2 Door Hardtop Survivor: 1956 Oldsmobile 88

“Two door hardtop” may very well be the magic words that gets so many people’s attention. I admit, I like all of these cars, but you just can’t beat the styling and looks of a two door hardtop. Parked in 1979, this Olds has sat dormant for 38 years, and the current seller has been investing time and money reviving the car and making it a driver once again. Having received a fair amount of maintenance, this beauty is ready to drive, and still has a nice original finish, although with some signs of age. This two door hardtop is offered for $10,500. Check it out here on craigslist out of Wakefield, New Hampshire.

With a still vibrant red interior, it looks as if this car spent a lot of its time indoors. Aside from some minor stains on the floor, and a mice chewed bench seat buffet, this Olds has a mighty clean interior. The level of originality is easy to appreciate, and the homogeneous shade of red is also a delight, versus varying shades of red from sun exposure. A photo of the engine has not been provided, but the 324 cubic inch “Rocket” V8 is a runner, and recently had the carburetor and fuel pump cleaned and rebuilt, and the automatic transmission has also recently been serviced by a transmission shop. Driving, shifting, and stopping as it should, this Olds is that much more desirable for its healthy condition.

Although still shiny, the paint has its troubles, but as a whole isn’t too shabby. There are a few chipped paint areas that can be seen in the photos, mainly the passenger door, and the top of the driver fender. Rust is always the question that lurks in the back of our minds when it comes to any classic car. Thankfully based on the seller’s description, this 88 is rust free minus some rust at the bottom of the driver side front fender. By no means perfect, but mighty nice, would you jump on this two hardtop survivor?

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  1. Dave at OldSchool Restorations

    not really a Survivor…

    but is a decent candidate for some light? restoration work ..

  2. John Newell

    If I was so committed to AMCs I’d go for this. Can’t beat the styling and as a cruiser this would be hard to beat. Especially since street racing has become a part of history these days.

  3. Robert White

    Very appealing hardtop, and a full resto candidate.


    • olddavid

      Damn, Bob, that Mercury is gorgeous. Who did the work? The Olds is nice, too.

  4. Bob

    The 55 and 56 Olds are two of my all time favourite cars. I also love the engine and hydramatic transmission, and used it in a couple of swaps.
    I would buy that car, but I have all I can take care of at the moment.

  5. Mountainwoodie

    Appears by the updates in November and August that the price might be a little high…..as the car is not moving. If this was on the West Coast and priced a little differently ……I’d be there!

  6. erikj

    Pretty clean looking. I always loved the style of the olds. For the right price and it needing to be kept in correct storage, I would be all over it.
    But we all cant take on everything that is as cool as this. I wish I could pull the trigger on this ,but got to take care of what I have now so I hope this olds gets a proper new owner.

  7. Bob

    Me too, I would dump my big block Caliente conv to get my hands on this car.

    Like 1
  8. Steve R

    Since the car has been for sale since November of last year you would think the owner would have taken more and better pictures by now. With so much time passing it’s clear something isn’t working, it’s time to make the ad better or lower the price.

    Steve R

  9. Howard A Member

    I had a friend that had a car like this. I remember, it burned so much oil, you could see him coming for blocks. Before the engine puked altogether, he was running it on almost straight STP. It was just a tank.

  10. 86 Vette Convertible

    Car club member has a red and black 4 dr hdtop, or at least a picture of it. I really like the looks and style of it.

  11. DrinkinGasoline

    Love it !

    • Howard A Member

      DG, you’ve got too much time on your hands, besides, everybody knows it was the Buick with the toothy grills.

      • DrinkinGasoline

        I wish I had too much time and I’ve had a couple of those “toothy Buicks”, a ’46 and an under-bite ’50. :)

    • DrinkinGasoline

      The “teeth” are reclaimed whitewashed picket fence. The cigarette is PVC with the tip lens from an old school K-Mart clearance lamp that lights up with the parking lamps. The cigarette is removable, sliding in and out of a socket (one size up PVC) with a lynch pin.
      The wiring harness has a disconnect plug.
      (BTW, the handicap placard is not valid, it’s just for fun instead of my usual fuzzy dice). My Grand Children call me the “Old Man” and they put it on the mirror along with one of those AARP sample membership cards that come in the mail on the front seat :)

  12. Rustytech Member

    DG. I like it. Not something I would do to a car, but that took imagination! About the subject car. Luv it. I have always thought the 50’s Oldsmobiles had a very masculine look. If I had the time and space to do it right I’d love to have this car. I too hope somebody gives it a proper makeover.

    • DrinkinGasoline

      Everything is removable. I never do anything unless it is reversible without a trace :p

  13. Douglas Allam

    My second car was 1956 charcoal grey and white Super 88 two door hardtop that my father purchased new. It was a tank in snow and wth tire chains would go through anything. I wish I still had that car. I still have parts for it.

  14. 421HO

    Asking $10,500!! can you really spare the pictures???

  15. John Newell

    This car has a feature all modern cars lack and are unsafe without: a horn ring. I miss those every time I go to honk at some one and miss the sweet spot on the air bag that co-exists with and overwhelms the horn.

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