29,765 Miles: 1993 Ford Mustang Cobra

The first owner held onto this bone-stock 1993 Ford Mustang Cobra until 2018, making it practically (but not quite) a one-owner vehicle. In that time, the Mustang was clearly cherished, with no obvious modifications or abuse inflicted upon it. It’s also a desirable non-sunroof car, making it a potentially better investment that other Cobras with a hole in the roof. Find this example here on eBay with a Buy-It-Now of $32,500.

In many ways, the Fox Body Cobra was a final fling for one of the most loved platforms in Ford’s history. I’m not saying it was the best, but it had a lot of fans – from cab drivers who hustled Crown Vics to hot rodders that ran the 1/4 mile in a Mustang notchback. The fact that Ford’s engineers somehow massaged another 30 b.h.p. out of a car that was quite long in the tooth is still impressive today.

With just under 30,000 original miles, the longtime first owner withstood temptation to rack up the miles in a big way on this Cobra. Of course, that’s also a shame that he didn’t get to drive it more, but as a second or third car, that mileage reflects plenty of drive time. The interior looks great, with clean, un-damaged dash surfaces and the mint condition steering wheel and seating surfaces – and no deviations from stock condition.

Larger brakes, a unique body kit, and lots of off-the-shelf Ford Performance magic helped the Cobra become the beast that it was, turning out a 0-60 run in under six seconds. The cars also received a unique body kit and wheels, the later of which look amazing on my latest obsession, the late Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupes, another Fox Body platform performer. Cars like this Cobra are already in demand, and don’t expect to see that let up anytime soon.


  1. Blueprint

    Crown Vic was built on the larger Panther platform. Nice to see one of these in black instead of the more common red!

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  2. OhU8one2

    This car is on my top 10 cars to own. This was the last of a great body style. Ford hit all the marks. The 94’s just didn’t capture the mystic like the 93 did. GLWTS. Im wwatching this one.

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  3. Andre

    I’m not sure why you’d want a non-sunroof car? Or why that would make it more desirable?

    Presumably in its current state it’ll be destined as a cruiser where ultimate rigidity is irrelevant.

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  4. Brad G

    $32,500 ??

    Is that pesos or American money?

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  5. Lucky strike

    For another five more thousand you can get the new 2019 Mustang GT premium that would blow the doors off that car

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    • Brian Scott

      While indeed true, I’m not sure how relevant that is because there are oodles of cars for which this holds true. To name one, if you have a Carrera 2S/4S from 1998, you can drive that to your local dealer and trade for a brand-new one, plus receive a tidy wad of cha-ching to boot. Performance of the two is not even in the same universe.

    • Fiete T.

      That’s would be window sticker on a GT premium with no options. Still a solid, comfortable car…but the performance package stage 2 (w/Brembos, Magneride and the Stage 2 wheel & tires) is $6500. Recaros cost $1595. Smart & Safe is $1000. Active exhaust? $895…trying to order one through a buddy’s dealership for my daughter right now w/a friend of his @FoMoCo HQ to do a couple line-item deviations. If I can get the order through, it’ll also get a SC installed at the dealership…asked the daughter what she wanted, and Mustang was it.

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  6. Arthell64 Member

    I really like the 93 cobra.

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  7. Brian Scott

    Man, the black really works on this car. I’ve seen umpteen of them in red, but this black! Love it.

  8. MrMustang

    I guess I don’t get the fascination with Fox Body Mustangs and all of their problems. I have owned two fox bodied Mustangs and they are no where near as advanced as the 1994/95 Mustang Cobra. 32500 for a 29K mile car, I’ll pass. Give me an SN95 Mystic any day of the week for half that price. And the Mystic is way better with its 4.6 DOHC engine. JMHO

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  9. Phoenix9320

    Hmmmm, makes me wonder about our 1993 Mustang Cobra sitting in the garage. Teal in color (which looks emerald green at times, and sapphire blue at times) with gray leather and a sunroof. Did I mention the low 18k miles?

  10. robj Member

    Well, I have one and I could stand behind it and listen to it idle all night long. Maybe there’s just something about a pushrod motor…

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