3 Cylinder Air-Cooled Diesel: 1950 Ford Hot Rod Truck

You could buy a dozen or more self-proclaimed “Rat Rods” on eBay any day of the week, but this one takes it up to that next level and firmly presses the “What-the-What!?” button. For example, is that a cross-cut saw blade sun visor? Offered here on eBay from Dandridge, Tennessee with bidding shy of $4,000 and reserve not met.

If the seller already had you at “Air-Cooled Three Cylinder Diesel,” don’t miss the other details like the S-10 frame and rear end, 4 speed transmission, tilt wheel, and two sets of rat-adorned air horns. It’s like Rat Rod Yahtzee! The aforementioned Duetz diesel typically powers mining or agricultural machinery, and while many models exist the ones that look like this make about 95 horsepower, interestingly the same amount as the ’50 Ford’s original flathead V8.

Wide tires and wheels normally elicit moaning and eye-rolls from traditional hot-rodders, but they seem less sacrilegious on this running, driving caricature of a vehicle. What’s left of the bed is just big enough to hold a Top Ten List of “Things I don’t want flying at me in a highway accident,” including welding gas cylinders and (if I’m seeing that right) a vintage Lincoln stick welder. Add a box of TNT and a mason jar full of nitroglycerine and it’s Party Time. The seller describes this, uh, thing as “Extraordinarily dependable. Pick it up and drive it home with no problems.” So what’s stopping you? Where do you think the bidding will stop on this truly (and perhaps thankfully) one-of-a-kind vehicle?

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  1. Milt

    Some people might look at this thing pulling up and then decide they don’t this guy’s welding services.

  2. ed the welder

    this is welding humor in one of it’s finest forms…what’s not to love ?

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  3. Jeffro

    Yeah…as a welder, I appreciate this. Yeah…I’d drive it.

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  4. glen

    Sorry , I don’t like this.

  5. Bob

    What’s stopping me? Just about everything.

  6. MH

    What a waste of a good truck. People that do this crap don’t care about history. Rat rods are the worst thing to come in the automotive world. They need to be stopped!!!

    • Oingo

      While I personally am not interested in the genre I am a fan of fixing things and getting them back into service. I am guessing the truck was not in good repair. To me rat rodding is getting machines that would otherwise continue to decay back onto the road.

      • Howard A Member

        Hi Oingo, I believe you are missing the point of these. A rat rod does cater to any specific brand. It’s a hodge-podge of everything and anything. The fact that this uses many Ford parts, and started out as a late 40’s Ford pickup, it morphed into much more than that, and the similarity stops there. I can just see a bunch of friends building this, and someone comes across a neat looking part from who know’s what, a battleship maybe, and they wasted an entire evening, with some brewski’s, wondering where to mount their treasure find.( I’m sure being retired helps) And I’ve got news for you, if I needed something welded and a guy showed up in this, I’d KNOW they would know what they’re doing.

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    • Kevin Tapply

      I’m guessing your dad said the same thing about your hot rods back “in the day”. Rat Rods express the interests and passions of the builder. A heck of a lot better than the fiber glass bodied “Deuce Coupe”‘ sitting on a custom frame with a SBC engine covered in the most billet aluminum he can afford would be. I’d take this any day of the week over that. And just in case you think I’m a poser take a look at just one of mine. 1928 Ford with a 1952 Studebaker flathead 6 and a 1953 Ford pickup bed. Don’t get too
      Close, the paint ain’t near perfect.

      • Robert Gallagher

        Yea, Okay sure. However Passion and talent are two different things. One can be passionate about something, but that does not mean that they have the talent to be successful at it.

    • Jaygryph

      “Good Truck”, lol.

