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1995 Dodge Dakota SLT: 40K Original Miles


I’m going to make a statement I’ll likely catch some heat for: not every barn find needs to be layered in dust, dung and detritus in order for it to be worthy of being profiled. The idea of a barn find – in my opinion, anyway – could be the discovery of a car or truck carefully stored away with the intent of keeping it idled for safe-keeping. And even more importantly, a barn find could be 10 years old or 100. That’s why this 39,000-mile Dodge Dakota here on eBay and spotted by Barn Finds reader Charles H. is featured here today.


A barn find can certainly be a rough-around-the-edges project, but it could also be a special survivor. I happen to think the value of a survivor should rise when one considers the attrition rate for a similar vehicle. Take this Dakota, for instance – how many were simply used as beater workhorses and are now available dirt cheap? Almost everyone you see. Plus, few are as well-optioned as this one. In another 25 years, we’ll be salivating over the build sheet like we did for the ’78 Dodge Power Wagon.


While we will always be your destination for the forgotten classics just waiting to be discovered, we also want to be sure to include those special cars and trucks that either take you back in time or help round out a growing collection. To me, this generation of the Dakota is one of the best there is, and this low-mileage example is loaded with the 5.2L V8, disc brakes and aluminum wheels. I can’t remember the last time I saw one that looked this good or had an interior in such excellent condition.


The impressive detailing and other cosmetic qualities carries through to the undercarriage, where the truck appears free from any major corrosion and has obviously received some gnarly new Cooper tires. Of course, vehicles like these beg the question of whether one uses it as intended or keeps it preserved inside the garage. Bidding is quite active after the first listing was pulled – it’s up to over $7,000 with no reserve, and the auction is open for the next 7 days. Would you take home this Dakota, or is just too new?


  1. Avatar photo Steve

    Great find, thank you

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  2. Avatar photo Rob

    Too new to feature, If this site turns into Auto Trader, I’m out.

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  3. Avatar photo Barry T

    Thanks for posting this.

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  4. Avatar photo Dan

    I don’t consider this a barn find. It wasn’t some abandoned forgotten vehicle. This is just a mid nineties pickup with low mileage. It has been detailed to hell by a dealer that is just trying to get the most he can for it. Nothing special about this. Vehicles like this from the mid nineties are just used cars and a dime a dozen. This truck has been kept in a garage since new. Big deal. I garage my 2011 Hyundai every night too. Doesn’t make it a barn find.

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  5. Avatar photo Glen

    It’s in great shape, but I wonder who, if anyone, decides what’s appropriate for this site. (Barn Finds). I guess those that created it have the final say. I don’t consider this truck a “barn find”. It is simply a really well maintained used truck. It might be an idea to start a second site that features quality, but not “barn find”, vehicles.

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  6. Avatar photo jim s

    seller has 9 vehicles on ebay, some more then 25 years old, all interesting. this is a loaded truck, and if you look at what it would cost to get something new like this, it seems like a good deal. right truck in right size with right cab and 4wd, i would want a manual but there is no used truck factory so i can not order what i want, in great shape. i would put the truck to work. to much money ( over $5000 ) to be posted on the creditcardclassic.com site. great find

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  7. Avatar photo Howard A Member

    These were great trucks. I had an ’88 with a ton of miles, and my brother had one like this (only 2 wheel drive) also, with well over 200K. While I don’t care for the V-8, ( too thirsty, and the V-6 did a good job) it was one of the longest made V-8’s in history.
    As far as an actual “barn find”, I suppose it qualifies, as it was “found in a barn”, however, I agree with the others, I feel barn finds, generally, are not vehicles carefully stored away for future repair. They are vehicles, that for one reason or another, mostly because they need repair, are stashed away, and the owner had high hopes of fixing it, and either gave up or forgot about it, or passed away and the next owner, ( usually the “barn owner”), doesn’t know what to do with it. I agree with Rob, much more like Auto Trader material.

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  8. Avatar photo Matt

    Its nice to have something like this now and again. Two years ago, I bought a near mothballed 2004 Nissan Frontier crew cab. Nothing extraordinary except for a few things. The previous owner actually had services documented and stamped with the owner’s manual, original window sticker, bill of sale, and a few other items. At ten years old, it just had over 40,000 miles on it, garaged, never seen snow, and had the somewhat rare rear LSD, side steps for my small kids, and long wheel base so I can use the bed on a regular basis.

    I’ve since driven it from Minneapolis to Key West twice, and most of the eastern seaboard. It is a little dirty now, but still looks as good as it did with half the miles on it. Someone even offered cash for it when my wife was driving it a few weeks ago.

    Besides, with something like that, it can tow your barn find home! You’ll just have to work on your marketing technique. ;)

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  9. Avatar photo Rick

    I like clean older used cars as well as true Barn Finds, but the two should be mutuallly exclusive because the Dodge pickup is not a Barn Find. And I realize there’s probably not enough in the way of barn fins to keep up a steady enough stream for the brand, although it seems to be picking up in popularity. So maybe you should create another brand with its own website for clean original vehicles like the Dodge that don’t come out of long term storage, call it “Street Finds” or somesuch.

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  10. Avatar photo Chebby

    I think the insurance-agency definition of a “classic” is 20 years old, it’s hard to believe that applies to this truck! I agree it’s nothing super special but if you ever wanted one, this would be it. There is something cool about a smallish, simple truck with a V8. You can’t get those anymore–even the base 4cyl Tacoma is a behemoth.

    If this was a Jeep XJ series pickup nobody would be complaining.

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  11. Avatar photo seth

    up to $8,000, absurd price. If you buy it better get agreed value insurance. A little narrow for me inside. The next generation dakota’s were a little wider inside. Had a 91, 97 and 99 2wd The V6 & V8 engines in them are hard to kill

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  12. Avatar photo stillrunners

    Still own my 1994 V/8 Dakota…..there are things that bother me…..having followed them since they were new…think 1981…..radio….paint/trim…..under carriage paint and stuff….just saying….nice truck though….

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