255 Mile 1993 Ford SVT Mustang Cobra!

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In 1993, a total of 4,993 people were lucky enough to secure for themselves an SVT Mustang Cobra. If you were one of the many to miss out, then you might just be about to get a second chance. That is because this particular Cobra has been a part of a private collection, and it has managed to accumulate a genuine 255 miles on its odometer. The time has come for it to head off to a new home, so someone could find themselves the next owner of a “brand new” car that is only 27-years-old. I have to say thank you to Barn Finder Chris C for spotting this amazing car for us. It is located in Bedford, New Hampshire, and has been listed for sale here on Craigslist. This is a classic that you can take home if you are willing to hand over a cool $75,000.

The ’93 SVT Cobra was available in four different paint finishes, including two variations of Vibrant Red. Teal was the 3rd most popular, with 1,355 cars built. This is one of those cars, and its condition is all that you would expect from a vehicle with this sort of mileage showing on its odometer. Sometimes, classics that have been stored for decades can develop a dusting of surface corrosion on their underside, but this hasn’t been the case with the Cobra. The storage conditions must have been close to perfect because it looks just as good today as it would have when it rolled off the production line. The paint shines nicely, the panels are laser straight, the alloy wheels are free from defects, and the factory sunroof would make cruising on a warm day a pretty pleasant experience.

By 1993, the venerable fuel-injected 302ci Windsor V8 had been the recipient of many upgrades throughout its life, and the SVT Cobra added to that list. Apart from a unique intake, the engine wore better cylinder heads and a better exhaust. This boosted power to 235hp, which found its way to the rear wheels via a strengthened T5 manual transmission. Power steering was a standard feature, along with 4-wheel disc brakes. That all combined to allow the Cobra to accelerate from 0-60mph in 5.7 seconds, and to cover the ¼ mile in 14.5 seconds. The engine bay is as spotlessly clean as you would expect, but there is one question that we are left to ponder. The owner doesn’t mention whether the Ford is in a roadworthy state because it is quite possible that many of the rubber items may have perished over the past 27-years. I think that the buyer might potentially need to bank on having to undertake a bit of work before the vehicle is ready to hit the road once again.

Interior trim for the Cobra was available in two different colors, with Opal Grey being offered in both leather and cloth. Opal Grey leather was by far the most popular choice (802 cars that wore Teal paint also featured this trim) and is what we find in this particular car. The short description here is that the trim, carpet, and plastic is all in as-new condition. There is nothing for the next owner to do here but enjoy the creature comforts that were part of the package. These included a driver’s airbag, air conditioning, power windows, power locks, power seats, power mirrors, rear defrost, cruise control, and an AM/FM radio/cassette player.

The condition of this Mustang Cobra is extremely impressive and is all that you would expect from a vehicle with this sort of mileage showing on its odometer. It’s condition, mileage, and the fact that Fox-Body Mustangs of all descriptions are increasing in value, are all factors in this car’s favor. My problem is that a large part of its intrinsic values lies in the low mileage, and the simple fact is that every additional mile that it accumulates will potentially impact its value. The price also makes my eyes water, because this would have to rate as one of the most expensive unmolested SVT Cobras to have hit the market in a very long time. Will someone hand over that sort of money? I really don’t know. Life springs some pretty interesting surprises, and maybe this will be one of them.

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  1. 8thNote 8thNote

    Beautiful car. I’ve always liked the Fox Mustangs. But not for $75k.

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    • AnalogMan

      I’d agree with you and Bluetec320 that $75k for this car (as nice as it is!) is crackpipe insane. But then, I would have said the same thing about anyone paying $50,000 ($52,500 including buyer’s commission) for a 2000 Honda Civic Si with 6k miles:


      If this guy would put his Mustang on Bring-a-Trailer he might actually get close to that price. To get top dollar a car like this needs a venue where people have more money than common sense (like Barrett-Jackson or BaT). Craigslist is not the right place.

      Just imagine all the craigslist bottom feeders and scam artists that must be responding to his ad! “$75,000? I’ll give you $15,000 CASH”, or “I’ll pay you $80,000 and will send you a check for $100,000 if you just send me back the $20,000 difference.”

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  2. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TNMember

    Pretty much the top of the Fox Body pecking order. I’ve always liked them, and the teal is my favorite. Prices for top-notch Foxes are solid and steadily increasing, including these Cobras. But I don’t think they have reached this level, well not yet anyhow. We shall see.

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  3. Bluetec320 Bluetec320

    Nice “new” car, but 75K is simply laughable…..

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    • Skorzeny

      I think 40-45K at best… But it is a crazy world. I would drive this, I don’t care about the mileage…

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    • DrillnFill

      I agree that $75k is crazy, but I’ll bet if the seller is patient someone with way more money than sense will come along eventually and scoop this up.

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  4. Arthell64

    I remember around 1985 a guy listed a low mileage 1969 Boss 429 mustang for $20k in the local autotrader. I remember thinking this guy is a complete nut. I showed a some friends the ad and we all laughed. Now they are in the 200k range.

