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238 Original Miles: 1979 International Scout II


For a vehicle we often see bearing the scars of a hard life, this new-in-the-wrapper International Scout is nothing short of miraculous. Listed here on craigslist with 238 original miles and a price of $27,000, this Scout II is better suited for a museum than anything resembling a dusty trail. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Troy W. for the find!


For a truck that had a reputation for being a workhorse, it makes me wonder why the original owner chose to keep the mileage so low. Perhaps there was a death in the family or they decided it wasn’t any fun to drive. Regardless, they spent some money on this Scout when new, buying lots of period dealer accessories that are included with the sale. These include a factory roof rack and spare tire cover and even the original “Rallye” decals for the body, still new in the box!


Here you can see the wrappings still on the seats with what looks like excellent cloth surfaces, surrounded by shiny blue paint inside the doors and A-pillars. More disconcerting is the photo showing the odometer with traces of deterioration on the gauge cluster surfaces. It’s not the end of the world but it’s still surprising for a vehicle used so sparingly.


I suppose the most curious element of the listing is the seller’s admission that the rear tire tread is low. This is surprising considering the truck has covered less than 300 miles, and that only the rears are showing wear (as opposed to all four). But, you wouldn’t want to drive on them regardless, so they’ll need swapping either way. That laser-straight rear bumper looks like it’s never received a love tap, and hopefully it never will. The price is high, but it’s also likely somewhat unrepeatable.


  1. Stang1968

    I don’t buy the mileage claims. Why does it look like it is missing the door cards? Why is there red primer in the door jams and on the floor?

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  2. Bob Salter

    I don’t buy this for a second. Pedals look old enough as do the floors. Front tires also look non original and worn.

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  3. Glen

    Shifting stick display plate was never applied? Worn tires, and what appears to be red primer, and only 238 miles. What? Please explain.

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  4. randy

    Why is part of the ad in Japanese or something? I do not believe the mileage either, and anyone that does needs a shot of reality. He would have been better of making it 10,238 miles. The numbers are not aligned properly, and the “chrome” around the instruments is very worn, as someone else stated.

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  5. Rob

    238 miles since repaint – maybe that’s what they meant.

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  6. Rick

    How can the tires show so much wear in only 238 mi? Wouldn’t even make up it up Coleman Glacier on Mt. Baker with such bald tires,

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  7. Howard A Member

    Having a hard time with the Chinese ( or whatever that language is) but someone did a nice repaint, but didn’t finish it. No engine pics, no underside. I believe the replacement speedometer has 238 miles on it, but not the rest of the truck. I never cared for many Internationals ( past 1964) but these were nice trucks. Thirsty, but nice.

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  8. steve

    There is no way this mileage is correct. How stupid could the seller be. They probably put the plastic on the seats to preserve it for storage. But not after they had already put 100238 miles on it. How could you possibly think the odometer has not turned over. Just like everyone says, worn chrome off the dash, worn paint off the column, bald tires, worn pedal pads, primer in the jamb and floors. Someone was just starting to restore a worn out scout and wrap up the interior. to get to for later. Notice no pictures of the greasy rusty motor compartment or the undercarriage. This would tell the truth. What a JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  9. Jim

    Realistically, you can never trust the mileage of a pre 80’s vehicle based solely on the odometer reading. It is far too easy for someone with a little mechanical knowledge to “kick” the clocks on these vehicles.

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  10. Mark

    LIAR! This has more then 238 miles!!!

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  11. jay

    must be a prince from south africa needing money. I call BS on mileage. Dash bezel, primer, nope

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  12. Jason

    Obvious fraud. This site should stop sending web traffic to cheaters.

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  13. randy

    Maybe this website is helping to expose the cheaters.

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  14. dutchb340

    No way is that the correct mileage! I had a Scout back in the late 70’s, it had carpet on the floors, not red primer and missing screws on the shifter boots.

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  15. Karl

    The Asian characters are just to show how really international this International is.

    I never get over the naivety of people who, when they see a five-digit odometer with a low mileage number, think that’s the original mileage and the odo hasn’t rolled over (and over and over, in some cases). Two hundred thirty-eight miles on a 1979 vehicle? Show me a spotless engine compartment and undercarriage, and an interior not sporting dirty, primed floorboards and a dingy instrument panel. Really, this is just the limit.

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  16. Jason Houston

    Sorry, but this is a FAKE. Look carefully at the odometer. Notice the 8 is slightly out of line, as are the two 0’s to the left. It’s been over once or run backwards, probably with an electric drill. Both will leave the numbers uneven. Odometers were designed that way. Also, look at the shitty condition of the chrome plastic on the speedo unit. As with the other astute observations captioned here, someone would have to be a complete dope to believe this is true mileage.

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    • Howard A Member

      Hi Jason, right on, (although a little more “colorful” than I explained) Remember, this IS Craigslist.

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      • Jason Houston

        Ah, CRAIGSLIST! Where anybody can buy or sell anything they want – from a thrashed junk car with zero miles to a hit man for your dear mother-in-law. Don’tcha just love a free enterprise system!

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  17. kenzo

    the picture of the front tire and the corner of the bumper. tires are worn non stock and it appears the inside of the front bumper is lightly corrosive.
    Picture of the tailgate signage – the International looks worn for 238 miles. I agree with you all it is at least 100238 with a MAACO respray
    “”Original front tires and rear tires.”” I don’t think so!!!!

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  18. piper62j

    You guys are all spot on.. This vehicle is a phony.. Too many discrepancies to claim the low mileage.. Walk away from this one.. It’s a “pig in a polk”..

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  19. brakeservo

    While the evidence seems overwhelming that is is a mis-represented vehicle, I think you guys are missing something. I’ve seen a number of legitimate decades old low/virtually no miles cars. Unless they’ve been carefully tended in a climate controlled museum they show corrosion, surface rust, oxidization etc. Non-use can be as hard or harder on a car than careful regular use so even the ‘real’ low mileage cars end up looking like crap that needs to be restored. Remember what a lot of the Lambrecht Chevrolet cars, even the ones kept inside looked like.

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    • Jason Houston

      Yeh, but there’s a BIG difference between a naturally deteriorating car and one that’s been used, abused and repainted. I still vote it’s a fake by either someone who is dumber than a box of hammers or an amateur crook. Either way, it doesn’t pass the nose test.

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  20. piper62j

    Nahh!!! I disagree… I have seen older very low mileage cars that look great for their age and include the original paint.. The curb height is correct along with a clean and detailed engine compartment.. Granted, the interiors take a beating in some cases, and the sun will wreak havoc with the glass and paint.. But overall, I believe you know right away when you come across a real Gem…

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  21. dogwater

    The scout was junk when it was driven off the show room floor…..

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  22. Walter Joy

    I know that at the Green Bank National Radio Observatory Telescope in Green Bank, WV, they have a few of these, along with the bigger Suburban ones, the pickups, and the 69-72 Chevy Suburban (and a few Volkswagen Rabbit Pickups) in this color blue. And all diesels powered (including the blue Checker sedan on display). But I don’t know the mileage.

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  23. Tundra/BMW Guy

    Sorry, I am with the majority. How do you have worn out tires, bald, at 238 miles?? Even if they were run over pressure, as the wear indicates, it certainly would take more that 238 miles to eat the center tread down to skin. The rest of the vehicle just looks too rough for that low a mileage claim. Again, no engine compartment shots. Not undercarriage shots. Why? Possibly they give away the inconsistency of the rest of the truck? IMHO

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