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1992 Chevrolet Caprice Nomad?

There are quite a few “kits” that can turn your late-model vehicle into a classic such as the one here that transforms your 1990s Thunderbird into a mid-century Shoebox Ford. I’ve never seen a Chevy Caprice Nomad though! This one is from 1992 and a quick internet search shows quite a few of these conversions done. However, most of the conversions posted online appear to be delivery conversions (no rear windows), but not very many are “Nomads” like this one. It can be found here on eBay with a current bid of $10,000 and is located in West Bend, Wisconsin. Check out this conversation piece for yourself.

I’m assuming the fins and hood are fiberglass units. The hood bullets look very similar to tri-five Chevys but still seem oddly out of place. There is also a tri-five emblem mounted on the lower grille section.

The engine is a 5.0 liter V8 backed by an automatic transmission. According to the ad, the car has just over 64,000 miles.

The interior is pretty standard for a Caprice with upgraded two-tone upholstery. The seller says that the interior will need some attention to make it perfect. It features third-row seating with a cargo area, so there’s plenty of room for friends and family.

As you might expect, the rear “Bel Air” trim is airbrushed. It’s done really well and at a distance, probably fools some people. Overall, this is kind of a bizarre conversion, although a pretty unique one that is well executed. What do you think of these late model classics?


  1. Bakyrdhero Bakyrdhero Member

    This is different. As much as I’m tired of seeing black, white and silver cars dominate the roads, I do think this car, with its burgundy and white interior would look better in anyone of those colors.

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  2. Fred

    This is one of those where you got to scroll back up and go wait what?
    Love it tho

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  3. mike

    You are kidding right??

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  4. bobhess bobhess Member

    Nicely done. Not going to see too many of these cars running around. Would be an attention getter at the local weekend car show.

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  5. KC John Member

    I can appreciate the concept. The rear looks pretty good. That.hood looks pretty goofy though IMHO.

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  6. CraigR

    Just because something can be done doesn’t mean it should be. LOL

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    • MIke

      Took the words right out of my mouth.

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  7. Jay E. Member

    The wheels look way to small for the huge ass end.

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    • Psychofish2

      They were just as bad new without all that junk plastered on them.

      Like a whale on roller skates.

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  8. JustPassinThru

    That’s so over-the-top, I like it.

    I’d be a bidder at $5k. I expect that’s a car I’d tire of, and have a hard time selling, down the road.

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  9. DSteele

    just, nope

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  10. Joe Haska

    I don’t believe it myself, but I almost like it. I agree it would probably be a short love affair, but it does make me smile.

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  11. alphasud Member

    I believe this would be a perfect match for the C5 corvettes that are made to look like a 58.

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  12. Dave

    What a waste of perfectly good paint.

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  13. RMac

    Interesting would have thought more would have been done to the nose other than the hood spears to make it look more period correct like open grill and Dagestan

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  14. RMac

    Dagmars not Dagestan stupid spell check

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  15. Steve

    My mother used to say “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”

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    • Beel

      I agree, but am going to speak anyway. From the side, it looks like it’s straining to take a dump.

  16. princeofprussia

    I’m afraid it’s a pass for me. Nomad? More like, “NO! Are you MAD?!!”

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  17. jetfire88

    Anybody see any rear doors?

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    • Psychofish2

      Bet it’s a contortionist’s nightmare to get into the back seats.

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    • nlpnt

      Not yet but you’ll never be able to unsee them in a couple years when the Bondo starts to crack. Even without the other mods, filled-in rear doors or even filled-in rear door handles are a hard pass from me.

  18. RMac

    No Mas! No Mas! No mad
    LOL to eat their own but most times customizing limits the market for real sale

  19. Jay McCarthy

    It’s too bad it’s a 305 that wasn’t enough engine for that car. I do like the conversion except the hood, there had to be a better way

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  20. Troy

    I like it, its one that is sure to cause accidents around you because people will see it out of the corner of their eye then turn to get a better look as they crash into the car in font of them

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    • Keith

      So then maybe you think they should rename it an Allstate Mayhem?

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  21. Chris

    Nice but not for me

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  22. Psychofish2


    That generation Caprice would have made a better base for a ’48 Hudson.

    Ugh. Bad enough the bloated thing rode on the trim, taut bones of the downsized ’77 Chevrolet Impala/Caprice, but to hang all that crap on it is criminal.

    • jetfire88

      Many years ago, shortly after the introduction of the ’91 Caprice, I ran across an article about the design process. It said that they pasted a full size side-view pic of a ’49 Nash Ambassador on the wall as inspiration.

      The ’91Caprice was a very faithful rendition of that pic, even to the grille and wheelwells.

  23. MGSteve

    I guess I’ve been following BF for a couple years. To that point, this has to be the winner of my own personal contest for the Most Fugly* Car I’ve ever seen.
    *Fugly, btw, is a term I learned from BF. Thank You. My first opportunity to use it.

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  24. Juke Of Earl

    In the 80s, I met an engineer who made a body kit for an RX7…I think. I always wonder how many of those kits he could possibly sell? I’ve never seen any except his own.

    I kind of like those T-Birds with the Shoebox front and rear.

    This, not so much. Seems like a lot of time and money to create something that most people don’t care for.

  25. George Birth

    Nice looking wagon . Wild design!! I would love to buy this one but it’s too expensive for my pocketbook.

  26. PairsNPaint

    To each his own. Comments seem pretty evenly split yea/nay. Personally, I like it, though I’d lose the hood and move the early Chev emblem up into the grill where the bowtie is. Would have to redo the interior in a different color, too.

  27. JimmyinTEXAS

    It has had 5 owners. I wonder how many after the “conversion”?

  28. Big C

    This thing would perfectly pair with the Fiero Ferrari featured in BF a week or so ago.

  29. 86_Vette_Convertible

    This is one of those projects where you can respect the work done on it but not care for the project in and of itself. Sorry, I don’t care for it and wouldn’t spend any money on it except as a parts car.

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  30. local_sheriff

    IMO it doesn’t look bad at all though I’m not really sure I’d own it myself. At least it looks alot better than this Caprice-to-’65Impala conversion:

    I’m one of those who actually think the ’91-’96 Caprice wagons and derivatives look perfectly good already from the factory with that ‘whale-on-wheels’ look, and together with the ’94-’96 Impala SS represent one of very few interesting 90s designs that will be worthy collector car status in the future

  31. Tim

    Embarrassingly awful.

  32. V8roller

    Well I’m afraid I rather like it, or at least the side and rear. Like a gigantic Pacer.
    Needs to lose those original plastic headlamps though.

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