23k Genuine Miles: 1962 Buick Special Deluxe

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After sitting for more than three decades, this 1962 Buick Special Deluxe has been returned to sound mechanical health and is ready to be driven and enjoyed as it stands. The next owner will face some minor cosmetic work to take the exterior of the car to the next level, but this is work that isn’t urgent. I really have to thank Barn Finder local_sheriff for referring this great old car to us. The Buick is located in Torrington, Connecticut, and is listed for sale here on eBay. It is offered with a BIN of $3,699, but the option is available to make an offer.

The Buick was part of a deceased estate, and its late owner had used it on a regular basis up until the time that they parked it in their garage in 1983. That is where it languished until recently, and now that it has been revived, it presents quite nicely. The Dark Garnet paint is original, and the majority of it has survived really well. There is some obvious deterioration around the car’s lower extremities, but don’t be fooled into thinking that this might be a sign of major rust issues. What has been identified is a small spot in the trunk over the back wheel well, and a small hole in the fender kick panel on the driver’s side. The owner states that the undercarriage is solid and clean, with no rust visible anywhere. The external trim, the chrome, and all of the glass look to be in really great order.

I wish that we had a closer photo of the interior, because boy, it looks stunning. The owner identifies a small hole in the headliner as the only real fault. The front carpet also might be slightly faded, but it is hard to be 100% sure. The Rose-colored seats and door trims really do look to be perfect, as does the dash. If that hole in the headliner can be addressed, then that leaves the next owner little to do but to sit back and enjoy their classic. What the next owner shouldn’t expect is a car loaded with luxury features. Beyond the cloth/vinyl upholstery combination, the Buick doesn’t score so much as a radio.

When the current owner took possession of the Special, it hadn’t run for decades. To his dismay, he discovered that the original 215ci V8 engine was locked. Not being a person to surrender easily, the engine was pulled, and after some considerable work, was treated to a complete rebuild. It is now said to run perfectly, while the 2-speed Turbine Drive transmission also shifts smoothly. The Buick came standard with power steering, making light work of the twisty stuff. It wasn’t just the engine that received attention when the time came to prepare the car for active duty. The entire braking system has also been replaced, along with the generator, starter, all hoses, belts, and the battery. The owner says that the car has a genuine 23,000 miles on its odometer, and given its limited use prior to it going into hibernation, this is certainly quite conceivable.

I’m not going to do any sort of hard-sell on this Buick, because I think that it does that for itself. When you look at the claimed mileage, its overall condition, and that spotless interior. I think that it represents a great entry-level classic car at an affordable price.

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  1. Rex Kahrs Rex KahrsMember

    $3700 bucks? Wow this car is blowing my mind. It doesn’t make sense. It has to be a typo.

    I’ve revived/resurrected a number of long-dormant cars, (with unlocked engines), and honestly I’ve spent the asking price in brake and suspension and electrical parts and tires etc., let alone an engine rebuild.

    The $3700 asking price seems outrageously low for a car this nice. Typo, right?

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    • local_sheriff

      Well – pull the BIN trigger and find out…!

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    • Fordfan

      This car along with the olds f85 and Pontiac tempest are related to the corvair
      The front trunk of the corvair is identical minus the engine of course
      I always liked the Buick special it looks like a mini 1961 lesabre.

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  2. Fred w

    Someone gonna get themselves a deal.

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  3. Robin

    I bought the Coral Rose metallic ’62 Special featured on these pages a couple of years ago and the body is in much better condition than this one, with similar miles. Also, I don’t think power steering is a feature as mine certainly doesn’t have it.

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  4. Will Fox

    Wow…….even IF it needed some work, how can a guy go wrong on this `62 Special?? YOU CAN’T. The hard part has already been done! This car costs less to own than pretty much anything else you can find. The only thing I would change, is take off the body-side mouldings, although it’s obvious why the original owner had them put on. The interior looks showroom new; it’s unreal how clean it is. The buyer is getting a steal and a half! I am truly jealous.

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  5. Little_Cars

    Those side moldings are unique, and presumably, dealer-installed (??). I had a much later Special with the side sweep highlighted with a chrome reveal. If this one or mine had seen more time on the road, undoubtedly this trim would be full of nicks, scratches, buff marks and divots. I love the color combo on this one. I never listen to the radio in cars anymore so no loss there. If I really want to hear my books on tape or talk radio, I’d hide a Bluetooth receiver in the glovebox. Nice find!

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    • Travis Lipinski

      Hi ,
      I’m the seller . There were two choices for the Special. The Special and the special deluxe . The Deluxe came with the bright trim and body side moldings. It’s factory .

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  6. Robin

    I have the chrome side moldings on my ’62 Special and they aren’t on the original invoice as an extra so I can only assume that they’re a standard fit.

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  7. grease

    Rebuilding an engine can mean many different things to different people.
    ie – was the crank replaced or turned and all new bearings installed or was one journal turned and one bearing replaced.. ?

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    • Little_Cars

      @grease you make a good point, important that we understand the internal condition. No mention of the crank. BIN is attractive, especially with $1200 in new Coker tires (not sure which 13″ WSW rubber would cost $300 each mounted and balanced)!!! According to the listing, 1 new piston, new cam, new lifters, bearings, a new valve job, generator and starter, complete brakes front and rear – wheel cylinders, pads, (stops great!) and new belts, hoses, and new Delco battery. Hole in headliner could mean a critter may drop down on you at any time. Odd location.

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  8. Alex

    Wow, what a deal. I had a 1963 Buick Special, white with blue interior, with a radio, loved that little Buick, but had to sell it years ago. Wish I had the extra bucks now to buy this one. Beautiful car with an amazing BIN price.

