EXCLUSIVE: 1992 Chevrolet Camaro RS 25th Anniversary

There’s no denying that some restoration projects are more straightforward than others. This 1992 Camaro RS definitely leans towards the easier end of the scale because it has no significant issues or problems. With a healthy V8 under the hood and no rust for the buyer to tackle, it seems to need little more than some cosmetic work to be returned to its former glory. If that sounds too tempting to resist, you will find the RS located in Marietta, Georgia, and listed for sale here on Barn Finds Classifieds. The owner has set the sale price at $15,000 OBO.

This Camaro is a clean car that presents well as it currently stands. The custom White paint wears a few blemishes and marks, but there’s nothing that I would class as horrendous. The paint holds a nice shine, and for those potential buyers seeking instant gratification, they could drive it as it stands with no sense of shame. The front spoiler has a few cracks, but these look like they are repairable. New replacements are easy to find, but finding a professional who can fix the existing spoiler should potentially be more cost-effective. I wouldn’t waste that sort of effort on the grille because new ones are easy to find for under $50. The panels appear straight, with gaps that are tight and consistent. The big news with this classic is its structural condition. There is no evidence of exterior rust, while the owner says that the underside is clean. A T-Top should make life pretty pleasant on those warmer days, and the alloy wheels are in good order. The hood scoop isn’t original, but it does appear to serve a purpose as you are about to see.

Lifting the Camaro’s hood reveals the 305ci V8 that is hooked to a 4-speed automatic transmission. Life behind the wheel is made slightly easier by the inclusion of power steering and power brakes. This V8 would have produced 170hp when new, but I would be willing to wager that the figure may now be a bit higher. The owner has fitted a more efficient air cleaner setup and judging by its height. I suspect that it protrudes beyond the standard hood line. That means that there’s probably a hole in the hood that would allow the 305 to gulp plenty of cold fresh air. Getting the spent gases out falls to a racing exhaust system, and with the engine breathing better, it will undoubtedly have awakened a few additional ponies. If this is right, it should easily better the factory ¼ mile figure of 16.5 seconds. There’s no point having power on tap if the car can’t get it to the road. To this end, the owner has fitted the transmission with a shift kit, and he has updated the shocks to make the car more surefooted. All of this work suggests that this would be an entertaining classic for anyone lucky enough to slip behind the wheel.

There are a couple of very obvious custom touches when we look inside this Camaro, but it won’t be the end of the world if they aren’t to your taste. The wheel will probably polarize opinions, but the owner includes the original for those who aren’t fans. He has also installed a pretty impressive stereo with amps and subwoofers. It should be capable of rattling windows easily, but the factory unit comes with the Camaro for those seeking a more stock appearance. The front seats wear slipcovers, but it appears that what hides beneath is in good condition. The remaining upholstery shows no evidence of problems, nor do the dash or console. In reality, it is a tidy interior that seems to need nothing. As well as a T-Top, it is equipped with air conditioning, power windows, power mirrors, and cruise control.

The 1992 model year marked the 25th Anniversary of the Camaro nameplate, and it was also the final year of the 3rd Generation model. These cars should never be underestimated because they almost certainly saved the Camaro name from disappearing into oblivion. The last of the 2nd Generation cars were high on visual cues but lacked the performance credentials for which the badge was renowned. Chevrolet could have taken the easy path and retired the Camaro, but instead, they came back with a car that clawed back some of that former glory through clever engineering and advanced aerodynamics. While they spent years being largely ignored by the classic community, it appears that those days are now behind it. After years of stagnation, values have begun to climb slowly but steadily. That means that now might not be a bad time to consider parking this RS in your garage. If the current trends continue, you could come out looking like a winner at the end of the day. It’s certainly a point to ponder.


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  1. 19sixty5 Member

    $15k? More like $1500, this car is trashed. I’m not even going to discuss the steering wheel…

    Like 12
    • Melton Mooney

      A clean 87 iroc sold for $56,000 on BAT last week, so for the next few weeks you can expect every crack smokin’ thirdgen owner with a smartphone to put his car up for sale for big bux.

  2. Ralph

    No thanks, the Pep Boys add ons are enough to convince me to keep looking.YMMV.

    Like 10
  3. KC John

    Looks like JC Whitney was the last owner. A velocity stack on a 305? I’m sure this thing has always been treated gently. Lol. Pass.

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    • Tony Carter

      I understand some people are bad with numbers.But seeing someone that can’t spell either like sixty-five & fifteen. That’s your typical wannabe l built nine(9) 3rd generation cameras not only are my cars extensively clean,,they are very fast..pep boys are pretty boys..SUMMIT RACING EQUIPMENT,,ROCKET RACING ARE BUILT FOR 💪 SPEED…TRY & CATCH BOYS !!!!!

      Like 1
      • 19sixty5 Member

        Can’t spell, eh? Wannabe? I’m college-educated, 69 years old and have owned over 130 cars last time we tried to count, restored and modified the majority of them. My comment is quite simple to understand, (maybe not for you apparently) the guy is asking way too much for a clapped out third gen Camaro. Apparently most here agree. Have a nice day. Oh, and speaking of spelling, good luck with your “cameras”

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  4. Dewey Grimes

    You have got to be kidding me!

    Like 3
  5. Raymond

    Its a guido car, an air cleaner will not improve power, racing exhaust???…its smoke and mirrors here, its for the Joisey set…Excusive?…get ur heads out ur ass…

    Like 4
  6. Mike H.

    I had a 92 and loved it and am in the market for another but at this price and what I see this ain’t it.

    Like 2
  7. Tony Carter

    Price is negotiable,,for serious inquiries only..Holla back at a Chevy-man……

  8. Darron

    I have a 92 RS convertible, purple with silver stripes- all original. I inherited it when my brother passed away.
    Needs a fuel pump but not an easy task. Most people cut a hole in the trunk .
    Gonna restore the car , keep it original and it probably won’t be worth over 3500 but it does have sentimental value

  9. Tony Carter

    Follow your heart fellow 3rd generation. This is my 9th build of 3rd. gen. Cameros,there two ways to fix your problem,,your way and the harder way..(done both)Don’t sell it keep it there’s to much personal commitment with what you have…as they say cruise till the wheels fall off..Blessings in your future Darron.

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