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22K Mile Grandpa Car: 1977 Mercury Marquis


Barn Finds reader Greg F. spotted this cheap, low-mileage and purportedly Grandpa-owned survivor Mercury Marquis here on craigslist for only $1,800. While it does have some minor cosmetic needs, the interior looks darn near perfect and the seller claims it was stored in a “proper shed.” Now, that’s the kind of guarantee I like to see on a used car listing! 


It’s amazing to think that the next generation of grandparents will leave mid-size Hondas and Toyotas in their garage to their heirs. Will we be fawning over low-mileage Toyota Avalons in the future? This Mercury is from a bygone era where seniors liked being protected and cosseted by the largest vehicle they could find. It looks sharp in baby blue with the navy top.


The interior is where you really see the evidence of the low mileage. The cloth seats front and rear look perfect. The wood trim still shows nicely and the carpets appear to have been protected by factory rubber mats. The seller’s odd choice of words continues with the reference to it being “mechanically cleaned”, which I don’t quite understand. Perhaps the engine was power-washed?


The rear end is where it shows the most amount of wear. The deterioration on the trunk lid could purely be surface-level contamination easily removed with a buffer, or it could require repainting. Either way, for $1,800, I wouldn’t sweat it. This looks like a cheap entry into classic cruising with the added bonus of hyper low mileage. Anyone feel like taking a look at this beauty?


  1. Larry K

    Had one of these (four door) in 91. Absolutely loved it. The price is right.

  2. 68 custom

    If this ad is for real that is a great deal ! would make a great driver!

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  3. roselandpete

    Nothing special about the styling but for that money it’s a bargain.

  4. Steven Visek

    Not so fast, guys. Prescott in this case is in Minnesota, not Arizona. I fear that rust at the back is just a harbinger of what lies lurking beneath this leviathan. Could be a ‘Abandon all hope ye who enter here’ story. Tread carefully.

    • BillB

      Yes, Steve. Rust has taken hold. Visibly on the rear bumper and behind the driver’s side skirt.

      • Andy

        Also looks like quite a bit of rust along the bottom front fender and bottom of the passenger doors. Can’t tell for certain due to the angle of the photo…

  5. DW

    Ah, the Grand Marquis. A lovely car that won’t even fit into my front car garage because it’s a foot too long. But hey, for that money, I’d park it in the driveway and rent it out to a hipster as a way cool 1970’s condo.

  6. Todd Zuercher

    What a find. I’m at home in Prescott, Arizona, and if it was here I’d go check it out!

  7. grant

    I suppose there is a fine line between “collectable classic cruising” and “boring malaise era boat of a snoozemobile.” It is in nice shape, however.

  8. Etien De Lamothe Cassel

    About 9 MPG

  9. Peter Lee

    For decades the roads of Long Island were clogged with these “Grand Ma’s.” You bought one upon your retirement and drove it to West Palm every winter. They, along with Buick Le Sabres, were the go-to senior cars. They even had special editions in Florida with stainless-enhanced vinyl roofs and other add-ons. This senior’s happy do push around a Prius and save his fixed-income money for his ’56 Studebaker.

    • Hoos Member

      I’m not retirement age yet, but I’m getting there. I’m with you on the cost efficient daily driver, and using the “extra” for my fun wheels.

  10. Mike Kay

    Is that an Uncle Buck car??

    • DrinkinGasoline

      Sure is….

    • ChevyTruckGuy

      LOL, Mike!!! I thought the same thing, as I saw this post!! Somewhere, John Candy is smiling!!

    • Steven C

      Beat me to it! I was just gonna post “Uncle Buck”

  11. Ck

    Lol Who doesn’t love uncle Buck? My uncle Norman had one in this color only it was a 4dr.This looks like a nice car for $1800 Buck s as long as its not to rusty underneath

  12. Chebby

    Sooooo ugly, and with the 400 it’s not even good for towing. The price is right though.

  13. Paul B

    Good friend, a retired farmer and farm store manager, had a four door and I used to drive it all the time. Yes, he loved it. I must say it was extremely comfortable and quiet, cosseting its passengers in obvious luxury including acres of fake wood trim. Handling was predictably terrible but could have been fixed with stiffer shocks. Steering, one-finger Detroit with zero road feel, so you’d drive by eye. But that raised another issue. The hood seemed never to end, and I used to thank heaven for that hood ornament away off in the distance, and those high front fender fins that let me know where the extremities of this barge really were. Fun memories. Working folks my parents’ age really felt proud of being able to afford something so vast and opulent. Who can blame them? It must have seemed amazing, following the Great Depression and World War II. These folks could buy these cars and others like them, and they did.

  14. Eddie

    Nice Car But They Drink So Much Gas !!

  15. Leon

    The rear end styling design looks like designer borrowed idea from 74-76 Dart and Scamp.

  16. Kenny

    Awful gas mileage and the rust issue? If anything, it’s priced “right”. Not a bargain, but for someone who wishes to wear a leisure suit and go out on the town… Could be a dream come true.

  17. chad

    490 to my truck w/a TBI?

  18. jaymes

    gorgeous example, the power steering like would leak on the exhaust manifold and caus flash fires

  19. Chuck hills

    Very fine deal here for 1800.00 bargin sweet old merc buy it fast

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