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0-60 In Under 5 Seconds: 1991 Goben Cobra

Shelby Cobra replicas are not uncommon, there have been various versions of the iconic sports car created over the years. A “Goben” branded one, however, is a new one on me but fortunately, we have one for review. Located in Las Vegas, Nevada is this likely 1991 model that is available, here on craigslist for $25,000. Thanks to rex m for this most interesting find!

The Goben Cobra was produced by Dan Goben’s G. Cobra Cars of Madison, Wisconsin. Goben owned a Chevrolet dealership and used his business connections to source Chevrolet engines for his Cobra replicas though there was a Ford 351 Cobra-Jet engine available too. The undercarriage and suspension were scavenged from a Ford Mustang and there were some GM “J” car parts thrown in for good measure. Goben’s operation handled the manufacture of the fiberglass bodies. According to, only fifteen Goben Cobras were produced in 1991 before a lawsuit, filed by Carroll Shelby, brought the short-lived production to an end. The listing claims this Cobra as a 1967 model but that’s not possible. I have found several examples on various websites with model years of ’90, ’91, and ’92. The total production volume of fifteen sounds suspect but I cannot find corroborating or contrary information.

Power appears to be a 350 CI, Chevrolet V8 engine, supposedly a 365 HP variant – the seller isn’t specific but that’s the more powerful of the two Chevrolet engines offered and it works through a three-speed automatic transmission. The seller provides no information regarding this Cobra’s operating prowess other than to say it “runs drives”.

The interior has an early ’90s “chunky” vibe to it with some of the components reportedly boosted from the Cadillac Cimarron. The lighting of the image causes the upholstery to appear as being blue but I believe it to be black in actuality. Both seats obviously need some attention but the rest of the environment presents itself well enough. The instrument panel looks like it was borrowed from a boat.

NOT the subject car, just an example of how the Goben Cobra appears top-up.

There is only one image of the exterior presented and it’s not that telling. That being the case, for your review, I found an image of a Goben Cobra in top-up mode. Critics have described the Goben Cobra as the “worst”, “butt ugly” and an “aesthetic abomination”. I don’t think that I would go that far but from other images that I could find, this Goben does have a squished together bearing about itself. There is a removable top in place that doesn’t help with the lines of the car – it’s too tall and not a design that flows effortlessly – but it’s not all that bad either. Nevertheless, the sale subject looks to be in nice condition in terms of its finish and fiberglass integrity.

So the Goben Cobra is rare but apparently not in a valuable way. And since acquiring a real deal Shelby Cobra is beyond the reach of most mortal men and women you could buy this replica on the relative cheap. And then again, if a Cobra scratches your itch, you could also buy a Shelby authorized reproduction that’s been produced by a reputable manufacturer. Though still expensive, it is probably a better way to go, don’t you think?


  1. b-rad jeepster

    I worked for a goben of this family and I didn’t like any of them. scammers and golddigger.

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    • Dan Goben

      Why did you work there than? I see you cashed the paychecks. Did you ever have the confidence to manufacture anything? I doubt it.

  2. daniel wright

    It looks like a child made a crayon mashup with the front end of a Cobra and the back end of a Mazda Miata. Butt Ugly is too kind on this one.

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  3. Skorzeny


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  4. Bob johnson

    The worst I have ever seen, body door lines aren’t even close. I built a factory five cobra years ago and I was into it for 23k, at least the F5 looked proper. I am sure Schelby was suing them more on bad taste..

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  5. Car Nut

    I bought one years ago and did some modifications to the rear (not difficult) the car drives better then any other Cobra replica I have driven.. if your looking for a reliable driver this it.. If I wanted another one I would grab this one..

  6. Richard M Richer

    Comin’ and Goben?

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  7. Larry salcido

    I own the Goben cobra posted on craigslist.if anyone else needs pictures or more info call or text me at 951.329.6870. my name is Larry salcido. And I can send you pictures if you are interested in the car. Enjoy life and happy new year everyone.

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  8. David

    This car ( I won’t call it a Cobra ) looks like a cross between a whatchamacallit and whatever.
    The flare on the front fenders are way off kilter, and the rear of the car does remind one of a Mazda Miata, and the cockpit is way out there along with all the gauges, the speedometer isnt counter clock wise and that four barrel carburetor looks like it’s got rust written all over it.
    Put a real Cobra or factory five along side it and you’ll see the difference right away! Thanks but no thanks!

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  9. chrlsful

    I’d like 2C the frnt dress on that motor, looks a lill odd. I C an idler pulley, ele fan, wish I hada better look~

    Now U have ur answer Jim (majority of the comments).

  10. Big Al

    Just wrong ! And then put a chevy engine in it…????? GOBEN…??? More like. GOOBER!

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