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26k Original Miles? 1973 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

Some enthusiasts acknowledge that tackling a restoration or project build is not viable, setting their sights on purchasing a turnkey classic to park in their garage. This 1973 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme could be an ideal candidate for those seeking a slice of 1970s motoring. It presents beautifully and has a claimed 26,000 original miles on its odometer. It seems to tick the box for many, with the bidding action pushing the price beyond the reserve. The Olds is listed here on eBay in Tacoma, Washington. The bidding sits at $10,900, although interested parties may need to act fast with the auction heading towards its conclusion.

Oldsmobile released its Third Generation Cutlass Supreme in 1973. It followed the prevailing industry trend of replacing its Hardtop bodies with “Colonnade” versions, anticipating potential changes in roll-over protection legislation. This Olds rolled off the line during the first year in an attractive combination of Emerald Green Metallic with a Black vinyl top. Faulting its presentation is hard, with the paint retaining a beautiful shine and featuring none of the matte areas that often plague older metallic finishes. The vinyl is in as-new condition, and the panels are free from significant bumps and bruises. The seller describes the Olds as “virtually rust-free.” There are no visible exterior issues, and the underside shots appear to reveal nothing beyond light surface corrosion where the undercoat has peeled away. The positive news continues with the trim and glass, which is in excellent condition. The damage-prone hubcaps are spotless, and the narrow whitewalls add the perfect finishing touch.

The interior reflects this car’s luxury leanings, featuring bucket seats, a console, faux woodgrain, air conditioning, and a pushbutton radio. Some A/C components currently reside in the trunk, but the interior is otherwise complete. The Black vinyl is free from wear, with only a few wrinkles and minor foam compression on the driver’s seat revealing the car’s active service. The carpet is spotless, and there are no issues with the dash, pad, or console, and no broken plastic. The back seat looks like it has never been used, and the headliner has no rips or tears.

Powering this Cutlass Supreme is the company’s 350ci “Rocket” V8, which sends 180hp and 275 ft/lbs of torque to the road via a three-speed Hydramatic transmission. The performance should be pretty respectable, with this classic capable of cruising all day on the open road at 70mph. I admit I was disappointed by the engine bay photos because this aspect of the car doesn’t present as well as the rest of the vehicle. I didn’t expect it to be pristine after over five decades, but it isn’t consistent with the seller’s belief that the odometer reading of 26,000 miles is genuine. They have no documentary evidence supporting the claim, which must be taken at face value. However, they confirm the Olds is in excellent mechanical health. It runs and drives perfectly, with no issues, vices, or nasty surprises. They include an embedded video of the car running in their listing, and the V8 sounds as sweet as a nut.

The overall presentation of this 1973 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme is impressive, especially if it is a genuine survivor. It has no apparent needs and is a turnkey proposition for the winning bidder. It has attracted fifteen bids, and while that figure isn’t astounding, it guarantees it will head to a new home in a few days. The only question I have surrounds the odometer reading, and it will be fascinating to gauge your feedback. Do you feel the figure is genuine, or has it rolled over? I am unwilling to make a definitive call, but are you?


  1. Avatar photo Moparman Member

    A set of color keyed Super Stock II wheels (I’m not fond of wheel covers, LOL!) would really amp up this beauty’s looks! GLWTA!! :-)

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  2. Avatar photo Nelson C

    Splendid Cutlass Supreme. That green looks great with the black top and interior. The inset tail lamps were cool on these.

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  3. Avatar photo Andy C

    I am the original owner of a 1974 Cutlass Supreme and this 1973 is an excellent survivor. Not easy to find one like this for the price in this condition. Great looking colors with floor shift and seller has, what should be, the SSIII color matching wheels (mine has those as well). What is there to not like?

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  4. Avatar photo Mr Meowingtons

    “Sweet as a nut”… Last i heard that was Albert Fish, the Werewolf of Wisteria talking about eating a “monkey”

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  5. Avatar photo Mike76

    Attractive exterior color. Looks like a pretty clean and honest car. Dual exhaust and some body colored SSIII wheels and you’re good to go. The Olds 350 is a strong and reliable engine with upkeep and maintenance this Supreme will last the next caretaker many, many years.

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  6. Avatar photo Truth

    Positively gorgeous and priced right. Too bad it’s all the way on the other side of the planet for me or I’d buy it.

    If the 26 is a roll over number, so be it. You can get a crate engine for it if needed or just rebuild for a tiny fraction of what some people ask for similar cars.

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  7. Avatar photo JustPassinThru

    I was never a fan of the “Colonnade” intermediates, in the day; but this first-year Cutlass two-door is probably the best of any of them. Especially I like the front-end sheet-metal, before it was made into a squared block to match the new, novelty square headlights.

    The color is great, refreshing; the lines on the two-door are attractive and proportioned well. I’m not a fan of vinyl roofs, but they were ubiquitous in those years.

    And the price is what we now call reasonable – if it doesn’t launch to outer space in the last minutes of bidding.

    Thumbs up on this one.

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    • Avatar photo Anthony Gaby

      Funny you mention “square body”…These Colonnade coupes were a lot better looking than the ones from ’78-’98..where more people OGLE over them for cruisers and drag cars..but “ugly as sin”…I still like the “orphans” that GM created as the Colonnade coupe..And racers still seek them out for the short round track .

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  8. Avatar photo Scott A Young

    Anyone notice how RUSTY the front seat mounting hardware is? Seems odd.

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  9. Avatar photo Brad Chipman

    No way 26k in my opinion, engine compartment doesn’t look like 26k and a lot of surface rust

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    • Avatar photo Peter Pasqualini

      Seriously? It’s 50 years old and was just driven. No detailing obviously. As a person that dies restorations, I find it normal

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  10. Avatar photo dan

    Odometer readings of that time only went up to 99999 before turning over. With the condition of that engine compartment it wouldn’t surprise me to see the true mileage at 126k. Nice driver nonetheless. And there’s no mention of those bucket seats being the swivel buckets that were a common option on Colonnade cars.

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  11. Avatar photo Hollywood Collier

    My opinion is this car has been in a flood.

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    • Avatar photo Randy jones

      Nice 73 olds..my mom had a nice 76 cutlass..wish we had kept it..Burgundy color..it was a great car..drove like a dream…these are really good cars..no big deal bout the ac..it can be replaced..the old compressor weights a ton any way..I’m sure this is a nice car..these cars should be collected they are drivers..70s Montes and grand prix too..great car..neighbor had a 75 grand prix..great car.

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  12. Avatar photo Steve R

    Sold with a high bid of $11,500.

    Steve R

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  13. Avatar photo PRA4SNW Member

    Good buy for a solid looking classic cruiser.

    Kudos to the seller for resisting the temptation of doing a rattle can restoration of the engine bay.

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  14. Avatar photo Anthony Gaby

    Why…again why? Would someone REMOVE the a/c at 26,000 Original miles….Probably just needed a recharge..but disassemble it…Cmon….

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  15. Avatar photo Fogline

    Ah – my first car, though mine was burgundy- also in Tacoma. Wow! Seems like if this was around back in the 80’s I would have noticed it. Mine had the column shifter but the same hubcaps, one of which flew off in an incident in a small spin out in the parking lot at my school. LOL! I always wanted to put rally wheels on it, but never had the money. It was a great cruiser on the highway. Would roll along at 80 like you were on a flying carpet. Not so great on twisty roads. I thought it was an old person car when I got it until I raced an 80’s Z28 and blew the doors off of it. Lots of great memories.

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