2 for 1 Engine: 1970 Dodge Super Bee Project

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The Super Bee appeared on the heels of the debut of the Plymouth Road Runner, Dodge’s answer to a budget-minded muscle car. It would have a much shorter lifespan, retired after 1971 as Dodge reconfigured its mid-size offerings. This 1970 edition wears Plum Crazy paint, its original color, and has a 383 cubic inch V8, though it’s out of the car and in pieces. Located in Barnesville, Minnesota, this Mopar project is waiting for a new lease on life. It’s available here on eBay where the opening bid of $16,500 has yet to be met, while the Buy It Now price is only $400 more.

As the Road Runner was based on the Plymouth Belvedere, the Super Bee (short for ‘super’ B-bodied car) was a derivative of the Dodge Coronet. Production-wise, the Super Bee saw smaller numbers than its corporate cousin, meaning they may be worth more today. 7,800 copies in 1968, 27,800 units in 1969 (the peak year), and 15,500 in 1970. The car would be redesigned in 1971 along with the rest of Chrysler’s mid-size autos and then disappear after that with sales of only 5,000 units.

This Super Bee was built with a 383 V8, but it was replaced later with a 361 engine from the 1960s. While the 383 was not discarded, it was partially disassembled and things like the manifolds took a hike. So, when you buy this car, you will get both motors. The 361 may be viable, but all the seller has tried to do with that is dump a little gas in the carburetor to see if it would run for a few moments. The automatic transmission may be original, but the seller is unsure. The brakes work, but they could require attention, as well.

The seller’s impression of the Dodge is that the underpinnings are solid as is most of the sheet metal, but at least the driver’s side rear quarter panel has some corrosion. The Plum Crazy paint, one of Chrysler’s Hi-Impact colors, was redone a few years ago while the cowl tag confirms the car was built that way. The vehicle is described as a barn find, but we don’t know if a barn was actually involved. This could be a most interesting restoration project.

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  1. gaspumpchas

    This is one hurtin unit. Every panel is either rotten or bent. Not to mention that you know nothing about the roof under the vinyl. Good luck.
    16.5 large???


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  2. Darryl J Birch CD

    For a car easily worth $120,000 when restored to near new condition, this car is worth every penny.

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  3. Chasbro

    No gaspumpchas, the seller said that most of the sheet metal and underside are solid. Who are you going to believe, the seller or your lying eyes? Another $500. junkyard refugee someone’s trying to retire on. Sorry, I know, the truth hurts but please come back to earth, and put down the pipe. This stuff makes me laugh, but maybe some eternal optimist will prove me wrong. The price of admission to this party is just too high, like by a factor of 10! Ridiculous! That’s all, I’m done, again, sorry.

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    • DON

      Well, its a Muscle car , its a one year only body style and a one year only color , so those are all on the plus side for desirability . So it needs quarters and a trunk floor for sure , but so does nearly every Camaro and Mustang . If this was a Z28 or a Boss 428 would you be complaining about the rust and damage ? It is a 52 year old car, built in an era where cars were generally not saved ; pre internet people had no idea if they had a rare car or one of 10,000. Now we know , so cars like this will command high prices. The days of $500 beaters is over, unless you’re looking for a trashed 2001 Grand Am or something like that. Since there’s no doubt it will be restored ,The whole car would be gone through – whether its worn , or just old , parts will be replaced. Do I think its high priced ? I sure do, but that’s the way the world is today – Heck I’m paying $7.00 for a gallon of milk now !

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  4. Chasbro

    Sorry, I hadn’t looked at the eBay ad. You also get the 383ci rusty boat anchor included in the deal. That’s 10 grand right there so you’re getting the car for only like 7 large!

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  5. Poncho

    I’d be scared to see what was left after sand blasting. Probably not much for your $16,500 min or BIN for $16,900. Just little too high for my budget…snort.

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  6. chudacko CharlesMember

    Someone got a good deal, I would have driven it just the way it is and do the repairs as I had the funds for it. It was a good starting place and yes I know in the 80’s it would have been a 2500 dollar car.

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