Best Of Both Worlds: 1984 Ford E-350 Centurion

To fans of FoMoCo and wacky byproducts of the 1980s, the Centurion Vehicles name should quickly ring a bell. Throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s, Centurion created all sorts of custom Ford trucks and vans, and this 1984 E-350 that’s here on eBay combines both of those things into one interesting package.

This 1984 E-350 Centurion Conversion is available in Golden, Colorado with a clean title. As you can see, the vehicle offers some interesting styling, but it comes with a purpose: the rear seat inside the cab folds out into a bed, and with the dual rear wheel setup, towing a 5th wheel trailer should be a breeze. In fact, it almost feels like a miniature version of a sleeper cab truck, though it feels strange using the term “miniature” to describe this E-350 in any context.

Unfortunately, the ad lacks information about this funky beast, though the seller provides a phone number where they will provide more details. The drivetrain consists of a rebuilt 7.3-liter turbo diesel V8 engine and an automatic transmission, with both the turbo and the rear end supposedly being rebuilt items. The drivetrain has 93,780 miles, which – to the seller’s knowledge – is a true odometer reading.

Centurion Vehicles closed its doors in early 2006 after being bought out by another conversion company, Southern Comfort Conversions. These days, Southern Comfort operates under the name SCA Performance, which caters towards a category of trucks known to many as “brodozers.” Sure, styling and trends do change over time, but the details of Centurion’s demise only adds to the irony of a giant, gaudy exhaust stack on a uniquely 80’s vehicle such as this.

The seller has a Buy it Now price of $6,500 for this E-350 Centurion Conversion, though reasonable offers are also considered. Would this practical combination of van and truck meet your needs, or is the exterior design of this Centurion too abstract for you?

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  1. Rusty

    I remember these well. I’m not a Ford man, but was really attracted to these. Still am.

  2. Jay E.

    Years ago I took paper on one of these as collateral for a loan. Never saw it or the cash again. Wonder if this is it? These were really good as 5th wheel trailer delivery vehicles, you could practically live in them on long hauls.

  3. Jimmy

    Love it EXCEPT that single chrome exhaust stack , either put duals or run the single out the back behind the rear wheel.

  4. mainlymuscle

    Really cool rig.Our horse trailer would be too much for this old girl,but good for my light exposed Aluminum race car trailer.If it were close ,I think I’d take a shot.
    FYI,”Centurion” must have done some work on Chevies as well.In the late 90’s I had like a 95 Chev crew cab shortbox 4 x 4 diesel half ton !.The quality of the coachwork was top notch,and I never had a moments grief from the non remarkeable GM diesel of that era.The thing got more attention than my musclecars,and I sold it for exactly what I paid ,3 years,and 30.000 miles later.

  5. Bubba5

    Wonder what those black spots are along the bottom….

    • Nevadahalfrack Nevadahalfrack Member

      Running lights-required back in the day by some states on this size truck, though these were probably more decorative than not since they’re not on top of the cab as well.

      • David

        They’re not black spot there marker lights take a closer look at the truck and you’ll see what they do

  6. Larry

    I owned a 1985 Ford Centurian Cabriolet for 21 years. This one here is the flat top version. Mine was the cabriolet version which had a higher roof with sky lights. I bought mine in January 1995 and sold it in June of 2016. Mine had 2 doors on the passenger side which made it easier to get in the back, instead of walking between the captain chair. My cabriolet was all original with the 460 engine and c6 auto trans.

    I wish now that I hadn’t sold it. I transported antique and classic cars with it and it was a power house going up in the mountains. I am now looking for another one should anyone here know where one is.

  7. James Lee

    I bought this from Fred Jones Ford in OKC in 1985. I gave $10k cash and a 1982 Chevrolet diesel crewcab dually. The quality control on this, especially the wiring, was almost non-existent. It was a head turner. This was taken at that old truck stop in Joplin MO right after I got it.

  8. Mike

    Is this a 4×4

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