1976 Ford Thunderbird Super Clean Survivor

The seller tells us that this gorgeous restovivor (that can’t be original paint, it’s just too nice, although it is the original color) 1976 Thunderbird is a Bordeaux Edition limited edition. I have to disagree, because although it may have the correct interior, it isn’t painted the right color on the outside according to this page. Then again, it might be wrong as well. Either way, the car is flat out gorgeous and is pictured very well in the listing here on eBay, where even the undercar pictures look darned good. It’s located in Lakeland, Florida and bidding is up to $4,100 as I write, but the reserve isn’t met.

The 1976 Thunderbird was the last gasp of the sixth generation T-Bird, and was darned expensive with a base price of $7,790. That didn’t stop 52,935 of them finding homes, though, which was a surprising increase over the 1975 model year. I really can’t see a cosmetic issue with this car at all. The seller claims it is the original color scheme; I’ve seen them sell cars before in a similar manner with what looks to be a high quality repaint in the original color. Have any of our readers purchased cars from these folks?

Aside from the spare tire showing some wear, the trunk looks just as mint as the outside of the car, with even the weatherstripping looking undamaged. It’s a little hard to believe it has a little over 88,000 miles–do you think they are original? I do, but that’s merely an opinion from the pictures.

The interior is gorgeous, with leather seats (dare I say twin living room chairs?) that fit the Bordeaux description. While the seats have just a little wear, they look great to me. I do think I’d look for some different floor mats, though, but that’s being very nitpicky.

I think the dash has a cover over it, but ultimately it doesn’t let the car down either, and comes complete with an 8-track tape player and tapes. I wonder if they are included in the auction?

Naturally, the engine compartment looks nice as well, although we are not told whether or not the air conditioning is functional. Do any of you know from looking if this is the 429 or 460 cubic inch V8? According to this VIN decoder page, it’s the 460. Truthfully, either huge V8 ought to provide sufficient power for you, even in this behemoth of a car! And it looks nice enough in the pictures to take to a show right now. Restovivor silver works for me–how about you?

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  1. nessy

    Geez, I have one of these too in red. A fully loaded 460 V8 car with beautiful white leather and red carpets. I have too much stuff in my life.

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    • Grey

      It looks like you have the Lipstick Luxury Group on your Thunderbird

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  2. Rob from Texas

    My parents had a ’76 T-bird, white with red cloth interior and the 460-4bbl. I took my driver’s license test in that car and got a 96% on the driving portion, including parallel parking. 4 points off for a burned out headlight. Great car.

  3. Dan

    Bet that is not just an 8 track player, but a quadraphonic 8 track player. Ford was big on quad! And it is took bad Ford could not have used a freaking different steering wheel in their top of the line car!

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  4. Vegas Vic

    Classy seventies luxury cruiser, me like! Fun summer ride, only add in a cd deck!

  5. KevinR

    The engine looks just like the 460 in my mom’s ’76 Mercury Colony Park station wagon. Believe it or not, there are a surprising number of similarities between this ’76 Thunderbird and my family’s old ’76 Colony Park.

    I always thought these were pretty cool cars; I just never considered them to be Thunderbirds. More like a Lincoln in Ford clothes.

    • Randy Fitz

      At that time, as was so once Thunderbirds expanded to four seats, the shared cowls, components and assembly lines with Continentals or Marks.

  6. Jeff V

    My divorced moms best friend & boss had one, on Friday nights she would come over to drink with mom & toss me her keys in ’76 when I was 17. My buddies & I would then cruise to the hot local strip joint & hang-out in the car by the entrance hoping to get some attention, it worked! It was the same silver color.

  7. T Mel

    I can help with a couple of those questions. It is the 460, not just because you can tell from looking at it but the 429 was discontinued before this car. They definitely came in red or silver, but it’s interesting the silver paint code was omitted from the marketing ad. They did, however list the silver top and red pinstripe that would have come with the silver paint. I guess the copy editor was missing their coffee that day. Also, I have purchased a car from that dealer if I can help anyone with an opinion about them.

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  8. Howard A Member

    The old man had a “big bird” like this for a short spell, I forget the year. It was actually on the low end of fanciness, as opposed to this. I just remember what a tank it was, long hood, cruised nice, but pretty much a slug for performance, only 202 hp. out of a 460, not to mention, it’s dismal fuel mileage, about 10.5 av. Like it’s Lincoln cousin, it was heavy, 5004 lbs. Gas was still pretty cheap in ’76, and $10 bucks would fill it, so fuel wasn’t a concern. As stated, last of the biggies, and as far as I’m concerned, the last of a great car.

  9. Dan

    My Uncle had a 74 and 76. He loved his 2 Big Birds being a large man and and over 6 ft tall. What a tank , the hood was 7 feet long. Had a great ride and was quite comfortable. He traded his 76 for Lincoln Versailles and had buyers remorse. He eventually got a Town Car, like the Big Bird a better fit.

  10. Bradley Clark

    The only engine offered in 1976 was a pooch 460. With 52K, mine would only do 115, and wouldn’t turn the tires if it was on ice. Still, I really liked that car, garage baby, never smoked in. Had a weird option: a locking spare tire. Go figure.

  11. cyclemikey

    It’s a Continental Mark IV in everything but name and trim details. It’s pretty nice but all things considered, if I’m gonna feed a 460, I’d just as soon have the Lincoln.

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  12. Greg Stegall

    This Thunderbird appears to be the Silver Luxury Edition. The Lincoln MK IV of this same year had a Silver Luxury Edition as well, with this same Color combination. The 460 is basically a bored out 429 to compensate for emission controls, but even it can’t compare to the mighty 429 pre smog days.

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    • Grey

      I dont think this car has the Silver Luxury Group either since it has a full vinyl top. The Bordeaux Luxury Group only came in Bordeaux Starfire paint with Bordeaux upholstery. Also Luxury Groups came with landau vinyl roof not the full vinyl roof unless a sunroof/moonroof was ordered

  13. Charlie Member

    Even today the precise Germans do not always get it right. My 2014 Audi has a supercharger, not a turbo, but has the steering wheel of the turbo, and the insignia is mixed, turbo on the liftgate, supercharger on the doorsills. (And electronics which make Lucas look normal.)

  14. john c

    I also have one of these,… a 1974, in starfire blue, white vinyl top and interior. “Das Boot” is her nickname , and a thirsty girl too !! Had it on Hemmings a couple years ago, with a certified appraisal of almost $8,000. I too have too many automobiles…

  15. Ron

    I had a 1976 cream and gold luxury edition was a very nice car with weird gold tone moonroof and ABS rear axle only

  16. Bill Owens BillO Staff

    I was thinking there was a Silver Luxury Group offered in 1976, but further checking of the brochures shows it was only offered in 1975. 1976 Thunderbirds offered a Creme and Gold Luxury Group, Bordeaux Luxury Group (Bordeaux Starfire finish only), and Lipstick Luxury Group.

    • Grey

      Correct. In 1975 Ford offered Silver Luxury Group Gold Luxury Group and Jade Luxury Group on the Thunderbirds

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