      You can still buy these old ’49 era Ford F series trucks off farms for a couple hundred bucks. I paid $200 a couple years ago for one that was complete minus engine…then another $200 for one that was missing a lot of stuff but had a non seized flathead V8 in it. So $400 and a lot of wrenching and cursing and I’d have a complete beater pickup that another say, $500 in tune up and service parts would put back into running driving condition. Not worth it in my view, I cut them up and used the bits in various projects and what I didn’t use got parted out for more than I paid for them.

      Maybe these aren’t in the middle of the country, but man, on the west coast these things are just littered around the countryside, usually in ton and a half flatbed form.

      This goofy thing looks fun as heck to drive, and I’m sure as was mentioned that it was built by drunken buddies and really, that’s what car culture should be about.

      Back it off a turn, yer wound too tight.

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  7. Andre

    The try-hard is strong on this one

  8. LAB3

    Shooting a coat of black primer on an old machine and calling it a rat rod these days is just plain lame. You wanna rat rod? Break some rules!

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    • Kevin Tapply

      What pisses me off is when every Tom Dick and Harry has the audacity to call any old rusted out clap trap a “Rat Rod”. Sure “in Rust we Trust” is a great motto but adding a zero to the price and calling it a Rat Rod only fools the uninvolved.

  9. Red'sResto

    The presence of an onboard welder would make almost any vehicle “extrodinary dependable.”

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  10. geomechs geomechs Member

    Well, it wouldn’t have been the way I’d have done the truck up, but then, it isn’t my truck. The 3 cyl. Deutz making 95 hp?First of all it doesn’t have a turbo so the power settings are pretty much limited to around 70; most of them are around 56 PS (hp–I enjoy reading the engine labels when I work on them). The KHD engines are super reliable and tough as nails but you’ll really be digging down if you need to repair them. Plus they’re really intricate with all the tolerances when you’re putting them back together…..

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  11. Howard A Member

    I absolutely love it! The creativity is off the scale. It saddens me when I hear of people that don’t like these. Has this blase world sucked all the imagination out of you? To build this, takes a ton of imagination, and the really great thing, is it works. Rat rods ( perhaps people don’t like the name) embody everything a gearhead can throw at it, dating back to a time, when, this was just spare stuff laying around, and a bunch of friends got together, maybe with lot of beer, responsibly ( if there is such a thing) it’s ok, and probably had a blast making it. And as individual as we all are, no 2 rat rods are the same. I enjoy trying to figure out the brands of car stuff used. The more you study it, the more stuff pops out. Did you check out the other one? Big “trash can” air cleaners( 2 different kinds), that one is cooler yet!

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  12. jdjonesdr

    I’m not interested unless all of the air horns work.

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  13. Dolphin Member

    Really like that sun visor. Looks like it cuts through the air real well.

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    • Dan

      Agreed…just be careful when washing your windshield!

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    • CarBuzzard Member

      Well, you’d certainly see what you saw.

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  14. Todd Fitch Staff

    I’m not a fan of the term “Rat Rod.” These are just hot rods in the sense that they’re built from whatever parts are available to suit the owner’s needs. I’ve passed on writing up about 50 of these, and this is the first I thought had enough style to be interesting. I’ve got to admit the engine choice factored into it. Years ago I saw an otherwise plain-Jane K-car that had been given a second life with an otherwise plain-Jane Peugeot turbo-diesel motor. That’s “News” in my book. Making something intentionally bizarre is not always worth rewarding, but I like this one.

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  15. Joe Haska

    MH, Comments like yours really concern me, I was at a show one time and a participant went off on me about , Hot Rodder’s destroyed cars and they were basically the scum of the earth. I don’t why I said it, but I looked at him and said really? How do you feel about minorities?, and with out skipping a beat, he said, I don’t mind them “Its not their Fault”. I was speechless and just walked away, and I am still speechless, when I see comments like yours!

