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2-Door 4×4: 1974 Jeep Cherokee

Large, vintage SUV’s are having a recent resurgence in popularity. Leading the pack are Jeep Grand Cherokees and Wagoneers that have classic styling with room for the modern family. This one is from 1974 and can be found here on eBay with a current bid of just over $2,000. The buy-it-now price is $18,000, so there’s quite a ways to go in the bidding. Located in Decorah, Iowa, this 4×4 is a bit of a rest-mod but is mainly stock. Check it out!

This particular Jeep features buckets up front with a bench in the rear. Being a 2-door, the rear passengers have to climb through the front, but the 2-door is a little more sporty than its 4-door cousin. The black interior is classic and goes well with the brown paint.

Here you can see the billboard graphics have cracked a bit, but from a distance, they look fine. The seller doesn’t say anything about a re-paint, but they do mention the odometer shows 12,700 miles.

The ad says the drivetrain is all original. It features a 5.9 liter V8 which converts to 360 cubic inches. The carburetor has been freshly rebuilt along with all-new fluids and filters. The original Turbo 400 is mated to the full-time Quadratrac 4×4 system that spins power to Dana 44 axles at both ends.

The suspension has been lifted four inches, which gives this Cherokee the perfect stance. When combined with the 18″ color-matched wheels and 33″ BFGoodrich tires, you have a classic look with a modern twist. Overall, this looks like a great driver and would be a blast on a camping/fishing trip. It would look awesome with a canoe strapped to the roof rack! What do you think of this classic Jeep SUV?


  1. Bmac777

    Cool truck in decent shape that you don’t see a lot of.
    The downside being the 4WD.
    I was 17 and got picked up thumbing by a Ramcharger and that was the first time I was given the advice to never by a truck with full time 4WD.

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    • Scott

      Qudatracs just need to be maintained. Decent reproduction chains are available. Jeep was way ahead of everyone when it came to full time 4wd.

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  2. Mark Member

    What a great alternative to the “other” large wagons. The 4WD only enhances the appeal of the Jeep. I actually prefer this to the Wagoneer.

    Good luck with the auction!

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  3. TaxManOH

    I had a ‘78 Cherokee with a 360, QuadraTrac and front and back Dana 44’s. The QuadraTrac cases are notoriously weak. The second time the drive chain broke, it punched a hole through the case.

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  4. Steve Clinton

    $10,800, reserve not met with 3 days left. (No doubt the BIN price of $18,000 is the reserve.)

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  5. Motoman

    Throw those wheels/tires in the trash… big sidewalls are part of the suspension on older vehicles. Trust me I own a 94 Jeep YJ it would rattle the body loose in about 1 month and the fillings in your teeth too

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    • MrBZ

      Yeah, not much room to air -down off road either to help traction. Look ridiculous IMO.

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  6. Steve Clinton

    The roughest place this Jeep has probably been is a mall parking lot that needs repaving.

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  7. Mike Mike R. Member

    This was just on Bring a Trailer in December. Sold for $16,000 Looks like a “flipper” bought it

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    • john

      or a flippin’ idiot

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    • Michael

      Same seller, more than likely shill bidding.

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  8. Skorzeny

    A lot of the general public know jack about tires. So you end up with BS like this… Motoman man is right, throw these out or sell them and get the stock size back on this. It is a lovely keep though…

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    • Donald johnson

      33”-10.50 15” rim is the best not a fan of +size rims on retro trucks

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  9. Mike

    Looked familiar. Was on BaT last Dec and “sold” for $16k. Now it’s back up for sale from the same location.

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    • Rspcharger Rspcharger

      and here I was just thinking that this would do well on BAT.

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  10. Robt

    Yup. Those wheels make it look like it’s standing on its toes. And as posted by others you want taller side walls.
    The nice thing about the Cherokee as opposed to a bronco or blazer was that they sat abut lower without sacrificing ground clearance.
    Had a 78 Cherokee Chief I picked up used with a j-10 tranfercase in it back in the 90’s. Loved that truck, no quadra-trac! And with lock out hubs was a monster on the hiway getting back and forth from the city on weekends.
    Sigh …

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    • Robt

      The chief had a wider track with steel factory fender extensions. Handled better that my 66 fairlane hardtop.

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  11. Patrick McDermott

    The Jeep on auction comes with original set of 15” wheels and 33” tires in addition to the tires currently installed. Like most keyboard warriors, you did take the time to actually read the listing though I’m sure.

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  12. Michael

    Yea, something very suspicious about this listing. Seller, same as BaT auction, refuses to send pics of the floor pans, under or from inside. And, same seller from BaT implies shill betting, since on BaT buyer pays 5%, doubt the winning bidder reneged and still would pay 5%. Buyer BEWARE, IMHO.

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  13. S.Jay

    I had a 76 Cherokee with same drive line. Great in snow but couldn’t pass a gas station.

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