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    • GPMember

      There is a 1969 Shelby for sale on a auction in Clintonville WI. on June 24,2020. It’s a GT500 with the drag pack, 4-speed, fast back, 61,600 miles. Only 2 made like this. Check it out at Hanson Auction Group, Downing WI. This car is so sharp. Current bid is 45,000.00

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    • Chas

      The mid 80’s was a great generation to still buy classics at reasonable prices. But after Enzo Ferrari died, the maket suddendly started going up and us ‘regular guys’ were left out as cars became investment pieces. I passed up on so many cars in the $10K-$20K range that are now way into 6 figures…

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  5. Gate1967

    A new 1993 SVT Cobra for $75,000 ? You never know. But not today.

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  6. robjMember

    For contrast. My ’93 original owner Cobra after 10 years as a daily driver in the mid-Atlantic. Another 10 as a p/t driver, then sat for 10. Since, engine out and detailed and working on the engine compartment. Starting over. You know you’re getting old when something you bought new needs to be restored.

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    • robjMember

      Thanks Apple. Upside down photo that I can’t seem to fix. No wonder progress is slow, I’m working on my head!

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      • Ed VT

        Hold your iPhone horizontal with the volume buttons down when taking pictures and they will copy and paste properly.

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    • imperialist1960

      well of course you have to restore it – you rolled it on its roof and the intake fell off.

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  7. Billy1

    5 years from now this may be a $100k car. Yeah, I don’t like where these prices have been heading either.

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  8. robjMember

    Ed Vt; Photo was a few months old, so no going back. Let me try again with the motor as it sits. After that I give up… As to the Cobra in question. Obviously a pristine example in one of the rarest colors. If you put the price of this car new in a money market account or whatever, for the last 30 years my guess it would be worth more than the 75K asking. I’m sure some investment genius will prove me right or wrong. But can you drive that money around and have one of the nicest Cobras ever? I’m not so sure. As to the guy that could buy this car and just watch it for 30 years? I couldn’t. So is there a premium for that level of self control? I think there is, but that’s just me… [ok, again upside down so I give up, but you get the picture- so to speak…]

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    • imperialist1960

      well, at least you got the matching motor, right?

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  9. Billy1

    robj Your $20k invested in 1993 would have to earn 5% annual rate of interest compounded to get to $75k(actually $74,670.00)-not likely in a money market/savings acct.

    Invested in blue chip stocks over that period-most likely yes, perhaps even more.

    Also, I like how you got the engine to stick to the ceiling.

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    • robjMember

      Thanks, I knew someone would do the math. Just goes to show the difficulty of choosing a car to place “under glass” for 30 years with the intent of making money. As for me, I would rather be driving it than looking at it.

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  10. JC

    Destined to sit in another collection… $75k? pfffftttt….

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  11. Troy s

    That’s what I hate about cars and money. Those old muscle cars earned their reputation on the street, the strip, cruisin’…destined for junk status thru two oil crisis and truthfully just the eye rolling nag of every non-car person. Nostalgia from that generation set in hard and suddenly those cars became….valuable. Beyond our wildest imaginations. That’s a real simplified version.
    That was the speculation here, along with all those Buick GN’s or the super rare GNX. Buy them and just store it away all in the hopes of cashing in. No, I don’t believe the nostalgia for the eighties and nineties will come close to that of the sixties. So to me, in my own mixed up way, this was a complete waste of machinery. Fast back then, it’s amazing what cars would smoke it now. Too bad for this pony.

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  12. Tooyoung4heyday Tooyoung4heydayMember

    Nice car and obviously well preserved. I’m in agreement with many of you as to being able to own and just stare at a car. If I buy one you sure bet it’s going to be driven. I don’t see $75k for this car at this point, Cobra R territory…. The following these cars hold I could be wrong. Thanks for sharing this low mileage beauty.

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  13. MakTruk

    What’s with the small wire harness hanging out of the lower air dam?

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    • Mike_B_SVT

      Probably a battery tender connection. I doubt this car was equipped with an engine block heater ;-)

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  14. mjf

    Hopefully he has changed the oil…. lol

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  15. w9bag

    You buy a car like this just for bragging rights, not to drive. If I had $75 large to spend on a ‘Stang, I’d simply buy a new one and enjoy it every day.

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  16. Abikepeddler

    Wait. This thing only makes 235hp? Is that really correct? From 5 liters of ‘Merican muscle? I know 1993 was ever so long ago but damn… We have come a long way when the current crop of Toyota Camry churns out 305 hp.

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  17. Mike_B_SVT

    I was the original owner of one exactly like this ~ Teal, Opal Leather, Sunroof.
    Daily drove it for 10 years and 100k miles. Good times :-)

    Unfortunately it got stolen out of the parking lot at work one day and turned up a week later stripped to the bone. Scarred me for life :-(

    Ended up replacing it with a brand new ’03 Cobra Convertible. Still daily driving that one 17 years and 75k miles later (much shorter commute than I used to have). Good times :-)

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  18. Chas

    If he can get close to $50K, he should jump on it! My concern is the fluids- oil ever changed? radiator coolant? brake fluid? Gas? Sometimes extremly low mileage is an issue in itself…

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