  16. Ken Hoffer

    That’s down right cool!!😀

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  17. Robert Gallagher

    Sorry Joe Haslam, I am with MH on this one. There are minimal safe standards set for vehicles by the Department of Transportation. And I do believe there are several safety violations here.
    Moreover, anyone who thinks this monstrosity is cool needs to enroll to the school of design in Pasadena California.
    Rat Rods will become subject to extinction just like spinner hubcaps and plaid suits. Like full glass bubble roofs they will quickly go by way of the Do Do Bird. This thing is a dinosaur. :-/

  18. Fran

    I guess I just don’t get it.

  19. blaine horne

    One of the coolest “Rat Rods” I have ever seen. Would love to have it.

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  20. Robert Gallagher

    A man”s greatest defect is not his ignorance, it is his refusal to admit he was wrong.

    I will be the first to admit that I was wrong as soon as this Rat Rod wins the Concours d Elegance


      Be careful what you wish for, the day may come soon enough that rat rods start receiving those invitations.

      • Robert Gallagher

        That’s a good point, and I am sure there will be the day when a Rat Rod will perform in a Concours d Elegance show. However by then the theory of automotive evolution will surly change the Rat Rod into something far more sophisticated than it is today.
        I am excited for whats in store for the future of the Rat Rod. I can actually envision air conditioning for a Rat Rod that encompasses more that a hood scoop on the roof.

  21. Joe Haska

    Robert Gallahger,
    I think your comment was directed at me when you said you agree with MH. I think allot of you are missing soothing, and that is what is your definition of a Rat Rod. The history of the term to the best of my knowledge came from Gray Baskerviile, a very well known automotive journalist, photographer and truly an icon in the Hot Rod community, he has past away and I feel fortunate that I got to meet him and talk with him.
    I would love to know what he would think about all this mis-guided controversy, I know he would never condone unsafe cars, and that was not what he was implying with the term. I am also sure he liked imagination and creativity, which is exactly what these cars are like it or not.
    What I was saying to MH is all forms of this hobby are different, there is no right or wrong, and everybody is entitled to their opinion. However, when someone thinks that anyone who disagrees with their point of view, should not be allowed to express it. That bothers me.

  22. Robert Gallagher

    Yes I understand, and you certainly have the right to your opinion. I may disagree with an individual’s particular point of view but I will vehemently fight for their right to speak it.
    However when a person modifies a vehicle in such a manner that it could put others at risk of injury, its not cool.
    It does not take an engineer to know that this vehicle was constructed by an amateur who has a reckless disregard for his safety and the safety of the general public whom of which may be in harms way. If he can’t stop in time or he looses control and barrel rolls into on coming traffic he could kill somebody.
    What an amateur fabricator does not know can kill himself and others.

    And, Just so you know, the sharp edges of the saw blade that he is using for sun visor is illegal in most states. Generally speaking, no sharp edges are allowed because that issue can turn a minor collision with a human into a fatal one.
    One day this fabricator WILL be good at what he does but he is not quite there yet.
    As much as you disagree with HM he does make somewhat of a valid point. However he did not give ALL the reasons for stopping the construction of substandard vehicles, some of which rise to the level of dangerous.
    Just because a person can do something doesn’t mean that they should do it. (I get a lot of police officers in trouble that way).
    Again, I feel that he will someday build something to be proud of, however he’s just not quite there yet.

  23. Howard A Member

    Oh, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!! Joe, simmer down now, Robert, sounds like you could ruin a sunny day. Sheesh, and that’s what’s happened to our beloved hobby, folks. Can’t even express yourself with a rat rod. For shame. This is a salute to the backyard, shadetree mechanic.

  24. Robert Gallagher

    Okay Howard A, that’s a good opinion you have there. You hold on to the Rat Rod idea tightly, just like a child with an ice cream cone on a hot sunny day! But you better eat it fast or it’s going to melt away.