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    • Mark EppersonMember

      Yeah, I drove a 62 special. Bought it from my parents. It was white/blue interior and was a great car. Sold it to buy a 68 Firebird.
      This is a great deal.

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  9. Russell Casey

    Looks interesting. However, I would have no desire to own this car. Like all cars of this era, they are just not good cars. It just looks unattractive too me.

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    • TimS

      Then why are you even here? You know what this site is about.

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      • Russell Casey

        this site is about old about cars. I like old cars, just not this car. Also, the cars of the era were just not good cars. While most 60s to early 70s cars, not this one, look great, they handled poorly, rode bad, rusted everywhere, were not really reliable, were not comfortable, were not safe. I had several. I remember. :)

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    • sourpwr

      You are correct ! It’s not silver or black, sound like a weed wacker, or smokes the front tires pulling away from a light. What we have here is class and grace. Beautiful! Love it! Love it ! Love it ! It is stylish when it didn’t have to be.

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    • Pete Phillips

      So “all cars of this era are just not good cars”?????? What is the matter with you? They are and were excellent cars, requiring nothing more than regular maintenance. I have owned several of these Specials and Skylarks. The only problem they might give in the first 100,000 miles is the constant velocity U-joint in the middle of the drive shaft. And yes, you might have to replace a fuel pump or a water pump before 100,000 miles, but that’s normal on any 1960s car.

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      • Russell Casey

        Everyone has an opinion. Lots of engine and trany rebuilds of the era. My main problem with the 60s era cars as a daily driver is the lack of comfort and handling. I sure do not want to do that again.

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  10. Car Nut Tacoma

    Beautiful looking car. I’ve always loved original survivors. I’ve also always loved the 1962 Buick Special and Skylark. Assuming everything works like they should, the only thing I’d do with this car is to install a Buick logo on the grille, and you’re all set to go.

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    • Robert L Roberge

      The logo was only used on the Skylark, I believe. My mother’s Special deLuxe didn’t have one.

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      • Car Nut Tacoma

        Okay. That doesn’t mean that one couldn’t install one on to the grille of a Special if one wanted. It just didn’t come standard on the Special.

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  11. JimmyinTEXAS

    Probably the only reason it hasn’t sold is the extra doors. I like the extra doors for the backseat drivers. This looks like a real deal.

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  12. Rustytech RustytechMember

    I like the car but, there’s going to be a lot more body work here than meets the eye. Replacement panels will have to be made since there are no reproduction parts available. I also question the mileage after looking at all the sludge build-up visible in that dissembled engine. It might still be worth the asking price, but I would want to do a hands on inspection as well as see some documentation on that mileage claim.

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    • millwright

      I would say that the low mileage is exactly what contributed to the sludge. A 1962 auto “retired” after “regular” use in 1983 leaves 23,000 miles to be divided by 21 or 22 years. A thousand or so miles of “regular” use per year adds up to automotive torture for the engine. That’s an awful lot of short non-engine-warming trips.
      Worse thing you can do for a machine is not run it… especially up to full operating temperature.
      I agree that would be a rough situation with regards to replacement panels, if needed. Expensive proposition.

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    • onree

      Sludge buildup is just as likely, maybe more likely, to occur in low mileage poorly maintained cars than in high mileage cars. Worst sludge buildup seen in my personal experience was a well documented low mileage ’57 Plymouth 318.

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      • Car Nut Tacoma

        That can happen with any car that’s not carefully maintained.

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  13. Del

    Nice little unit.

    Not very collectible

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  14. Rex Kahrs Rex KahrsMember

    Lack of comfort and handling….tell my ’63 Riviera or my ’67 Newport that. They both are very comfortable and handle and ride quite nicely. Sounds like Russ never actually owned any ’60s era Detroit cars.

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    • Russell Casey

      Only two a 67 and 70 Mustangs. They were not that comfortable. Perhaps because they were not GM :)

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      • Ed P

        When were mustangs built for comfort?

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  15. Kevin


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    • PatrickM

      Sign says “Sold.” does that mean it actually sold or was it taken down due to a lack of action. I would have thought this car would have had a lot more action. It really is a nice, practical car to be used as a daily driver. If it was still available, I would have bid. I’ve been promising to do so and this would have been a great place for me to start. Oh, well….Ya snooze, ya lose.

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  16. JBP

    if im not wrong, that transm. dosnt shift by it self. you have to shift in low manuel. so actually it isnt a two Speed.. when i overhaul, or repair a engine, i would never swap parts in good condition, only whats needed, only if i have the parts anyway.. and i never have Problems…
    sweet car, i would drive as is.. it dosnt burn so much, fuel like a full size V8
    but if i buy a old engine, i Always take it apart. the one im working on now, is totally wrong build together.
    wrong head gaskets so allmost no water flow to heads. bolts over tightent, flexplate on conwerter turn wrong way, etc.. wery bad mecanic…

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    • Robert L Roberge

      It shifts, similar to Powerglide.

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  17. JBP

    When last “rebuild” they did not even give it a new oil pump…. and 401 does not already stock, have the best internal oil flow… that tell the whole Story.. be avare dont drive a old overhauled engine, just becourse it can.. you Risk too shoot a big hole in foot, by saving a bit….

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  18. onree

    That’s what my ’62 Skylark did. A two-speed. Shifted itself from low to high. It may even have been a Powerglide with a different name.

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  19. Del

    Strange that people keep claiming cars are sold when listing simply ended without reaching reserve.

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  20. John ohara

    I have a 62 special deluxe 4 door in original white. I had one in high school and my dad had one new. Anyone ever have any luck keeping the transmission from leaking? (215/dual path ) If anyone has parts , I’m at Mass100@aol.com. It’s a fun car. Good luck

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