1978 AMC AMX: Pants Party


As someone who wasn’t around in the ’70s, I have to ask: what’s with the option to spec your interior in jean fabric? This 1978 AMC AMX here on eBay joins the other pants-equipped vehicle, the Jeans edition VW Beetle. I just can’t imagine a scenario where I’d want to be coddled in Levis! All that aside, this car has zero bids with a $2,800 opening offer despite what seems to be a curious history. The seller notes the car came with painted-over graphics that spelled out “National Engineering Racing Team” in addition to some since-departed fender flares and a front air dam that likely made this AMX even racier than it is today. This coupe just screams ’70s, not only for the interior but also the rear window louvers and hood graphics. If this car was used as a promotional vehicle at racing events, it could be an interesting addition to any AMC fan’s collection, right there next to the Pierre Cardin edition! Does anyone know if this jeans-equipped AMX was once a familiar sight at motorsports events?


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  1. Gocart Mozart

    This is so cool, it would make a great Mad Max tribute car, just in time for the apocalypse!

  2. Mark E

    If I remember correctly, the Levis interior was an option on just the Gremlin but was unaware it was available on any other AMC car. Now if you turned up a Levis Pacer that would be REALLY weird, considering the Pacer’s resemblance to a big butt…lol… ^_^

    • Mike D

      the Levi’s Interior was indeed an option for the Gremlin, Mark, I certainly don’t remember it being black, maybe this is a special order for the racing team? also, the interior looks pretty beat . the AMX of this time was just a two door Concord , not a primo car. . with 164K miles on the clock, even with a different engine, this has pretty much had it I would say it is for a die hard AMC fan It would be unique, but, eh, it is an AMC..

  3. charles hefner

    AMC also made the Levi’s Jeans edition Jeep CJ!

    • Mark E

      D’oh! I remember those now…

  4. Mark E
  5. braktrcr

    I have had 3 AMC’s and I always have a place in my heart for them, but to me the last few years of their existence, was just the final nails in the coffin. Not to be critical of anyone’s pride and joy, but I just see Renault owning them at this point. I might be a few years premature, and 78 was not a good year for anyone’s cars, but… hey, it’s a nice color.

  6. JW

    I remember the Levi interiors as well as all the graphics on the outside of cars & vans. It was a tough time to be a car dealer, they had to almost give away cars just to make a sale. In fact there was a couple dealers in our area that if you bought one of their new leftover gas guzzlers they would give you a used econo box for free. This was just a short term deal to rid their showrooms of gas guzzlers.

  7. Wiley Robinson

    Yea, I was around then. Have no fear, 30 years from now everyone is going to be wondering what on earth people were thinking when they brushed their hair into a peak in the middle and why would louvered sunglasses make a comeback.

  8. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    A little bit of information on the racing team connection:
    The Indy car from 1978:

    Also from: http://www.hemmings.com/mus/stories/2004/03/01/hmn_feature8.html:
    Car owner Warner Hodgdon would pick up the AMC ball for 1978, his National Engineering firm backing a new aluminum block and heads, and Roger McCluskey qualified for 11th place. Clutch failure would relegate the team to 25th. Crew chief Dennis McCormack said that the push rod AMC V-8, now restricted to a single turbo, was still potent because it enjoyed a 10-inch boost advantage over the turbocharged Cosworth and DGS racing engines.
    “With the headers and turbo, the aluminum AMC was 20 pounds lighter than the Cosworth DFX,” he said. “We put tons of test miles on it at Ontario with McElreath, McCluskey and Neil Bonnett, and at times, we could run right with them.”

  9. Brian Pilczuk

    I don’t believe this is the Levi’s interior. Back when my father had the AMC/JEEP franchise I remember the later 70’s Jeeps and AMC’s to have a “Jean” interior but without the Levi’s markings. If I remember correctly the later interiors had buttons without anything stamped on them. The Levi’s interior had the Levi’s button and I believe they may have had a Levi’s tab on the side of the seat too maybe. I remember this because I thought it was a bit cheesy for AMC to cheap out and put fake denim in their cars after offering the real deal.

  10. AMCFAN

    This like the 77 Hornet AMX featured last week is another one year only body style. The Hornet turned into the Concord for 78. The AMX package made a more sleek and refined look on the Concord. Yes Levis interior was infact an option on this car. Keep in mind this is a low production car. When you crunch the numbers on engine and colors the numbers get much smaller. The color of choice is black. The engine 304. This being a Western car is also a plus as is factory A/C.

    Several red flags to me is that this car was listed on ebay several times in the last year. Believe me I don’t miss anything AMC listed for sale. Only now it is missing the 401 it had advertised then. Although not correct would be a nice bonus. The front air dam is missing as is the fender flares as previously mentioned. Would be pricy. The plastiwood glovebox door and dash trim is incorrect. Should be silver finish. The fact that it was previously owned by little known AMC racing team and was their run around vehicle doesn’t add value. But it is still a cool factoid. I think at the starting price you are on shakey ground as you could easily be upside down if you choose to restore it. Paint and interior alone. The mechanical aspect is questionable only because the 401 was pulled. Call me a negetive Nelly. I think someone other then myself knows that rebuilt 401 would be easily be worth $1500-$2500…..the asking price of the car last summer. It is still worth $3K with a $300. 304. I may be a little harsh. That put aside it is still a very affordable car that looks to have zero rust issues and a factory V8 when most all were 258 L6 powered. Its the right color. It’s got history. It is fast and fun and not something to pass up.

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  11. bret

    My sister had a ’77 Gremlin with the Levi interior, and I remember getting burned by the Levi buttons after the car sat in the sun for awhile.

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  12. Johnny

    Yo!!!! I bought it yesterday for $2100 she now resides in Fresno. Any input would be appreciated as I am new to the amx family. Contact me hercuload@hotmail.com

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  13. Anne

    Well people, I’m a 60 year old female,
    My first vehicle was a 1978 AMC AMX black in color, eagle decal on hood, stripes on the side, rear window louvers, removable sunroof, and yes the interior all finished in Levi’s denim. The denim is what got my attention just wanted to be different.
    Paid 5,400. Canadian currency, on the road. Loved it, turned lots of heads.

  14. Anne B.

    Well people, I’m a 60 year old female,
    My first vehicle was a 1978 AMC AMX black in color, eagle decal on hood, stripes on the side, rear window louvers, removable sunroof, and yes the interior all finished in Levi’s denim. The denim is what got my attention just wanted to be different.
    Paid 5,400. Canadian currency, on the road. Loved it, turned lots of heads.

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