1976 AMC Matador Brougham: Room For 9


Here’s one I haven’t seen before: a 1976 AMC Matador Brougham wagon! You can find it here on eBay in Simpsonville, South Carolina. My first reaction to this long-nose estate is how aggressive a wagon can become with a simple wheel and tire upgrade. The eBay seller, Dream Cars of the Carolinas, has an eclectic inventory of high-line cars, hot rods and survivor-grade vehicles like this Matador. Original down to the drivetrain, the wagon will haul 9 of your friends in comfort but is lacking functional A/C – the components are there, but as we all know too well, there’s usually a hefty repair bill waiting to get these old-school systems operational again. Still, with the fall weather here, there’s plenty of time for windows-down cruising before you’ll have to worry about A/C. I’d lose the tint on the windows as the miles of glass is one of the best features of any vintage American wagon. Have you ever seen a Matador wagon this clean?


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  1. SR Member

    Just put coroner stickers on the doors and tailgate and you have Quincy ME

  2. Rich

    I typically hate Matadors, but this one looks damn nice in wagon form!

  3. The Walrus

    Cars like this, to me at least, exemplify the hierarchy (and thus the fundamental problem with) the American auto industry, and its reported ‘demise’. From an engineering perspective, Ford had the most money, and hired whoever they wanted. Thus Ford Engineers of the era continued the brand as is. GM had the best reputation, and therefore always hired ‘Top of the Class’ (meaning those Ford didn’t want) which is why GM cars tend to be all hat and no cattle; the engineers did a great job at designing, less well at function. Chrysler was always number 3, which means their engineers were basically beholden to no one, which is why they could be so creative, and actually offer engineering solutions. Chrysler Engineering is what made American Cars the world standard for years. AMC was always left with what was left, which wasn’t so bad. They could be both bold AND copy others. For instance, no other American company considered flush door handles until 10 years after it was AMC practice.

    • Toast54

      So, explain why AMC kept vacuum operated wipers up until the early 70’s? Thought I was going to lose it many times in my Javelin when I had to pass someone in a rainstorm.

  4. JW

    Very nice looking wagon even if it is a Matador.

  5. Fred

    Something about the black, the chrome, the tint, the wheels- it just all pulls together nicely. In the 70’s, if you had told me this was an attractive wagon I would have just laughed.

  6. Charles H.

    Wow….I submitted this Wagon about the first part of last week!…..Y’all showed absolutely 0 interest in it then! Hmmm

    Like 1
  7. Bobsmyuncle

    I’m admittedly biased as I love Wagons but this is very desirable!

  8. RoughDiamond

    Some of the front end designs back then made me wonder if the AMC designers/ engineers were trying to put the company out of business.

    • krash

      I don’t think it was a conscious effort by the designers/engineers to bring AMC to it’s knees as much as it was them having access to some really good pot..

      A(ll the) M(arijuana one can) C(onsume)

      • Tirefriar

        Krash, who ever designed this was on something bit stronger as in Any More Crack?

  9. Tirefriar

    The front end is a killer (deal killer, that is). I’m a fan of AMC but this a snout that takes some getting used to.

    I am also a wagon fan. At $5k I could see the rhyme and reason for this car but at BIB of almost $10k?! For $10k I’d be picking and choosing some nice euro wagons that will outperform these old Detroit behemoths in practically every department and will have a working A/C to boot.

  10. Jasper

    Yeah, there are better European wagons at this price but you can’t drag your other toys along behind them.

    I like this but prefer the flame orange and wood ’73 Matador with correct Magnum 500s on flea bay a few years ago.

    Spent my early years in the back of a ’70 Ambassador wagon. “Pearl” was the benchmark of comfort in vinyl upholstered wagons in my family for years. She had a nice guttural V8 rumble too. My mom kept a wooden spoon next to the seat to wedge the choke open so she would start…or threaten to wack us when we acted up.

    • JW

      OH yes the art of swinging a wooden spoon while navigating a parking spot at the local grocery store. Those were the days. Try that now and our mothers would be in jail.

      • Toast54

        Our spoon was pewter, but I substituted bamboo and painted it gray..worked for a while.

  11. pontiactivisit

    It’s so ugly I like it. The tinted Windows black paint and mags help it if you ask me. But that’s just this dummies opinion.

    • Moondog

      My college commuter was a 76 Matador Wagon. Loved it, after college it went to Alaska and back in a crazy 3 month, almost non stop summer vacation. It was great.

  12. Jason Houston

    Normally, Pep Boys wheels and doper glass tint would render a car like this something only someone from the ghetto would admire. But with that dreadful front end, they seem made for each other – and it’s no wonder someone could assume this car is all original down to its drive train.

  13. Greg Stegall

    Back in the day we had a new ’74 white over purple Matador wagon. Oh, the looks we got! (Not good ones…)

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