    • Howard A Member

      Hi Robert, I just grow weary of people thinking everybody’s stupid except them. While the pictures don’t show much, I’ve been around vehicles for my whole life, and just by looking at this, I can see the person who made this, is no schmoe. I’d bet it stops, goes and handles better than the magnificent classic’s you post, which, quite honestly, I’d be scared to death driving one of those fantastic machines in today’s traffic. And another thing, responsible people don’t barrel roll their creations into a crowd of church goers. We hear about some fruitcake that does that, and anybody that wants to have a little fun, like this, is a crazed maniac. It just isn’t so.
      Peace man,,,

      • Robert Gallagher

        Howard A. A Psychiatrist once told me to respond to the feeling or emotion in the statement, not the statement itself.
        I have this thing call Mad, Madder equals Dumb and Dumber.
        What that means is that the anger in me makes me appear dumb and the more angry I get the dumber I appear.
        Here you are so angry that you have thrown caution and restraint to the winds.
        You are so upset that you have taken my statement out of context and then added your own twist to it when you stated that “responsible people don’t barrel roll their creations into a crowd of church goers” As if to say that I said or suggested that people do this on purpose.
        Jaygryph was right, you really need to tone it down a bit.
        Your a Jet fighter flying high at 50 thousand feet with you landing gear up, your flaps trimmed, and your running at full throttle with your afterburners full on !
        Your moving so fast that you have broken the barrier of basic sound rhetoric.
        Calm down ! Turn off your afterburners, throttle back your engines, extend your flaps and lower your landing gear.
        We’ll leave the runway lights on for ya.

  25. Mountainwoodie

    Food Fight! FWIW I’m an OEM guy but it never fails to astound me the creativity of car builders whether classic forties-fifties rods or whats come to be called rat rods. And yes there is a surfeit of flat black paint………and yes Model A cabs cut down to the size of Tonka trucks gets tiring (to me). Still American ingenuity is pretty awesome.

    All that said, this truck should be in Terry Gilliam’s movie’ Brazil’…………..fits perfectly.

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  26. Joe Haska

    I have to make one last comment about this controversy ,started by the term Rat Rod. First of all I don’t think any of us are condoning unsafe cars. I am sure there are many cars out there, that are unsafe by today’s standards, including some 100 point restoration’s of period cars. Granted some of these cars are not driven very much, I think that is true for most of the very radical Rat Rod’s, they are rolling sculptures, and many couldn’t be driven even if you wanted too.
    I drive a 53 Ford P/U everyday, late drive train, air, disc brakes, cool wheels, and very bad paint, by anyone’s standards, some say patina, others just say “Are you going to paint it”. Most people think it is a Rat Rod , and that’s fine with me. I also have seen, what could probably be considered the ultimate Rat Rod, and just been over whelmed by the work and creativity it took to build a car of that caliber. Point being really don’t know the real definition of Rat Rod, so it seems unfair to me to just lump them all into one category, and bash all of them
    Us car guys are very opinionated, and I am probably the worst of the worst, it takes real constraint on my part to keep my mouth shut when I don’t like a car. But its like the first amendment, all car guys have the right to build what ever they want, as long as it doesn’t endanger others!

    • Mountainwoodie

      You’re First Amendment analogy would work better if the Gubmint was trying to stop folks from building what they wished. but I get your point.

    • Robert Gallagher

      Your absolutely right ! The key point is buried in your last part of your last statement. “AS LONG AS IT DOESN’T ENDANGER OTHERS”. The Rat Rod we are discussing can very easily endanger others simply by virtue of it’s lack of fenders.
      Have you ever been hit by a rock thrown by a tier ? It will knock you off your bike.
      and that safety issue is just one of many I see here with that vehicle.

