21K Miles: 1966 Plymouth Valiant V-100

This ultra-low-mile 1966 Plymouth Valiant V-100 has traveled an average of 396 miles a year over the last 53 years, that’s pretty amazing. Maybe even more amazing is the seller’s asking price of $16,500 or you can make an offer. It’s listed here on eBay in “West River”, better known as Mandan, North Dakota, a beautiful city west of the Missouri River from the capital of Bismarck.

They think that this car may be wearing its original paint or most of it, but the doors are a shade darker than the surrounding body panels. Maybe door dings were the cause and the doors were painted at some point. Almost a year ago, we saw a ’66 Valiant four-door sedan V-100 here on Barn Finds for $3,900 that needed some work. A two-door car is almost always worth more and this condition is incredible, but I’m not sure if it’s $12,600 nicer. Maybe it is, now that I think about it.

It sure looks good, though, despite the slight difference in the door color. The seller has a fairly lengthy description but not much of it is about the condition of the car. It almost reads more like a philosophical thesis which is great and what they say is pretty much right on, but I would have preferred more actual information about this particular Valiant.

As a V-100, this Valiant is the lowest-spec car which is probably why the price surprises me more than maybe it should. If it were a top-of-the-line Signet maybe it wouldn’t seem as expensive, but this car looks fantastic and it isn’t cheap to buy the nicest example of any car. The interior looks great and the back seat looks like it would have in 1966, pretty much unused. This car has an automatic transmission which I didn’t expect to see, I assumed that it would be a three-on-the-tree manual.

This is the only engine photo but boy does it look clean! The seller didn’t provide a VIN but I’m assuming that it’s a 170 cubic-inch slant-six with 100 hp, being a base model Valiant. Or, it could be the optional 225 slant-six with 145 hp – one of you will know. They say that it runs and drives like a new car. Any thoughts on this Valiant?


  1. Dirtyharry

    Originally red was used on smaller engine. As I recall, the larger six was turquoise. Having something that fresh is certainly worth decent dollars, but I am “all in” at 7500.

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    • PatrickM

      Yep. I agree. It’s a great looking, very practical car. Good errand runner. Basis commuter to and from work, etc. But, not $12,600.00. At least not out of this boy’s pocket, senior citizen that I am.

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  2. Ralph

    I’m almost sure this has bounced through a few Mecum auctions here and there…..

    Clean little car, I’m not a Mopar person, but I like it.

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    • Will Irby

      My first car, in 1972, was a white ’66 2-door Valiant. Mine wasn’t quite as nice as this one, but it was a lot more fun, with a built 340, 4-speed, and 8.75″ rear end with 4.30 gears.

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      • Angrymike

        As a young man, that’s what I wanted to build. A 340 with a 4-gear and a 8-3/4 with 391’s. Oh what a blast that would be to drive !

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  3. Fred H

    What hat did he pull the price from ?))

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    • TimS Member

      I don’t think he reached into a hat.

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  4. TJohnson

    $16,500 is plenty, but if the mileage and condition check out, it would not surprise me if someone paid it.

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    • FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

      I agree with TJohnson, someone may step up to the ask. As a “survivor” or “time capsule” it’s really an outstanding example. I’d hate to see it modified with a big V-8 and the resulting changes needed to accommodate the added power. I like it but would only be interested for something south of $10k.

      However, it is a Mopar and I’ve heard folks pay crazy money for them. Right?

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  5. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    nice….still on the high side for for the demand….but like was said there could be an investor out there…

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    • Steve R

      If the person that buys this car believes its a true survivor, they are likely buying it to compete in survivor classes at car shows. Personally, I wouldn’t spend more than 30 seconds looking at it. I’d rather look at a rough around the edges faded original paint muscle car with some vintage speed equipment.

      This ad was unreadable. I’m not sure he can be trusted some of his other listing are deceptive. He’s selling several manifolds which are available from Offenhauser as NOS. That’s shady in my book.

      Steve R

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  6. John M.

    An uncle had a green 66 Valiant 4 door that he purchased new and he drove the dickens out of it until it got rear ended by another car a few years later. Thankfully he and my aunt were ok. The driver of the other car was drunk and was cuffed and stuffed as a result.

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  7. Rosko

    It’s a prince of a car to be sure ;)

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    • chrlsful

      “Valiant” that is,
      had several, all 170, all wagons.
      Now like the ford 170s

  8. CanuckCarGuy

    Very nice starting point for a sleeper…and I don’t normally support modifying something this original.

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  9. Wayne

    I don’t believe I ever saw a 170 with an automatics transmission. And if I remember correctly, both 170s and 225s in this era were red. ( I have had several) very nice car.

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    • James Martin

      Does grandma come with it?

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  10. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    It’s a nice car, and a Valiant effort on the seller’s part to try for 16.5K. Cue Robert Goulet singing “The Impossible Dream”.

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  11. Wayne

    Rex! that was bad! now go to your room!
    A buddy of mine (who also was dating my sister at the time) bought the almost twin to this at gas company auction. It was the same year, color and body style. But had a 170 with a three on the tree. He bought it for $75 with a dead engine. I had a good engine laying around so we fixed it up for my sister who was in college at the time. It worked flawlessly all through college. And even after her bout with an 18 wheeler. (lug nut scars on the driver’s door) She gave it back to my buddy when she was done with it and he drove it for a few years and then gave it to someone who was in dire straits and needed transportation. It was not rusty in 1979 when she graduated. Which was amazing as this was the Chicago area. It has mostly likely returned to the earth by now ashes to ashes and rust to rust.

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  12. Steve Bush Member

    My parents’ first new car was a 1965 Valiant V100. It cost $2k and was white with a light blue vinyl interior and was equipped with a 170 slant 6 and three-on-the-tree and an am radio. They paid extra for two front lap belts and a padded dash. It served us the five of us well-even taking us from the LA area to our new home in Cleveland. Eventually, rusted badly like most everything else from that era. EBay add says seller is away-there may be a delay if you buy the car. Taken away, perhaps?

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  13. Keith

    Nice clean car but for what it is 16.5k is too much, I’d say 7k to 8k tops.

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  14. Jay E.

    You can get a really nice 4 door 57 Belair for that kind of money, which one would you rather have? I agree $7500.00 tops. I have had multiple Valients, the Signet would be significantly more desirable.

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  15. Bob McK Member

    I have a 65 totally restored black plate Signet Convertible that I plan to market soon. I was going to ask a little more than this. But if this non convertible sells for this, I need to raise my price a lot.

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  16. Richard Gugenberger

    I had a 1965 Dart 225 cui and that engine was red , great little car ran on for ever

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  17. TimM

    Nice clean car well done restoration!! Who restores a car with a slant 6???? I really don’t think it’s worth what he’s asking even in the shape it’s in!! Nice car though!! A friend of mine in high school had a 68 with a three speed on the column and it was a great little car!!

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