1973 Ford LTD Country Squire Wagon

1973 Ford LTD Country Squire Wagon

Understandably, not everyone gets excited about large fake wood clad station wagons. I do though, especially when they are Country Squires. Ford may have given themselves the title, “wagonmaster”, but it was fitting considering the fact that they tried to keep the traditional full-size station wagon alive as long as possible. The early Country Squires were stylish machines, but they didn’t age that well as the years passed. This 1973 example still has some of the handsome curves, but the front end has suffered the unfortunate LTD treatment. It still has the rugged body on frame design that made the Squire so durable though. So, if you are not afraid of the fuel pump, this big wagon could be the perfect way to haul people and things around. This one is located in Whitefield, New Hampshire and is listed here on eBay. Bidding is currently under $2k with about a day left. They sure don’t build wagons like they used to!


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  1. Nick G

    The CAFE laws killed these cars.

  2. Blindmarc

    Can’t tell you how many I bought of these when I was 17 and on my own. $250 used to get me a lot of dependable car.

  3. JW

    Pretty fancy wagon that’s for sure, had a 71 LT sedan that was a super nice car. This one is a little big for my taste but someone wants it. Just wondering though could you even let your kids ride in those tailgate seats with out fear of being arrested by the safety police or worrying that with red light cameras someone’s going to rearend you at the next traffic light.

  4. Chebby

    Respect for its condition, but this is an ugly car in an ugly color. Cold starting the engine at -30 below didn’t do it any favors.

    Shipping must have cost $1,500. If this is a flip for profit, that seems illogical and if not, why sell so soon after buying?

  5. Mike D

    I would want this car simply because you don’t see them any more , not as an investment, E bay is famous for low ballers this car looks like it has been pampered. it would be an attention getter for sure. would get different wheel covers most likely not year correct, or even make correct , which is the only change I’d do to it

    • Karl

      Those are the correct wheel covers. Ford used them on the Galaxie and LTD in ’73-74 but not after that, IIRC.
      This is an astoundingly good example of the ’73-78 body style. My father ran had a one-hoss body shop back then, and they were so popular in our area that he bought two or three with bad engines as a source of body parts. I think I still have about three sets of doors plus a couple of header panels, a trunk lid–I could almost do like Johnny Cash and build my own car!

      • Justin

        Didn’t “LTD” stand for “LIMITED”? Ford should have name them “UTD” for they they made “UNLIMTIED” amount of these cars in coupes, sedans and wagons!

  6. Howard A Member

    I’m surprised this car escaped the demo derby, as these were the vehicle of choice for many years. Such great cars before mini-vans and SUV’s, that got our families to the great places of this country, pulling a travel trailer, like our family. Sadly, the world evolved beyond the practicality of these types of cars, but back in the day, for a family, this was as good as it got.

  7. Badnikl

    I grew up with these cars. My Dad always bought a 2 year old used Ford wagon for business, his used car Dealer/ mechanic would find one with low miles and bring it to him every couple of years. Finally the last one was bought new in 1981. I put a lot of miles on our ’73.

  8. pontiactivist

    I remember a few of tgese from my childhood. Mom had a nasty pea green sedan. Was like riding around on your couch. Lol. She also had a brown and wood wagon. I had a red 71 sedan. Took ir over an imbankment at 60 one night. Didnt realize 5000 pounds could fly that far. Drove it for six more months before some moron t-boned it. Was virtually indestructable.

    Like 1
  9. don

    agree, probably a attempt for a flip, don’t see much profit in after paying for shipping and spending all that money on tires etc… listing had no description, and a poor video, low option car. cool old wagon, but probably not what the seller thinks it worth.

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