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1986 Toyota “Custom Cab” Pickup

Although today we take for granted that extended cab and four-door pickup trucks are the norms, there was a time when it was far harder to find extra space in a pickup truck at your local dealer. It was even more of a challenge if you were hunting for an import, and the aftermarket had to step up to create the needed space for drivers who carted more than just themselves. This 1986 Toyota “Custom Cab” pickup is one such creation, made even more unusual for its long bed. Find it here on craigslist for $12,000.

The Toyota is located in Richmond, Virginia, and the seller claims it is all original with the factory SR5 package. I would agree with his assessment that the long bed is rare to see on one of these unusual conversions, as the few that turn up usually have the shorter bed option. The looks are downright unusual, with the bump-out behind the front doors reminiscent of a tractor-trailer cab’s sleeping quarters.

Even stranger is the conversion company went through the effort of adding the extra space but not adding two more doors. Fortunately, the rear seat area is quite generous, so passengers get to enjoy plenty of legroom even if having their own doors wasn’t an option. The seats are in good shape upholstery-wise, and despite the custom touches to the body, the rest of the interior is standard Toyota fare. Thankfully, it’s equipped with a manual gearbox.

The bed is a bit of a question mark. The seller doesn’t reference it directly, but that’s an awful lot of surface rust. I’m sure it’s broken through in places, and it’s a curiosity (to me, at least) considering the rest of the cab seems to be rust-free. It’s possible the bed was left exposed while the rest of the truck sheltered undercover, but regardless, it’s worth asking the seller about whether a new bed will be required. Overall, a collectible and functional Toyota that deserves all the love it can get.


  1. 8thNote 8thNote

    Looks like it may have had a plastic bed liner that allowed moisture to collect and stay trapped underneath.

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  2. angliagt angliagt Member

    That thing must be 20 feet long!Must be fun
    finding a parking place downtown.
    If I were interested in buying this,I’d have an
    inspection done on the underside.
    I recently bought a truck in that area of Virginia,
    & found more rust the more I look.

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  3. Howard A Member

    Good copy on the pickup with a “sin bin”,,Looks silly as heck, and not sure why they had to put “Custom Cab”, kind of obvious. It’s great, I’ve long said, these were great trucks, but just no room inside. Even the stock extended cab wasn’t much bigger. Sorry, got news for ya’, if the floor of the box looks like that, the rest of the underside, I’m sure, is shot. I’d like to see how they extended the frame too. I bet it was nice when new.

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  4. Little_Cars

    I’m sorry, not a $12k truck just because it has that “customization/goofy alteration.” Limited use, and for those people who know these trucks, the bed is a project that’ll get you in the hole even further.

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  5. Art

    I remember seeing these on the lot at Evan’s Toyota in Fort Wayne, Indiana when I was a kid. I thought they were pretty cool back then. By todays standards, it does look a bit awkward…. but I like cars that are rare…. so I think it is still cool!

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  6. Mitchell Gildea Member

    The bed is a bit more than a question mark. More like a few question marks and a couple of exclamation points

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  7. Cam

    “Located in Richmond, VA”? Where you getting that?

  8. Jonathan Ard

    I sold Toyotas back then … the long-bed truck had serious handling problems – it would get “squirrelly,” especially on wet roads … it also came in a turbo version which gave drivers more power and speed which increased the vulnerability to skew from side to side … I know – I got a speeding ticket in a “demo” because it was so much fun to drive …

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  9. Comet

    12K? HARD PASS! Look at the bed on that rust bucket.

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  10. Rj

    I liked them back then, and I like them now. I always thought the short bed Custom Cab made these way to long to do much off road. The same thing only longer, well that just might get high centered climbing the transition from the drive to the garage. It does look cool, and would look great decked out as an over lander. We all know the farthest this would go off road is into the grass next to the drive so you could wash your Bison.

  11. cmarv

    The beds were manufactured and installed in the US . The A/C and radios were also installed here , it saved on import taxes . I have a one owner rust free 124k mile 86 regular cab 4×4 that will be on E Bay soon . These little trucks are like gold now . I’m thinking of selling my 07 40k mile FJ too , they are going for crazy prices too . I think the seller will get close to his price . JMO.

  12. Glenn Schwass Member

    They rusted just being here in the North so I’d crawl all over it with a magnet and go from there. The bed is nothing if frame supports and rockers are good. I wish they had engine pics, but I’d take it if solid. You NEVER see them here.

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  13. Adam

    The body didn’t rust because the custom cab portion is fiberglass.

    I have 5 custom cabs myself. It’s a bad addiction

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