21K Original Miles! 1974 Chevrolet Corvette

By the mid-1970s the big-three horsepower wars were pretty much done and the energy crises were ramping up. Horsepower ratings were way down from their peak around 1970 and muscle cars weren’t potent like they used to be. With the fiberglass-bodied Corvettes though, the performance was still decent and they still looked good too. This 1974 Vette can be found here on eBay with a current bid of over $10,000. Located in Miami, Florida, the car is said to only have 24,100 miles on the odometer! Let’s take a closer look!

The interior is a great shade of brown and coordinates well with the exterior color. You can tell this car has been well cared for and it would make a great driver. The headlights, wipers, power windows, and radio all work. The ad says “most” of the gauges work.

According to Edmunds.com, 1974 was the last year for any sort of decent performance out of the 350 cubic inch V8. Rated at 250 horsepower, by 1975 that was down to 165 thanks to compression reductions and the addition of smog equipment. The seller says the engine is very strong along with the transmission. The previous owner added roller rockers and headers, which should help the performance a bit. Also, the brakes have been done and the engine has been tuned up.

Here you can see the soft top in place. The khaki-colored top against the dark paint is a very handsome combination. Overall, this looks like a great driver-quality car. It could certainly be shown, cruised, and enjoyed. What do you think of this generation of Corvette?

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  1. Johnny

    Without the tail light section. Would improve the looks. Its nice and clean looking. 24,000 and some gauges doesn,t work? Which ones and why have they not been checked out and its been tuned up? Is it the oil gauge? If so, I,d want to see the actual oil pressure.How about the temp gauge? They are important and I,d have to see and hear it run after awhile. Is it a number matching car? What kid of 24,000 miles are they? Well care for or ran hard miles?

  2. TimM

    The wheels are ugly and it’s an automatic!! I wouldn’t want an automatic sports car!! Kind of takes all the sport out of it!!!

    • Scott Member

      And it’s dog-**** brown. I won’t own a brown car of any make. I wish the manufacturers wouldn’t even offer this color, because somebody will always be ordering it, and we’ll have another eyesore on the road. Ditto on the auto. If you can’t drive a manual, put your auto on a Corolla, not on a sports car.

      • Tort Member

        Thankfully people in this world have different tastes. As I have commented more than once I wouldn’t drive a Firebird with a big “chicken ” on the hood on a dirt road on a moon less night but millions love them. To each his or her own!

    • JoeNYWF64

      Very similar wheels are on the

      Why is the Corvette lettering on the 2 rear bumpers not level? Is each individual letter glued on?
      Surprised i never seen an aftermkt rear bumper with the “sharpness” of the ’68-’72 rear lip.
      Air pump missing.
      Long rubber fuel hose to carb – not stock & not the safest.
      A new vac advance would not be a bad idea.
      I’m guessing the trans is a turbo 400.
      Can those moldings on top of the seats “dig into your neck”?

      • Ike Onick

        They are individual letters. Perhaps they were installed on a Saturday night.

      • Rich

        Joe, I’ve owned several C3s and the seat trim never bothered me. They are actually a bit recessed.

      • P. Borowski

        Federal Emission ’74 L-48 automatics did NOT have an A.I.R.(smog)pump from the factory. The article also mentions “250hp”. That was for the optional L-82 350 smallblock. The base L-48 engine that this car has was 195hp stock from the factory.

  3. David Blinston

    I love it, if only !!!

  4. Classic Steel

    I used to have the 74 convertible chocolate color four speed with 22 k sold it for 16 with the original rallies and hardtop over a decade ago

    Its sad no four speed here …. deal beaker …

  5. Keith

    Nice rattle can paint job on the engine, wonder what the underside looks like? Also no A/C in Miami?

    • GeigerCounter

      Its a convert, why would you need air?

      • moosie moosie

        A/C car but no compressor & heater core bypassed ?

  6. Comet

    A side to side door gap comparison seems to indicate that this may be one of the rare corvettes built with the extended right door option. The the bumper lettering… that’s too easy.

  7. dogwater

    Clean, drive it you don’t need 400 hp or air

  8. Perry Yasher

    For 10K a nice driver. Someone definitely put extra lipstick on this one and the heater bypass in not believable for a 24K car.

  9. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Ended:Jan 22, 2020 , 10:00PM
    Winning bid:US $10,100.00
    [ 21 bids ]

    • moosie moosie

      If this is on the up & up, some one got a very nice convertible (with minor issues) for cheap money.

      • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

        I agree, very good deal.
        I just wish that sellers would do away with the low mileage claims.
        No way that odometer hasn’t been around one time.

  10. Kenn

    True on the odometer going around once. You can’t drive in Florida and have low mileage.

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