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1984 Maserati Biturbo: Cheap Italian


I have a sad infatuation with these cheap Maserati Biturbos. I don’t know if it’s due to my general affection for most ’80s imports or that I think the combination of turbocharged power with a manual transmission and super comfy seats is hard to beat. You can’t miss the obvious, though, that cars like this example on eBay with no reserve and bidding over $1,000 are labors of love and will test the patience of the most dedicated Maser enthusiast. With under 45,000 miles on the clock, this Biturbo may in fact have some life left to give the next owner, but it’s still been handled roughly as the broken bumper trim, headlight buckets and tail light lenses suggest. At the very least, it was not stored safely. The seller notes (and shows via the stamped maintenance booklet) that this car was loved when it was bought new and “meticulously maintained” ever since. That’s a claim that will require an in-person inspection to validate. Is anyone else with me that this could be a fun project if the price doesn’t go any higher?


  1. Dolphin Member

    I had a ride in a car exactly like this one back when it was new. It looked terrific from the passenger’s seat, especially all that Italian leather and wood. The only thing I didn’t care for was the big square instrument binnacle. It went pretty well for only 2.5 liters, so you knew the twin turbos were doing their job.

    I guess if I was ever going to buy one it could be this one, bid to only about $1K with less than 2 days to go. We’ll see whether the seller lets the auction run to the end. Message to seller: just because you took 5 similar photos from the same spot doesn’t mean you have to upload all 5.

    Coming from Utah and then CA it’s probably not rusty, but I wouldn’t buy it without first talking to someone who knows these cars well and then checking out the parts situation. These were not successful when new, so you would want to know whether parts are still available and whether there’s any support for them left now. You wouldn’t want to have the car sit in the garage because some essential part is unobtamium. That, and I’d want to check out that hood that’s sprung on the right side.

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  2. MIkeG

    I have an ’89 Spyder, very few problems other than fusebox issues, which many 80’s European cars had. The 1984 model with it’s pressurized carburetor and cylinder liner problem were a handful, but if you have the ability to work on them, after those things are sorted, they can be a lot of fun to own.

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  3. Jeff Staff

    It strikes me as a car that was likely garaged even when not used (the interior speaks to that) but just bumped into a lot, hence the broken trim. Could be a good buy if it stays cheap.

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  4. randy

    When I worked at an independent shop in the Dallas, Tx area, two of our “technicians”
    took one out for a session in abuse, Brought it back and the exhaust manifold was glowing red hot. These goobers through ICE on it to cool it off. Guess what happened next? That shop had all kinds of horror stories like that. I had to go somewhere else.

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  5. AK CarNut

    I’ve two. I’d not trade unless it was huge $ because once sorted they’re a gas to drive, well supported and still affordable. These were $50k plus DeTomaso cars. I think they’re one of the best kept secrets in the enthusiast community. Especially when you price compare to BMW, Lancia, Alfa, Citrone, Ferrari of the same era.

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  6. alan

    Freshly reupholstered drivers seat, though probably in vinyl. Nice back up light lenses and bulbs.
    I doubt the seller really knows what meticulous maintenance means. Not driven much since 1986.

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  7. Andrew M

    Actually, I’d say this car was stored outside, and most likely without a window or two. The interior is just too beat up for a car with 45K on it. Every leather surface is worn or torn, with the exception of the drivers seat which has clearly been repadded & reupholstered. Even the door panels hint at some water damage in spots. Despite the extensive dealer detailing job, this vehicle just reeks of a car with 145K on the clock, or more. I see pandora’s box with this one.

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    • Alan (Michigan)


      No car I know of would have a back seat, or a RF seat, or a console elbow pad, which looked like these do after 45K careful “one owner” miles. Unless there were always 3 big, rambunctious dogs along for every drive.
      Crinkled front, missing trim items…= nothing meticulous about the care this car has received. I think someone is just really good at applying lipstick to a survivor from the sty. Plenty of surprises waiting for the top bidder.

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  8. Bobsmyuncle

    Did I miss it or did the seller not even point out the hood issue?

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  9. Dan h

    Geez, look at that engine compartment! Looks like spaghetti! I’d figure out a way to sort out all the tubing & cables, it would look way better organized.

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  10. Robert

    First thing I always check on a claimed low mileage car is that the odometer numbers are in a perfectly straight line….these aren’t

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  11. George

    Well maintained? Econo battery? Rough!

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