1973 Corvette Stingray Convertible Project


The seller of this 1973 Corvette Stingray is somewhat vague about their car. They claim it has been sitting since they bought it in 1979 as a project car, but they don’t mention what was wrong with it then. If it was a fixer upper when it was only 6 years old, one can only assume that there were some major problems. We aren’t sure what issues it might have, but with a starting bid of $5k and no reserve, it might be worth looking into. Find it here on eBay.


After sitting for the past 34 years, we are sure this Vette will need lots of work regardless of what was already wrong with it. The seller hasn’t tried to start it since parking it, so we aren’t sure if that means there were mechanical issues or not. The body looks straight and from what is visible in the pictures, the engine and interior both look to be intact. Hopefully, the seller is willing to share more about why it was parked in the first place. It could be something simple that took it off the road, but being vague makes most buyers nervous and could hurt their chances of finding a good home for it. If it isn’t anything serious, this could be a great buy for a 350/4-speed equipped Stingray.


  1. paul

    Man this car has been sitting so long the front bumper has dissolved. A 4 spd is good because by 73 these were down on HP. It could be a good find if the $’s don’t get stupid.

  2. rancho bella

    I know these cars pretty well having owned four 70’s and 71’s throughout the years. There is a reason they are all gone……….and mine were nice. No matter the amount of money or refining the suspension……we just couldn’t make them right. I can’t put a finger on any one problem as it seemed to be a total of issues not working with the others.

    • paul

      Yeah but it’s a Vette. A friend has a 2 year old Audi a 6 the dealer can’t get the check engine light out, they say it’s fine but it’s still on, my point is people just except the flaws because it’s an Audi or a Vette, how many people owned those old Jags & put up with the constant trips back to the dealer.

      • BobinBexley Bob in Bexley Member

        Paul, there is a reason the Audi’s check engine light is on- either the problem hasn’t been diagnosed fully or the car’s out of warranty & somebody doesn’t want to pay for the repair. There’s no mysticism happening.

      • paul

        The car is in warranty, the dealer has had the car in & the light is still on & yes I agree but the car isn’t mine. I have said the light is in indication of a problem.

      • BobinBexley Bob in Bexley Member

        Paul, if an authorized representative of Audi tells your friend his check engine light staying on is ok then it’s time to call Audi itself. The system was devised to indicate a fault registered. I’m thinking the chairman of would want his fixed too.

      • Clayb

        #1 check.Barrow a gas cap from another one and exchange it with the one one there.For some strange reason if the venting is plugged on his cap,it’ll set off the light.(Cheap check)

      • paul

        You all could be right they made a few trips back to the dealer someone finally told her an excuse of we have seen a few of these lately that do this & we find no problem . The lease ran out , & she traded for a new one, go figure.

    • dj

      I’ve owned and restored dozens of these cars and they’re great. You just have to know how to build the suspension back right when someone who doesn’t know anything about them screws them up. I hate these without tilt steering columns. They’re hard to get in and out of when you get older. LOL

  3. DanaPointJohn

    The guy couldn’t even inflate the tires for the photos? And he wants $5K+? Pass.

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    • Webby

      I agree. Whenever I sell a car, even a project/parts car ,it pays to make the thing as presentable as possible.

      I know some people are doing it tough, but is air that expensive?

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      • paul

        It has that barn find appeal…..joke.

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  4. scot

    ~ my buddy, Dieter, crashed his ’74 while drunk one late night. i remember the plaque proclaiming 165 horsepower. after he abandoned the cull at a local body shop my mechanic, Hank, and i salvaged and shipped parts all around the planet.

  5. Dolphin Member

    Oh-oh—–1973 was the year of the big HP drop due to new emissions regs that came in that year, which the carmakers couldn’t meet without losing HP bigtime compared to earlier years. Things like EGR and retarding the timing I guess reduced emissions but hit power and driveability hard. I would be very cautious if the car will require a pass on an emissions test to register in your state. Even if you could get it running and it passes you might not like how it runs even if it is green.

    I’d save my money and get an earlier one.

  6. HwoodT

    You know, I like this car. Extremely classy color combo (tan/green/saddle), the car has AC, a luggage rack, and the interior is not totally trashed. Whether the engine is stuck or not, it looks complete under the hood. Except for the front bumper rubber, which I think was new for 1973, along with the de-rated motor, this could be a sweet ride. If the factory 350 is toast, a crate 350 with the original accessories would dial back in some of that diluted HP. If this goes for under $10K, someone might have a shot at building a very unique, good looking daily-drivable early ’70s Vette convertible without going to the poor house.

    • Thomas S. Bean

      Exactly. This is a good looking body (aesthetically as well as practically)….so…uh…if 73 Vette’s are not collectible, that means “value sports cruising modified art project”…no? Right tires, stance, and rims………(anybody like “Torque Thrust wheels” on this car?) …could turn this into a reasonably affordible head turner. Compare this body to what is air streamed now…and, hey…this is a very likeable car that is perhaps affordable? I like a car that is all hood, with nice ass….and sits low. I like something from the 70’s. I don’t follow the herd looking for GTO’s or Eleanor Mustangs. Nope…give me a seventies Pinto Wagon with porthole windows…and let me lower it, rims, tires, and repaint (no chrome bumpers) and I’m happy at an affordable price.

  7. jim s

    the color, both tops , 4 speed manual and a/c are a big plus. seller needs to prove the miles ( it only goes to 99999 ) and as you stated the reason it was parked and the damage. a PI including on a rack to look for damage under the car. might make a interesting driver if you don’t mind the MPG. and being left behind by a black GTI! great find.

    • Thomas S. Bean

      I might look for a 73 vette with a blown engine…so I could install one of my favorite engines: The Chev 4.3 Vortec with 5 speed (nice torque curve). This car looks seventies and has character with flowing lines. I’m glad no one wants 73 Vettes…because they look good and affordable that way.

    • dj

      Also should check to make sure the frames not rusted into. These cars are bad about that. And that might be why it was parked.

  8. jim s

    looks like what a early 70’s vette would look like in the late 70’s if it had been used as a daily driver/only car. front damage from parking in one to many parking lots. tail pipe damage from trying to drive in the snow and backing into a snow bank. 1 hubcap missing from a pot hole. hard top to try and stay warm in the winter. rack on the back that if loaded blocks the gas flap. and flat tires from chasing someone elses girl. just saying!

    • paul

      the 73 had the first plastic bumpers in front only that literely dissolved over time, they stand up better when washed & waxed regularly.

  9. Howard

    need to check the frame, birdcage and windshield frame for major rust issues…may just be a parts car…figure min $20K to restore

  10. Charles

    It might be a good candidate to drop in a big block or an LS and have some fun with it. Tweak the suspension so that it handles decent. In our state a car this old is exempt from emissions testing, so that would not be an issue.

  11. Charles

    A GM Performance ZZ4 crate engine would give the car 400 HP, and be a bolt in swap.

  12. twwokc

    Back in the aerly 80’s we traded for a 73. The dealer bought it and proceeded to throw a fortune at it. When done it was nice and fast. Young guy came in with a 2 year old 3 series and swapped even for it.
    73 was the first year for the rubber bumper in front while retaining the chrome blades on the rear.

  13. braktrcr

    If a Cameo pickup with a caved in roof can fetch $140,000 in Nebraska… this has to be a million dollar car

  14. GseMech

    Did I see Illinois plates on it? I’d be taking a very close look at the frame even if it only has 35k on it. Rust never sleep.

  15. Tom S.

    Sold – $7,600.23.

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