  27. Doug Towsley

    Robert Gallagher needs to revisit that shrink, Or go to a pot legal state and spend a lot of time doing yoga and meditation. Colorado has some excellent Bud & breakfasts I hear. Same with some of the rest of you. That saw blade is illegal in most states? Which ones and do you have any reference materials to support that? We have a number of people like MH and poor Robert in some of our local vintage clubs. It gets tiring and annoying hearing that same drivel.
    I spent a lot of time doing restorations, and customs and many original vintage vehicles simply are NOT safe on the road, hence why restomods are popular. I sold off all my vehicles with dodgy suspension, bad brakes and the high pucker factor. Too scary to drive. I appreciate rat rods more and more, Sure there is some silly stuff and some of it is getting old like the faux patina but after investing hundreds of hours into perfect body work and paint it gets old worried about a scratch or ding. Rat rods are about having fun and cutting loose.
    My neighbor had a genuine Cobra, mouthed off at a car show one day about values and on Monday there was a cashiers check and a roll off truck in his driveway. He said it was the best thing he ever did is sell it. Went out and bought a high performance turn key replica. Has a blast driving it and doesnt have to deal with that “Pucker factor”. He also says its 100 times better performance and handling.
    Horses for courses.
    While I still enjoy doing a 100 point resto, I derive a great deal of pleasure from a custom or “Ratrod” car or motorcycle. I have a background in military and civilian aerospace, and while working in maint. & millwright work have often been criticized about how I work on things, Most often told “We dont need pretty! We need functional and back in service fast!” Just because a vehicle is not polished or flawless paint does not mean its not functional or cool. In fact, some stuff is much better in a raw state.
    For example we have the All British Field Meet (ABFM) coming up labor day weekend locally. One year I brought my 1948 Famous James (Villiers power!) and its crusty and unrestored but IMHO very cool! I parked it next to one of the local trophy whores Norton. He had a fit. He was also incensed that my crusty old relic got all the attention and people were taking pictures constantly.
    I did it because its a rare bike, Its also a very early style not commonly seen and I put a small placard out for other owners, parts and tech. I got a lot of good leads that day and had a great time. The fact that it gave one of our local nutjobs heartburn was simply an unforeseen bonus.

  28. Robert Gallagher

    Doug Towsley. There are a lot of people out there who think like you do. Basically anyone who does not think like you do is nuts in your mind. That’s called extremism. Have you ever heard the “Narcissist”.
    Just for your information there are a whole lot of rules for building cars and those rules vary from state to state. Such as spinner hub caps are illegal in many states. You have to use safety glass, windshield wipers are required, even the tire design is restricted, etc. the list goes on and on. Now you can ignore or violate these rules, but if someone gets hurt as a result of a rule infraction such as improper style or installation of seat belts you can be held liable under the laws of torts for negligence. Grandfather laws are limited, so most likely they will not protect you from a law suit for negligence.
    I am not going to read you all the build requirements for vehicle manufacturing.
    Doug, it is easy to criticize, it doesn’t take any brains to do that. Then you pat yourself on the back for your exceptional creation, however please let me know when and where your creation wins “Best in Show” at a Contours d Elegance and I’LL be the first to congratulate you.

  29. Joe Haska

    Robert, this is really taking on a life of its own, I had no idea of spinner hubcaps, high boy roadsters, and most of all those saw blade sun-visors, being that dangerous! I guess being a Viet-Nam Vet, Motorcycle Rider, Racing cars, and a Big City Firefighter for over 30 years, I just didn’t give it much thought. Are these contours d elegance safe to attend? I went to a big deal in Pebble Beach, and they it a Concourse De Elagance, and there were even Hot ods there, and to the best of knowledge no one was injured

    • Robert Gallagher

      Yes, Joe H. and I see I am not the only one to have spelling errors, Hot ods ?

  30. Joe Haska

    Sorry for the spelling and grammatically incorrect post, my internet is not working well , and I was unable to edit the post.
    edit: no idea that spinner ————-being all that dangerous
    edit; Viet-Nam vet, pilot, motorcycle rider, racing cars and a being a big city fire fighter for 31 years
    edit; there was even a class for hot rods and customs, and to the best of my knowledge no one was ever injured.
    Hopefully, I can let this go if the rest of you can, because it is definitely way too much about way too little!

