24 Hour Sale: 1965 Volkswagen Bus

Offered for a mere 24 hours, this Volkswagen bus will be sold one way or another. Parked 18 years ago due to the transmission being stuck in second gear, this Bus looks to be in fair shape and is certainly worth reviving. Bidding is currently sitting at $10,700. Check it out here on eBay out of Slatington, Pennsylvania. Thanks to Patrick for catching and sharing this speedy sale!

Appearing to have gone untouched for the past 18 years, the engine is claimed to turn over by hand. The transmission has a known issue of being stuck in second gear, which could be a simple alignment issue, or perhaps a faulty gear box. All of the mechanical systems will need to be revived, and this car may be a good candidate to convert to 12 volt.

Inside there is evidence that the windshields have leaked over time. There is visible rust on the sheet metal around the windshield gaskets, and there is very obvious rust on the “lower shelf” area below the dash. From what can be seen, the door jambs look decent but the seller did not capture the foot step area of the door jamb which is notorious for rot.

There are some highlights to the interior in the form of original upholstery. The parcel split from the front seats to the back is there, but looks to suffer from some water damage along the lower edge. The front seats are a bit beat up, but the frames are in place so they could certainly be reupholstered. Also the back seat remains with only minor damage to the upholstery as well.

Detailed photos would have really helped with identifying the condition of this Bus. I have seen hundreds of these buses in my lifetime, and rust is always a strong contender with these machines. Primer and filler can be seen on the lower edges of the body which is common. Also there is rot on the lower passenger side corner on the face of this bus, which was probably caused by the leaking windshields. The mid-section floor is in fair shape, but that is the most detail we get about the floors. I am concerned that there is rust in the front foot wells from the leaking windshields. Also there is quite a bit of rust in the rain channels, possibly enough to have caused pitting, or thinning of the metal. All of the glass is accounted for minus the driver side windshield which has been broken and taped shut. With the immense popularity that these early buses hold, this project looks to be a fair start. Would you roll the dice on the 24 hour auction for this bus?


  1. James Martin

    I think the vw guys are hanging out with the mopar guys. Smokin the same stuff. Puff puff pass. Wow. 10 grand for this pos. Holy marijuana batman.

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    • DonC

      Spot on James. I had to scroll back up, “they want HOW much!?”
      Ridiculous. I’ll give you $3k maybe.

  2. TimM

    To much rust for me!! I’ve never done body work on one of these but looks like a lot of sanding down those sides!!!

  3. Chebby Staff

    “Somebody offered to give me money for this thing I haven’t cared about in 18 years, so move fast, I want to pull the rug out from under him if I can!”

    LOL What a jerk.

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    • moosie moosie

      Exactly what I thought of this prick, it’d suit him right if his original deal fell thru and had no taker from ebay cause of his looking for a sweeter deal, looks like its sunken into mother earth also.

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  4. john c

    So really fellas,… what are you feeling here? Ha Ha HA

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  5. Edward

    It’s all there, what Mother Nature has left. Clock in dash indicates this van was a deluxe model, as does the raised exterior molding at the paint color change. Too bad about the rust. Price is what the seller can get…..

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  6. wade galloway

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    just saying, just because you are not into a certain car doesn’t mean its not worth money

    jon c if you see anymore of these 3k split windows let me know

    sold for 10,900

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