289/4 Speed: 1966 Ford Mustang

The 1966 model year was the most successful for the 1st Generation Mustang. With 607,568 cars rolling off the production line, it was inevitable that quite a few would receive some custom touches throughout their lives. Some of these customs were pretty wild, while some were tasteful and eye-catching. This Mustang falls into the latter category and is guaranteed to turn heads. The owner has decided that the time has come to part with it, so he has listed it for sale here on Barn Finds Classifieds. It is located in Polk City, Florida, and the owner has set the asking price at a very competitive $15,500.

When it was shiny and new, this Mustang was finished in Candy Apple Red. It has received a color change at some point, and the deeper shade of red suits the car admirably. The darker insert along the sides adds a touch of class and is a subtle addition to what is an attractive-looking car. The owner describes the paint as being 8/10 driver quality, but that might be a bit conservative. It holds an impressive shine, and there are no significant marks or blemishes visible in the supplied photos. The panels are as straight as an arrow, and the gaps appear to be tight and consistent. This leads us to the inevitable question of rust, but that’s not an issue with this car. The owner says that the car is solid, with no rust in the floors, trunk pan, or frame rails. The photos seem to support this, and there is nothing visible in the lower extremities like the rockers or rear quarter panels. The chrome and trim are in good condition for a vehicle of this age, while the same appears to be true of the glass. The aftermarket wheels add a sense of purpose to the Mustang and should contribute to better handling and more efficient brake cooling.

Lifting the hood on the Mustang reveals a 289ci V8 that is backed by a 4-speed manual transmission. The VIN indicates that this should be a C-Code engine that would pump out 200hp. This was enough to fire the vehicle through the ¼ mile in 16.2 seconds. The engine bay of this car presents well, but it is merely the tip of the iceberg. The Mustang has recently received all new suspension, along with fresh front disc brakes. When you add new gaskets, a new dual exhaust, and a new battery to the mix, it seems that this classic is in sound mechanical health. The owner supplies this YouTube video of the car running and driving, and that 289 sounds sweet and clean. The 4-speed transmission shifts smoothly, and the owner’s claim that it runs and drives well is supported by that video.

This photo shows one of the few flaws in this Mustang’s interior. If you look closely, you can see some splits developing in the driver’s seat. These haven’t deteriorated beyond the point of no return. If I were to buy this car, I’d be getting it to an upholsterer ASAP. It may be that these flaws could be repaired without the need to replace the cover. That would be my preferred option, and it would ensure that the upholstery maintained a consistent appearance across the entire car. It also shouldn’t be an expensive proposition, which makes it worth the effort.

As you can see, the rest of the interior is in above average condition for a driver-quality car. The owner marks it as a good 8/10, and once again, he might be a bit conservative. Apart from the flaws in the driver’s seat, the rest of the upholstery is in excellent order. The headliner appears to be flawless, while the same is true of the carpet and dash. A few minor detail items will require attention, but it seems that these are items that will take more time than money to address. For example, the driver’s door handle is loose, which will not require a rocket scientist or a million dollars to fix. As I said; Time, not money. The Mustang is fitted with an aftermarket radio and speakers, but these don’t function. The rest of the interior features like the gauges and lights operate as they should, meaning that the buyer can drive and enjoy this classic immediately.

Regular readers will be aware of my preference for seeing classic cars in their original form. However, that does not mean that I am opposed to custom touches, especially if the work is completed to a high standard. That appears to be the case with this 1966 Mustang because it features a custom paint combination that adds an indefinable something to an already attractive vehicle. When you consider its key attributes like its rust-free status, its overall presentation, and the fact that it features a V8/4-speed drivetrain combination, it seems to have a lot to offer potential buyers for the price. It hasn’t been on the market for long, and something tells me that it won’t take long to sell. If it ticks the right boxes for you, then you might need to act pretty quickly. After all, he who hesitates is lost.

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  1. Howard A Member

    This, my friends, is THE nicest 1st gen Mustang I’ve ever seen. And to think black and silver are the norm today. Tell you what, after looking at that damaged Chevelle, I’d truly be afraid to drive this. Very Nice.

    Like 8
  2. Fred W

    Never liked the coupes that much compared to the fastbacks, but this color combination grabs me

    Like 3
  3. Brewmenn

    But I’m pretty sure it wasn’t actually found in a barn, at least not lately.

    Like 2
  4. stu

    Very nice!
    Really well put together….

    Like 3
  5. George Ousley

    Is it still ; dale?

  6. George Ousley

    Sorry is it still 4 sale?how can I contact u?

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  7. John

    Very nicely done, definitely like the color combination, but I have to call out one other interior flaw… There is no AC hanging under the dash. The dark car in Florida with a black vinyl interior and no AC does not sound like the optimal combination to me, but that could easily be fixed with a trip to Classic Auto Air. Nice car and I’m sure somebody will very much appreciate it.

    Like 1
  8. 370zpp

    Beautiful car, but please, loose the wheels. They ruin it for me.
    So many alternatives.

  9. stu

    Wheels are fine…
    Sure there are other possibilities but still well put together….

  10. George Hunter

    Very nicely done! My first car was a ’66 coupe, 289 4spd, this brings back a lot of great memories!

    Like 1

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