20k Original Miles: 1967 International 1300 4×4

This 1967 International 1300 4×4 appears to be a retiree from a municipal department somewhere in southeastern Massachusetts. Photos are limited but the seller claims mileage is low at right around 20,000 and the few photos we do get shows a handsome truck with impressive cosmetics. Find it here on craigslist near Plymouth, Mass., for $5,800. 

Thanks to Barn Finds reader Peter R. for the find. The International bears the hallmarks of having worked for a highway department somewhere on Massachusetts’ South Coast, with the words “Plymouth – Bristol” emblazoned on the doors. Despite being in New England, there’s no sign of prodigious rust anywhere on the rig, although the few pictures we do get wouldn’t confirm that if it did. However, the low mileage and tendency of these trucks to see limited use as they get older likely offers some assurances the condition is fine.

The original details and colors are some of the more attractive features here, such as the roof-mounted strobe light and fender-mounted mirrors. We don’t tend to have brush fires out here in the Northeast, so my guess is this truck was used by a department superintendent on a local highway crew or perhaps an emergency repair technician made use of that commercial-grade bed with its various storage compartments for tools and supplies. The price seems right for a time-capsule specimen, and my guess is we’ll be seeing it used in parade locally next summer.

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  1. Howard A Member

    Pretty crummy ad,,,Jack. IDK, with how easy it is to take a jillion pictures, especially on such a nice rig, this doesn’t make a lick of sense. This is quite an exceptional unit. While clearly a service truck, one this clean doesn’t fit the mold. Service trucks went out in all kinds of weather, and were worked hard. Doesn’t appear to have any road use. The only thing, is it could have been an inside service truck, but the all wheel drive would suggest otherwise. Maybe pulled a line or pole trailer, and would mean lots of idling, indicated by a worn water pump. All guesses, have to contact Jack for the real 411, if he even knows it. Very cool truck.

  2. jdjonesdr

    Nice looking honest truck. (Or so it seems)

  3. Classic Steel

    Nice truck ..

    Should get bought up by a movie 🎥 maker for authentic trucks of past.

    I could see it in an old car parade truck section.

    FYI those little mirrors on fenders are interesting 👀👍 but did their job avoiding dings …

    • Howard A Member

      A couple semi trucks I drove had those “blind spot” mirrors on the fenders. They work well. Not sure that was the intent here. IDK, this truck is nice enough, and not really overly collectible, I’d use it rather than hack it apart.

  4. Black Bowtie

    Pull the service box off and build a nice flat bed for it.

    • Steve

      Cool truck. It would be a great tow rig for one of my Farmalls… Too bad it isnt red, like 99% of these are…A flat bed would be completely contrary to my needs, but then again I am an electrician. I suppose you are a farmer/ rancher and haul a lot of hay and fence posts/ wire? Otherwise, in my experience, 75% of anything else you carry on back of a flat bed ends up on the side of the road, or in the road…

  5. Tilac999

    Bristol & Plymouth are two different counties in Massachusetts. The color makes me think Civil Air Patrol. Cold War era.

  6. Steve

    Judging by all the crisp photos of the driver side, I wonder if the passenger side looks like this… LOL

    I laugh, but actually went to look at one of those “too good to be true” vehicles where the seller did just that…

  7. Mountainwoodie

    Again…..happy its on the wrong coast. But what the hell is with the sellers. Do they think this is a clever sales strategy to make us want to know more?

    Here’s a clue….if you were to look at an ad what would you want to know about the vehicle?


    • Dave Wright

      Must have worked…….it’s gone. He only had one to sell. This voyeristic obsession and denigrating of sellers for not including every trivial detail for something they would never buy in event is annoying. If you are a real buyer…..call the guy up and learn about it like we have done since the advent of the telephone and newspaper advertising. This isn’t a furniture store with 20 identical pieces in the back to hawk. His price was good and the truck looked great….beyond that call and go see it.

  8. geomechs Member

    If the rest of the truck looked as good as what I see here, I’d be interested. These were good trucks in their day and even today. Rough as hell to drive; you’d need to use a seat belt just to stay on the seat. you might want to consider using a helmet too. Other than that they were good drivers, easy to work on and lasted forever.

    • Ken Member

      Rough to drive? Helmet? Since when did Americans become such wimps? The generation that manufactured this vehicle seemed able to tough it out.

      • Dave Wright

        I have nearly an identical truck and have owned them since 1970. The only thing rough riding about this truck outside it’s heavier GVW (somewhat mitigated by the heavy utility box) is the tube type tire only wheels. My 68 has tapered Springs like newer trucks to improve the ride and eliminating the need for the huge overload spring packs used by older trucks. IHC has always been on the cutting edge of suspension design, even building a light duty torsion bar/coil spring suspended truck before other manufacturers.

      • geomechs Member

        Maybe I should’ve said rough-riding. Going over the prairies, probably a little too fast for the terrain, I bounced my head into the door frame more than once. We’ve had our fair share of rough-riding trucks, from a ’66 Binder 1-ton to a ’73 Dodge 300 PW. They took you anywhere you wanted to go and brought you back, but sometimes it was an asset to have a thick skull. I might add that I wouldn’t turn one down because the rough ride was nothing more than a ‘bump in the road’…

      • Dave Wright

        I had a short i959 3 axle IHC 190 tractor with a 549 V8 that was brutal that way. I would bang my head on the roof if I drove too fast empty over the RR tracks near my ranch. But it would move and handle semi trailers with 20 tons on them with ease……..as long as you didn’t want to go too fast. We used it as a field tractor to bring loaded semi trailers out of the field where we would change to our over the road Diesels. I bought the truck from the USAF where it was used to move large fuel trailers on the flight line. We also had a similar Diamond Reo that wasn’t the quality of the IHC.

      • Howard A Member

        Yeah, we’re paying for it now,,,besides, it was the heavily sprung steer axle that gave these such a rough ride.
        My apologies to Jack, apparently it sold with the lack of pictures. Some vehicles you can get away with that. It was/is a nice truck.

  9. Jack

    I am the owner and just found out it made it on this site( somehow ) The truck is a ex fire truck from Ashaway Road island and I painted it that color.Plymouth Bristol is the name of my Business….Sorry to say it sold three days ago.

    • Chuck

      Thanks Jack. Good looking truck, for the right person. Glad it got you in the rearview! Chuck in NE Kansas

    • Charlie H

      Nice! Wish I’d seen it sooner. Would have looked great next to my 67 Travelall here in Maine!

  10. stillrunners

    Nice…..and it’s gone…..

  11. Gaspumpchas

    Great REAL truck!! Good luck to the new owner!!


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