UPDATE: Million Dollar 1973 CJ5 Super Jeep!!!?

UPDATE – After featuring this Jeep, the owner decided to lower the price to a more reasonable $45,500.

FROM 5/7/19 – Limited production, an unknown number of survivors, and a story about how it all came about that may or may not be true.  In the world of collector cars, it’s the perfect formula to inflate a car’s value into the million-dollar-plus stratosphere.  Paraded across the auction block at Barrett-Jackson and Mecum, we’ve seen Hemi ‘Cuda convertibles, Ford GT’s, and Shelby Cobras sell at astronomical prices.  But a 1973 Super Jeep?  Don’t shoot the messenger but the seller of this admittedly ultra rare CJ-5 is being offered here on eBay at the BIN price of $1,000,000!  Located in New York’s Putnam Valley area, the Jeep originally hails from Utah where it spent its entire life prior to a frame off restoration.

My dad bombed around during the 1970s in a plain old red CJ-5 with a white hard-top.  Sure, it lacked the sweeping decals, curved front bumper, dash upholstery, and two-tone seats offered in the appearance package of the Super Jeep.  But fancy graphics and nice upholstery don’t do much to improve ride quality.  My bones still haven’t fully recovered from the 200-mile jilting I took sitting on the rear wheel well (dad’s Jeep had no backseat) during a trip to the beach one summer!  His CJ-5 rode on stock steel wheels painted white, just like those of a Super Jeep.  And the story behind the creation of this rare appearance package is AMC came up with the design as a result of a shortage of aluminum wheels needed for Renegade models.  Production numbers are unknown but Jeep folklore suggests about 300 were made in 1973 and its believed very few survive today.  Six body colors were offered and the seller claims this Jeep, repainted in original Daisy Yellow, is rarer than most.  The Jeep’s original top has been replaced by a NOS vinyl soft top, according to the seller.

The seats have been reupholstered to match the original cinnamon and white pattern and they sure do look comfortable, especially the rear seat!  A list of options available with the Super Jeep package included upholstered sun visors, a passenger mirror, handrail, rear seat belts, roll bar, rear drawbar, fixed tailgate with rear spare tire mount, and a lighter and ashtray.  How dare you scoff at the seller’s million-dollar price tag!

The original AMC six-cylinder 258ci motor reported having just under 61,000 miles has been completely refreshed and is said to run beautifully.  I’m pretty naive when it comes to million-dollar cars and was actually expecting there to be almost no miles on this rig, or perhaps less than 100.  One million dollars for a Jeep with over 60K miles, non-original paint, non-original top, and refurbished seats?  From what I can find, over the past 10 years or so Super Jeeps have sold for prices ranging from less than $10,000 to as high as $75,000.  Here’s an all original, one-owner example with a little over 11K miles and the rarer 304 V-8 option that sold for $39,900. Daisy’s seller says she is worth a million smiles and that may be true but even a price tag containing five zeros would be super high for this Super Jeep.


  1. TimS Member

    I think the zero key stuck, and not just once.

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  2. 8banger David Mika Member

    Tim, HA HA HA!!!

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  3. Midwest Jeff

    Honestly, who hasn’t wanted to do this?

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  4. sir mike

    Is it April fools day again???

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  5. BLC

    Would this be a Holy Grail Jeep for Dennis Collins?

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  6. Bakyrdhero

    Meh, the Jeep is ok, but I’m spending my million on the EV Fairmont from a couple weeks ago!

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  7. CanuckCarGuy

    Cool Jeep, but holy price Batman! All that makes it cool is new, and still available through a mouse click to create your own…there’s no context on the million dollar ask, IMO.

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  8. Tom Member

    I think this guy lives in New York’s PLATINUM Valley area….! Sorry, I am not a jeep expert but this jeep…..could it be uglier? What a HORRIBLE color and combination of colors. It’s like the Easter Bunny puked pastels on it ! IF this is a “limited color scheme” I CAN TELL YOU WHY…..I will give you ONE guess…..!!??

    I know, I know, this is somebody’s dream jeep…sorry.

    My brother and I continually jokingly say in our business…..”We just need that $1,000,000 job” when our average ticket is $500. I have to believe the guy trying to sell this jeep is thinking the same thing! “if I could only sell it for $1,000,000…..Where is Andrew Dice Clay to say “UN BE LIEV A BLE” in that NY accent when you need it! Sadly some goof with WAY more money than brains will probably buy it !!! UGH !!

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    • jerry z

      Easter Bunny puking pastels.

      Now that’s funny!

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  9. NovaTom

    Not only is it WAY overpriced — it’s darn ugly

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  10. R Sweeney

    An old depression era joke goes like this: This guy’s walking down the street when he stops at a cart selling apples. A sign on the applecart reads “Apples $1,000 each”. The guy says to the Apple vendor, “A thousand dollars for one apple? You won’t sell many at that price!”, and the vendor replies, “It only takes one!” So stay optimistic, my friend!

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  11. mark

    Stupid people are cool!

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  12. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    Why couldn’t AMC ever get the rear wheel centered right in the opening? More like “Super Gyp”!

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  13. Jack Hammer

    I just bought a new Wrangler in Granite Crystal for 35k. It’s an automatic and has the 285 hp V6. It’s great looking, quiet, has very comfortable seats, and is brand new. I’m very happy with it. Whether $965,000 is a good price price for “rare”, I’ll leave that up to Lawry’s.

