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1984 Saab 900: No Winters


There are two things common to New England: Saabs and rust. For whatever reason, the Yankee culture finds Saabs and Volvos quite endearing, so it’s not uncommon to find elderly versions of both marques still roaming around. However, the salt we lather on our roads from November until April doesn’t do anything for their life expectancy, which is why this 1984 Saab 900 here on craigslist in Maine is a breath of fresh air. In one of the photos, you can see clearly that the car wears Arizona license plates, so my guess is it was bought there and shipped, or the seller winters in the dry and sunny western state (not surprising considering how much lower the taxes are compared to the northeast). The car sports a mere 63,000 miles, so it’s had an easy life – though the automatic is a downer, it likely indicates many years of relaxed cruising. Hopefully, it’s never exposed to a single New England winter. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Olaf E. for the find.


  1. Matt Tritt

    I bought one of these for my wife years ago. I love the design and concept. On the other hand, the non-turbo automatic – like this one – is a complete dog on the hills and freeway onramps. Very disappointing for such a great looking automobile!

  2. Cassidy

    I wonder about the AZ license plates: how can a car from 1984 be “historic”?? Nice car tho

    • Jason

      “how can a car from 1984 be “historic”??”

      Because in most states, historic plates may be issued to vehicles older than 25 years. (This one is 31 years old.)

      [Although the AZ plate in question appears to be from 1977, so who knows.]

  3. Jasper

    Looks really nice but those automatic transaxle a were crap.


    The AZ plate (with 2015 stickers) may explain why the car hasn’t seen snow…

  5. Andre LaPlante

    Hey Everyone,

    I am the owner of this saab. Let me tell you more about it to answer some questions.This car has NEVER driven in the snow…here is the back story. The original owner bought it in 1984 brand new in Oregon. He was a doctor in AZ and flew up to Oregon, drove it straight down to AZ and was a car for his elderly mother from 84-90. She had a long term care event and the car sat with 50k on it in his garage in AZ until 2013. A family member of the doctor restored it back to running condition and I bought from him. I drove it around AZ for 1.5 years and then moved back to New England in January of this year. I towed the saab with a cover behind my moving truck. Was in a garage this winter and have been cruising around this summer in it.

    It truly is in amazing shape. The interior is immaculate. It is an automatic and a non turbo, but ive driven it all around new england including the highways without any issue. It does have a historic plate from AZ but haven’t registered it here yet (taking my chances).

    It does need a new heater core ($100 part plus 2 hrs. labor). But I wouldn’t drive it in the winter anyway so I never repaired it. It purrs like a saab should, having owned a few myself over the years. Other than the heater core it is ready to drive home. I need to pay for graduate school and I have 2 kids under 2 years old so I cant justify having 3 cars. If I didn’t have to commute 75 miles per day I would keep this car in a heart beat.

    Reply to the craigslist ad if you would like to talk more. Thanks


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