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1973 VW Thing: All Cleaned Up


While the seller characterizes this bright orange Volkswagen as a barn find, they also go into great detail about how it’s been cleaned up and refurbished. “It is an unrestored original survivor that has had almost everything replaced new” says the seller. While I consider that statement an oxymoron, it doesn’t take away from what appears to be a really nice Thing. Thanks to Robert R. for this terrific find that is listed here on eBay where bidding is currently at $11,200 without a reserve. This is another vehicle from the seller that lists their cars with the oranges in pictures – very appropriate with this particular color of car! The car is located in Canton, Georgia and appears to be a really nice, solid car with only a few rust bubbles in pictures near the end of the listing. I was surprised to see the seller’s note that although the car is listed in the auction as a 1974, someone asked the seller about some details and they realized it’s a 1973. I’m interested not only in how you feel about this car, but about how you feel about barn finds in general; would you rather someone else did the cleaning and refurbishment work, or would you rather do it yourself?


  1. Mark E

    My thoughts on this car is that it’s NOT a barn find or even a survivor with a new engine and everything replaced/restored. Quite frankly I’m suprised they didn’t fix the rust while they were at it! And the ‘3 miles on it since the rebuild’ is actually a turn-off for me! I’d rather it had 300 miles, then you’d know the bugs were all worked out and it ran well.

    As to the question, I prefer my barn finds original and dirty. Besides the cheaper price, I enjoy cleaning them up and the satisfaction when they’re clean and shiny. Also, while cleaning them up I bond with the car and also discover aspects of its history.

    Finally, I remember the first one of these I ever saw was after church in the parking lot. The owner had just bought it and was very proud of it. He took me all over it, showing off all the features. As a grand finale he showed how the doors are removable. Then he attempted to replace the door and could not! A memory that makes me smile… ^_^

  2. Dolphin Member

    “Barn find”?

    No thanks

    giant paragraph of unrelated spam?
    I’m out of here

  3. JW

    Can’t be a survivor with a new motor and other replacement parts along with a repaint, who knows what’s hiding under that repaint. Not much on these cars, boxy and just plain homely. Best one I ever saw was in the early 1990’s. a truck stop by our home had one on their restaurant floor gutted then made in to a buffet bar, lights worked and if they had a special the flashers were on.

  4. Dan Farrell

    Strange that the show Lost In Transmission recently did a Thing and painted it orange. The car was in Georgia to I think.

  5. Dan Farrell

    Strange that the show Lost In Transmission recently did a Thing and painted it orange. The car was in Georgia to I think.

  6. jim s

    i would like to have one of these but not this one. i too think the rust the seller thinks is no big deal is in fact a big problem. however there a lot of very new parts + a good title which may be driving the bidding. this seller has the black tr3 that was already posted on the site. nice find.

  7. Domitype

    How can a vehicle with a brand new engine have “Matching Numbers?” Are there different interpretations of the term? My 1959 BMW 600 has matching chassis, body, and engine numbers – didn’t VW do the same thing?

    • D. King

      He probably means the number matches the title, LOL!

  8. Jason

    Pass on this car and this seller.

    P.S. That has to be one of the most ridiculous things ever said!
    “It is an unrestored original survivor that has had almost everything replaced new.”

  9. Lowell Munn

    I purchase a 1974 yellow Thing. The only difference in the 1973 and 1974 Thing was they added a airbox intake above the rear fender. A couple of years ago I saw the 1974 sell at the Barrett Jackson Auction. Well, it didn’t have the airbox, Either it had a repaint job and it was left off or it was in fact really 1973.

  10. gunningbar

    Seriously.. who gives a shxt who washes it first?!
    Selling a dirty car covered in dust. . .pigeon poop etc makes NO sense.

    • Domitype

      gunningbar, there is a big difference between hosing off the pigeon poop and doing a full but questionable restoration (and still calling that a barn find.)

  11. Sam

    I worked for a VW dealership in 1974, and used to unload cars from the delivery truck. These ALWAYS cranked up and ran easily. I always thought VW just emptied the spare parts bins to build them, but they were such reliable machines (noisy, but reliable.) We had one in stock that was made up like a cabana car, with a surrey top on it. Damned thing never sold until we finally bought a solid fiberglass top with windows for it.

  12. Mel'

    I’ve never seen a 4-door ” Thing “

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