allowing plenty of fresh air into the housing. It does bypass the exhaust manifold heater tube that’s designed to encourage smooth warm-up, but that tube is missing anyway. Belts on the air conditioning compressor normally indicate that the system worked in the recent past if not currently.

Three-row seating accommodates most families and perhaps a grandparent or two. The two-action tailgate swings open or drops down. While this well-preserved Plymouth may never see daily driving duties, I’d be tempted to shine it up, fix any safety items, and put it to work. How would you use this high-rolling Suburban?

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  1. 8banger 8bangerMember

    Totally would hit the road and sleep out of it.

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    • Mike

      I’m sure your wife would agree too if you brought it home without her knowing beforehand.

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  2. Mark P

    Your in the fast lane cruising at 80 in your Accord when you see this thing coming up behind you fast. Into the middle lane. When it goes by it’s like the freighter going by Tom Hanks on his raft in Cast Away.

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  3. Skorzeny

    I sure as heck wouldn’t drive this to NYC but I’d drive it somewhere! The tinted windows and the whitewalls would have to go. I see a heavily massaged 440 in this. And a repaint without the wood grain. Great looking wagon.

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    • Gary Rhodes

      Know a guy that has a green match to this one with a 440 six pack.

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      • Dave

        I had the owners manual to the 1971 Fury line and was surprised to see the 440-6 listed as an option. I wonder if any rolled out of the factory.

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  4. Jasper

    Cool wagon. A set of slotted, chrome Mopar road wheels would make this look like a million bucks.

    Nothing like dark tint to make a car look dull and dingey. Nothing shines like that black glass. Go lighter next time, that stuff sucks to peel off!

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  5. Stephen M.

    Nice wagon.. but they had rust issues. I notice right side rear quarter near wheel moulding has rust. If you zoom in on the picture those bumps are rust bumps. Wonder how the floor looks under the carpet? I see the max price be $8,000. Good luck to the next owner..🐻🇺🇸

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  6. Gary Rhodes

    Know a guy that has a green match to this one with a 440 six pack.

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  7. Gary RaymondMember

    A fellow Mopar-addict had one of these, in blue. Beautiful car! He sold it to a neighbor who promptly turned it into a demo car. I wanted to cry…

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  8. Steve R

    High bid of $9,999, reserve not net.

    Steve R

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  9. martinsane

    Cool wagon, would love to have it at a quarter of the price (come on when did everything get so distortedly over priced). And please stop your internal dialog of “if someone buys it is it overpriced”, the answer yes. More dollars than sense… i miss the good old days when people were honest and not always trying to retire off the ignorance of others.

    But buyer beware as that boat is licensed in Washington State, seller is elling from Texas in front of a storage lot, just saying

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    • Steve R

      Wagons have been popular in certain parts of the country for the last 20 years. In my area the ship sailed when it came to low priced mid-sized wagons a long time ago. Now their popularity is no longer regional, nor limited to one vehicle size. Just because you don’t like them doesn’t mean everyone that does is out of touch with reality, it’s more likely the other way around.

      Steve R

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  10. Beel

    In 72, Dad would have bought a Mopar wagon, but they wouldn’t fit a 4 x 8 sheet of plywood flat. Neither did GM. So we got an LTD wagon instead. Amazing gas hogs the whole lot of them!

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  11. Jeffrey A Bryan

    My aunt and uncle had the same wagon brown but not with wood paneling or hideaway headlights but a great wagon they drove for 20 years was still running when my uncle sold it! Awesome memories with my cousin’s traveling all over America

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