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  14. Kenneth Carney

    Looking at this man’s ad, I don’t think he
    REALLY wants to sell it. Maybe his wife
    got after him to sell it so he appeased
    her by “selling it” for $1 million. That way,
    he gets to keep his beloved Jeep while he
    waits for a buyer. Hence, everybody’s
    happy. If this isn’t the case, then this guy
    is smokin’ some really good stuff, or he’s
    got a very severe case of Barrett-Jackson

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  15. Jack Hammer

    Kenneth Carney – Excellent. That’s exactly what is going on.

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  16. Howard A Member

    This is sad, yet hilarious at the same time. 1st, being a Jeep fan, and owned several, I’ve heard of just every Jeep made. Naturally I’m surprised when one comes along I haven’t heard of. It’s sad to think this is how exploited the hobby has become, and this person actually thinks this vehicle, or ANY vehicle, for that matter, is worth this kind of money. It’s a freakin’ CJ5, for heavens sake, who cares about some Peter Max mural. ( never cared for his LSD inspired work anyway).
    Hilarious, because , as an old man who almost done with cars and driving, this too, has me in stitches. Way to kill the hobby kid’s,,,

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    • Tom Member

      Well said Howard! The only thing to the “Max” on this jeep is it level of “UGLY”. Well, and the ridiculous price !!

      You think he meant $1,000,0.00 ?? and just doesn’t understand the use of the comma in math?

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  17. Adam

    The seller isn’t real with that price. I spoke with him a year ago about this Jeep and 3 others he had for sale. Not sure what the recent $1M ask is all about but that’s not real. He wanted $45k last year.

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  18. mainlymuscle

    Super Jeep ?/
    More like “super designer drugs “

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  19. James

    Looks like his million dollar price was just to get people talking …. seems to have worked… price is now $45,500
    Pretty awesome Jeep … now that it’s not a million dollars !

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    • Tom Member

      I am still thinking there is a comma error, should be $4,550.0?

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    • Bubba5

      It’s a nice jeep with stickers…

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  20. Rob

    This one is in the Peterson

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    • Tom Member

      Too bad you posted this photo. Now, somehow, the one in the listing is EVEN UGLIER…=….not good for the seller. At least the colors on this one are better and make SOME SENSE together.

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  21. Lance Nord

    This Jeep’s owner has been smoking too much of the devil’s lettuce…

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  22. Glenn Schwass Member

    Sorry, but jeeps are only fun for the driver. Everyone else gets their kidneys bashed. I rode in the back seat of one when I was in my 20′ s and it sucked then. Now I’d be crippled by it. 1 mil for a Jeep? Good luck there. Is it gold plated somewhere I can’t see?

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  23. Little_Cars Saul Member

    Someone restored this back and this is what we get for 1 mil? Welcome to Fantasy Island! I like the Peterson Museum one better, but I can’t help thinking these look like 1/1 scale Barbie Doll cars.

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  24. Jack Hammer

    Janis Joplin’s Jeep!

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  25. Comet

    I’m a little light on cash. I wonder if could steal it for $999,000?

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  26. Craig Dawdy

    Dennis Collins … can you please weigh in on this and give us the low down?

  27. KevinLee

    A few pieces of upholstery, an ugly paint job with even uglier stripes makes it worth a million? Not in my world (the real world)!!!

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  28. Bob McK Member

    I’ll buy it for $10,000 and then paint it red and redo the seats. Then it would be the perfect Jeep.

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  29. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

    The seller lowered the price and our story just got picked up by Fox News! https://www.foxnews.com/auto/million-jeep-cj-ebay

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    • Little_Cars Saul Member

      Slow news day out of DC.

  30. pete

    It is still just a Jeep !

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  31. sir mike

    Lowered the price to more reasonable?? Still $30,000 to much.

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  32. Fred H

    It is still $ 40,000 over priced. They always lower there price but it is too late.
    Where do people get these crazy prices.?

  33. Jack Hammer

    They’re involved in the financial world, and know that a dollar used to purchase a car is worth ten cents.

  34. bob

    When I first saw the original listing I thought it was a misprint. I didn’t bother to even look at the add at all. When I stopped laughing I just went on to the next listing. I just now read all the coments and I’m laughing again. Well done everyone.

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  35. Howard A Member

    Oh, come on, this person posted a million dollars for shock value, and it worked, got us talking. Now at $45g’s,( and a $955,000 dollar price drop) it must be a super bargain,,, some people get their kicks out of that. Nice strategy, got to admit.

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  36. Ted

    Give it another week and he’ll pay someone 45K to take it.

    Cue the carnival music in 3, 2, 1,…………..and go…………….

  37. JimmyinTEXAS

    This quote is from the 45K ad on ebay…
    “Daisy has never been displayed or offered for sale until now.”
    What a lie, it was first time listed last week!!! LOL

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  38. michael h streuly

    Ah no thank you.

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  39. W9BAG

    Is a Jeep still a Jeep if you’re afraid to take it off road ? I think not. My only experience actually driving a Jeep was the famous M151A1. I’ve driven one nearly submerged under water, through serious mud, and climbing rocks. Take one over a M998 any day. This one will probably never even have the wipers turned on.

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