20K Original Miles: 1981 Zimmer Golden Spirit

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Another day, another Zimmer Golden Spirit. I recently wrote about a similar model that looked like it had been abandoned in a private driveway; this 1981 Golden Spirit hasn’t seen much use but it’s in far better condition overall. The listing reports that it has under 20,000 original miles and is very reliable; the seller does disclose a few cosmetic flaws, however. Find the Zimmer here on craigslist for $18,000 in San Jose.

The color scheme is very pretty, combining navy blue paint with a tan vinyl top and matching luggage holder. Despite being somewhat ostracized for its zany looks, the Zimmer really did offer some nice touches to give buyers the sense they were buying a car far more luxurious than the local Cadillac dealer could offer up. While I do love the paint scheme, the seller admits that the exterior is one of its shortcomings, and that a respray will be necessary.

Like the sorely neglected Golden Spirt from the other day, this one also comes equipped with desirable Recaro seats, but these are in far better condition. The only other major flaw besides the paint that the seller mentions is the need to “refurbish” the polished wire wheels. They look decent in photos, but I’m sure there are plenty of flaws we can’t see from far away, and perhaps even a few bends on the inside from errant pothole strikes. The chrome touches still present well, and the same goes for the glass.

The wheels have a lot of dish for a luxury car, and the white-wall tires appear to be in good shape. The seller mentions that the motivation behind the sale is due t0 “….clearing out the property,” which does make me wonder if this Zimmer has been sitting in an outbuilding or a garage, waiting for its chance at wafting down the road once more. While I do think these cars will appreciate ever so slightly in the future, I believe the seller is still a touch high with his current asking price. What do you think?

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  1. bobhess bobhessMember

    I wouldn’t give the asking price for the car even being low mileage and in good condition. The tan trunk really gives the car a chopped up look from the side view. Believe I’d change it to match the paint job recommended.

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  2. TheOldRanger

    This is a prime example of “beauty in the eyes of the beholder” I like the looks and I like the style… wish I had the money and the room in my garage… it would be worth a trip to LaLa land

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  3. TheOldRanger

    This is a prime example of “beauty in the eyes of the beholder”
    I like the looks and I like the style…. wish I had the money and room in my garage to house it… it would even be worth a trip to LaLa land

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  4. Howie

    Not one good interior photo, i do not wonder why?

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    • Jonathan A. Green

      That’s because there’s no way to make the interior look good. Even when new…

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      • Gregg

        Well, why bother to make the interior look good when nobody will ever get past the exterior! Yipes! what a mess!

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  5. That Guy

    If I had an unlimited budget and unlimited storage space, I would definitely have one of these along with a selection of leisure suits, gold medallions, and chest rugs, and would trot them out whenever I felt like goofing off. I have neither of these things, so I’m afraid I’ll have to pass, even though this thing is literally within walking distance for me.

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  6. Will Fox

    Where’s the coin slot to hear music?

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  7. Harry

    Huggy Bear!

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  8. Big C

    They don’t show the 8-track player? What’s up with that?

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  9. jwaltb


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  10. Troy

    There is a white 1988 with 9,287 miles on it at a used car dealership just across the state line from me they are asking $24,995 I suppose like any car they have their own cult following but I just can’t see it. With all those weird attachments to me looks like they were keeping JC Whitney in business

    Its at Clarkston auto sales in Clarkston Washington if anyone is interested in checking it out

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  11. PRA4SNW

    The photos make it look like someone walked up to the car and snapped some photos and posted it to Craigslist.

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  12. Richard Kirschenbaum

    Always looked like a Warshawkified Excalibur to me.

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    • Kim in Lanark

      You must be a Chicagoan with the Warshawsky reference. To explain, J C Whitney started as Warshawsky auto parts in Chicago. When they went nationwide they used J C Whitney for their catalog name but kept Warshawsky for catalogs in the Chicago area. BTW, I think this version was based on a Mercury Cougar. Also I wouldn’t worry about pothole bend too much. After all, it has three spares.

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      • Richard Kirschenbaum

        Thanks Kim. Yes one of my cousins was married into that family,

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  13. DavidLMember

    These cars have all the qualities I thought I would like in a car but now that I see them altogether in a car I am very disappointed.

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  14. JL

    Sold! Regards, seller.

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  15. James Sanders

    The Zimmer Golden Spirit is a beautiful car, gets lots of attention everywhere it goes. Has the old great gad spy look with the advantages of modern interior. The Zimmer was produced from 1978 to 1988 only in Florida. They are not a kit car. used Zimmers in great condition bring 38k to 48k. almost 40% of all Zimmers made were shipped to the Netherlands and other parts of Europe. Leaving only about 800 of the cars remaining in the states. Only a total of 1500 cars were ever made. One very good thing is that they were made from a ford mustang frame and used all Ford engine products. So parts are readily available. I have a 1988 Zimmer color is White/Cream with only 4k original miles. I might be selling this year because i am moving this car is in show room condition both inside and out. I would not sell it for less than 49k. my name is jim 574 320 5927

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