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1975 Porsche 914 For $950!


Called VW-Porsche in all markets except North America, the Porsche 914 is unloved by many due to its practical but unglamorous shape. It was originally intended to be marketed both as a replacement for the aging Karmann-Ghia and the Porsche 912. I pursued several as a teenager but finally gave up on finding a solid car in my price range and bought a Triumph TR4A instead. I must say that despite loving Triumphs ever since, I still fondly remember the feeling of perfect balance while driving a good 914. In this car’s case, the seller bought it as a restoration project and has completed some of the work before putting it up for sale here on craigslist in Elgin, Oregon for $950.


Despite much of this car being disassembled, the seller appears to have organized it well. I’m always encouraged when a garage looks organized in the pictures of a project as I’ve found it’s a good indication of whether all the parts are there or not! The entire drivetrain and axles have been removed but are seen in the pictures. The original engine has been replaced with a 1973 1.7 liter “EA” engine that’s been upgraded with new 1.8 liter pistons and cylinders. The engine also comes with new bearings as well as various seals and a gasket set.


The crankshaft has been reassembled, although peening of the rod nuts has not been completed. Cylinder heads have been cleaned and are waiting to be united with the new cylinders. Parts are easy to find, and one of the suppliers has made an excellent 914 buyers guide available on the internet that would be a help if you’re considering putting this one back together.


The seller also notes that unusual exhaust manifolds are included that bolt directly to the heater boxes (remember, this is an air-cooled car). Anyone here familiar enough with these to know what’s unusual about the manifolds?


A trunk full of removed parts and spares as well as a complete spare engine (seized, unfortunately) are also included. I’m guessing a shop manual and a good parts catalog are in order for reassembly!


One of the best features of the 914 is the comfortable seats, although these particular ones have been augmented with some faux fur covers that I’d lose immediately. I’ve seen many custom cars that use 914 seats and remember them as very comfortable, at least for me. Lots of room and a relatively complete interior make this project look inviting on the inside. A removable roof panel will let the sunshine in as you take on those twisty back roads!


Broken lenses are visible, but there isn’t much visible rust. The car was originally yellow perhaps; I suspect a repaint will be in order before long as the car was stored outside for years. The ad also mentions dry rotted tires, so maybe it was an arid storage location? Either way, you will want to check for corrosion under the battery box because that is the most common place for these to rot. It’s a shame the seller wasn’t able to finish the project, but maybe one of you reading this can get this one out of the garage and back onto the road where it belongs! The entry price isn’t steep, and if the level of assembly required doesn’t scare you off, a mid-engined German sports car may be in your future.


  1. cory

    not the most desirable model, but 75 does have some good features. side shift trans comes to mind. I do prefer the later cars, although most people don’t. I have always been a fan of the 914 and never understood the hate. this is a very good price for a solid car, although the 1.7 engine is not that exciting. the 2.0 would be the obvious choice, but for the price this car is hard to pass up. id buy it in a heartbeat if I was close.

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  2. MikeG

    Seems like a good deal to me. I had one of these in college and it handled better than any car I’ve ever driven. Engines are easy to work on too. As long as there is no major rust I say go for it!

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  3. tom999p

    There’s a 914-6 needing restoration for sale in my town now!!!

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Please share some photos Tom! There are a few people on here always looking for those.

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    • haig haleblian

      Do you have the contact info on the 914-6? I”’d appreciate it. Thanks.

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  4. Wiley Robinson

    It’s already gone. Looks like someone got a good deal

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  5. john e

    I have never been a big fan of the 914. My Porsche mechanic would gut them to a driver seat add a roll bar for racing and call it a day.

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  6. Dolphin Member

    I wonder whether it was pulled by the seller because somehow he realized how much the car was underpriced, or whether some lucky buyer is smiling all the way home right now.

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  7. Rick

    Have always been surprised that 914s have stayed relatively cheap over the years, back in 2004 at the beginning of Summer I bought a ’73 2.0 that was very clean inside & out and a great driver, paid $2100 which I though was a bargain. Only problem I had was with the shifter, was able to cure by replacing the cable (did myself and was actually pretty easy). Anyhow, the 2.0 was quite peppy and it handled like a go-cart and even stopped, was lots of fun. When I went to sell it at the end of the Summer there just wasn’t that much buyer interest (maybe it was because of the original Signal Orange color or whatever it’s called) so I ended up letting it go for $2350 to one of the kids at the local high school, but he must of liked it because I would see him driving it everywhere.

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  8. Robert R. Member

    Here are some others which are not mine, I’m just passing them along:

    http://stlouis.craigslist.org/cto/4837505831.html 3 images
    “needs to go to a good home running and driving 914 new fuel lines alt. starter belt tune up all original fuel injection still on and works fine has only been ran once last year needs a battery. many new parts with car some replaced not bad on rust doors do sagg a little. needs work but great car. dent in driver door and body work needs redone. text for info I will not answer if you don’t text me first.”
    http://stlouis.craigslist.org/cto/4799745011.html 14 images parts only no title.
    “Classic air-cooled 1.8 Liter engine, fuel injection, targa top, two seater, does not run, five fuches wheels, it is almost complete minus a front and rear bumper.
    Parts only. No Title. Have owned for8+ years.”

    The owners want 2k for each of them.

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  9. Scot Carr

    ~ I actually had someone advertise, gift and deliver a free 914 [w/ a 1969 title] to me about 5 or 6 years ago. No running gear but still a several thousand in parts, eBay, all over the world.
    Somebody stole this one or, as Dolphin said, the seller realized he was leaving big money on the table

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  10. jim s

    i see way more then the asking price in parts, i think. i hope the seller list it as an auction on ebay which would be good for both the buyer and seller. great find

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  11. James g

    Tanner on American top gear bought one from a police auction for a challenge for like under 2k or 3k

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  12. Rancho Bella

    I’m a big fan of “teeners”……….a highly misunderstood car. They can rust at the drop of the hat but the uni-body is very strong. The front suspension is 911, the trans can handle a bunch of horse power, they handle wonderfully and most of all I like the design.
    Parts availability is no problem. Lucky for guys like me………..they made 1000’s
    If I wasn’t doing Elans, 914’s would be the weapon of choice
    The 2.0 is of Porsche design but the 1.7 can be built nicely.

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  13. Bob

    Thank you BarnFinds.com! I had this car bought within minutes of receiving your E-Mail.

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      That’s great news Bob! Please send in some updates so we can follow your progress as you put it back together.

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    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Fantastic, Bob! Can’t wait to hear more :-)

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      • Jeff Lavery Staff

        Wicked! Nicely done, Bob! Keep us posted on the restore.

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  14. krash

    not the greatest picture, but this 914 has been resting under this tree for at least 20 yrs….located in Southeastern Massachusetts….right next to my in-laws home….

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