1985 Mercury Grand Marquis LS Colony Park

Wagonnnnns Hoooooo.. This 1985 Mercury Grand Marquis LS Colony Park wagon is almost as long as its name is and it would have been quite an upgrade from a covered wagon in the old western tv show, Wagon Train. This luxury wagon can be found here on eBay in Harrisonburg, Virginia. The current bid price is $3,050 as I write this and the reserve isn’t met yet. How high will this high-roller wagon go?

The sixth-generation Colony Park wagon would be the last for Mercury and they’re the ones that most of us remember, even though the last one was made in December of 1990 for the 1991 model year.

This example looks absolutely fantastic and wait until you see the interior. It was a two-Kleenex weep-for-joy when I saw that beautiful red leather. But, before we get to the front passenger compartment, here’s where the kiddies or your mother-in-law will ride on the Grand Canyon road trip. The others will ride in the back seat, which looks as great as everything else on this car does. The underside looks rock solid, despite being in a non-desert area, unless Virginia state has changed considerably since my high school geography classes.

The interior is worth the price just by itself, but I’m a sucker for a red interior. The seats show some age but so do I and these seats are 23 years newer than I am, so just imagine. This beauty has a mere 61,000 miles on it, or an average of fewer than 1,800 miles a year since it rolled out of the factory. They say that the seats have been redyed which is something that I have never done, have any of you done that? If so, were you happy with the results?

This hose-encrusted engine is Ford’s 302 V8 which would have had 140 hp and 250 lb-ft of torque. Most of the engine gaskets and seals have been replaced recently as have all of the transmission seals and a lot of other maintenance work has been done on this ride. I don’t know what their reserve is, but this sure would be a great road trip car. Have any of you owned a Colony Park wagon from this era?


  1. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    Great looking wagon! Having had all that work done to the engine and trans is a big plus and the mileage is very low for the year. The condition is outstanding and considering the work recently done, the seller might have a high reserve. It seems pristine, low-mileage examples can fetch up to $10,000 so it will be interesting to see how high this one goes.

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  2. CanuckCarGuy

    Growing up my parents had a ’79…but in a butter-cream colour. It was the family pride and joy when new, and I remember dad using shoe polish on the “woodgrain” every year to keep it looking fresh. It was replaced in ’88 by a Taurus wagon…sadly, woodgrain was no longer de rigueur by that time.

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  3. Arby


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    • John B

      “Honky lips” in shoe polish on rear side window…I’m feelin’ it!!

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  4. Joe H

    My parents had this car, metallic blue with a blue interior. It would have been an 80 or 81. I wrapped it around a telephone pole when I was about 17.

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    • John B

      With handling on par with riding a circus elephant, I can believe that story.

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  5. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    I can’t imagine that smog-choked 302 provides much grunt for that land yacht. But I’m on a Detroit luxo-barge kick right now, so I give it an enthusiastic thumbs up.

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    • FarmerBoy

      Mother taught me how to drive in her 1965 Merc wagon. Got my license on the first try including parallel parking in fall of 66. Her’s was black with a nice tan interior. Looked pretty much like this one twenty years earlier.

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    • Wayne Moyer

      I own an ’86 Ford Country Squire with the 302 and you would be surprised by how well it moves. ’86 is the first year for fuel injection which helps a lot. The AOD works well in it too. I’m not trying to see if I can beat any fox body mustangs but it will merge on a highway with modern cars which it shouldn’t with that limited horsepower.

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  6. Keith

    Griswalds vacation mobile

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  7. Bakyrdhero

    We’ve had this debate before. When it come to these Merc wagons and their Ford counter parts, I for one prefer the 87 and up facelift. Anyone else? Not taking away from this car though, this one is a beauty.

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  8. Chas358 Chasman358

    Land yacht is correct Rex. The 140 HP 302 might not accelerate hard, but you could cruise in comfort with this old girl. 👍

  9. WR Hall

    I had an 83 Coleny Park, it looked half decent but was mechanicly GONE. TOTAL POS.

  10. YourSoundMan

    “Oh Rusty, could you wake up Grandma please…” 😄

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  11. Andrew Franks

    Scotty, this car has been around the block. 6 previous owners, 6 different states including the East Coast, which means it needs to get up in the air to look at its bones (underneath) to make sure all that pretty doesn’t mask a rotten chassis. I’m not suggesting anything, I’m just being cautious. With that many owners and States of residence the mileage doesn’t feel right. I would believe 160,000 some odd miles with the car’s history. But if it’s for real, jump on it. Wagons are terrific.

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    • M A Kellogg

      Mileage is real, both Auto Check and Car Fax verified. Total undercarriage only has surface rust. Chassis is rock solid.
      6 owners – Yup – 2 were dealers – 1 had car for 4 weeks,

    • William Paul Maceri

      I am surprised at this point in time how many of you guys feel the same as I do about wagons, especially Ford wagons. We had Ford and Chrysler wagons when I was growing up and the Fords seemed to out last the Chryslers. When I got older I found a 75 Colony Park 9 passenger 460 4 barrel equipped with every a available option. The ATC was po we ered by vacuum motors that would wezz and cry as the system adjusted itself, but it worked great until I would take it up to the Sierras where the air was thin. I loved that wagon (that was it’s name), and while I no longer have it, I still love it today. It was beautiful inside and out, I kept it in great condition and it was as much a part of the family as I am. I have no need for a wagon today, but if you do, jump on this Colony Park while you can. Like me you will drive it everywhere you go, and it will always bring you back.

  12. Don Dimble

    Man my buddy had this car in the 90’s. We (less than lovingly) called it the Valdez; it leaked so much oil. This one looks sorted, but I’d carry a piece of cardboard if you plan to park in your neighbors’ driveway. My buddy wished he did.

  13. Mike Wick

    Beautiful car, and wagons are really gaining popularity these days. I grew up driving my parents Chevy wagons, wood siding and roof racks. We had a new one every 2 years because it was a company car. Hated them as a kid because they were so uncool, until I realized I could pack a bunch of friends inside to go cruising on the weekends. If I had a bigger garage and a bigger wallet, I’d be all over this!

  14. George mattar

    A much better alternative to today’s ugly and no space SUVs, which can carry only 4 to 5 people and a bowling ball. I grew up in station wagons. Miss them.

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  15. Del

    Not bad for a Colostomy Park

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  16. TouringFordor

    I have had three Country Squires, two ’83s and an ’85. Loved them. The ’85 pulled a popup camper from SW Ohio to Nova Scotia and back without missing a beat. Finally retired it when it had 300k miles on it.

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  17. Ray

    I had a 72 Colony Park, with a 429 ci , Gold with fake wood trim!

  18. chrlsful

    “…Have any of you owned a Colony Park wagon from this era?”
    No but lookin for the same car (LTD/Marquis – yrs, wagon, etc) only the fox-bodied

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