  31. Doug Towsley

    Robert G. That is a remarkable response since I was actually suggesting the same for you. I find it funny and very amusing you are “projecting” your neuroses.
    See: https://www.goodtherapy.org/blog/psychpedia/projection

    “Projection is a psychological defense mechanism in which individuals attribute characteristics they find unacceptable in themselves to another person. For example, a husband who has a hostile nature might attribute this hostility to his wife and say she has an anger management problem.

    In some cases projection can result in false accusations. For example, someone with adulterous feelings might accuse their partner of infidelity.

    Types of Projection

    Like other defense mechanisms, projection is typically unconscious and can distort, transform, or somehow affect reality. A classic example of the defense mechanism is when an individual says “She hates me” instead of expressing what is actually felt, which is “I hate her.”
    So, at this point I asked WHICH States that saw blade would be illegal in since you made that such a point. I find it offensive to hear people tell others “Thats illegal” but cant back it up.

    Should be a simple matter of states and jurisdictions that you are familiar with have posted these rules you keep referencing.

    Revised statutes? Ordinances? Proposed or enacted legislation? Testimony from committee ?? If you care to look I have testified and written letters to lawmakers about traffic safety. Its all public record. Should be relatively easy to post links to specific materials in at least 1 or 2 jurisdictions although you did state that,, was it “MOST STATES”??? So, we dont need all 50 states or even a 2/3rds majority.

    As to laws, I am not an officer of the court, although I have been employed by several govt agencies as well as was licensed as a Public safety officer. I also worked for a time at the State Crime lab here, but not in enforcement. But my father was a member of the state bar for over 50 years as an attorney. So, pretty familiar with tort law and liability. As a shop owner I am also acutely aware of insurance and liability.
    I am also a federally licensed AirFrame & Powerplant technician and inspector by the FAA as well as certified to teach certain aerospace and mechanics subjects by the federal govt. And, Just to pile on, I am also a certified NDT inspector.
    In case you dont know that means Non Destructive Testing. Borescopes, Eddy current, Visual & Dimensional, Mag-particle, Liquid penetrant inspection (AKA Zyglo) levels 1 & 2 and certified in Radiological imaging for aerospace inspection.

    Any time you feel you are up to speed on mechanics and can pass inspection, feel free to let me know and I would be happy to let you know if you are up to “Airworthy standards”.

    Oh, yeah!.. I almost forgot. I have a commendation letter from the dept of transportation for turning around a over the road trucking company’s fleet and noting the quality of maintenance as noted in Federal highway safety inspections.

  32. Robert Gallagher

    “My Dear Doug Towsley”. To answer most of your statements:
    A neuroses is when people blame themselves whereas a character disorder is where a person blames everybody else. Read “A Road Less Traveled” by Scott Peck. This book helps people understand emotional issues such as a lack of self esteem or excessive anger. He also clears up many misconceptions people have concerning complex mental problems. Such as your misconception on Neuroses. (Please Don’t feel bad about the misuse of the word “Neuroses” because a great many people have that very same misconception).

    Also, it is not a simple matter to look up these vehicle codes on construction rules as you suggest. The Department of Transportation generally sets up these classifications and most states follow them. And most states do not allow exposed sharp edges on motor vehicles, I believe Alaska does not have that rule in place. All states have different rules for construction. You need to look them up yourself because its a lot of reading.
    And I really don’t need your qualifications as to your IQ or your mental health. I do not find this information useful for a topic concerning the vehicle safety of home built vehicles. Let us stay on topic please.
    The very fact that you feel that it is necessary to make comments on your, (or my) mental capacity indicates there are some personal issues that may need some maintenance. (Automobiles are not the only ones that that need steering alignments).
    However it is nice to know that that you have a airframe and powerplant license, Now that would mean that you would be well aware of the “No Sharp Edges Allowed” rule. I find it somewhat perplexing that you seemed or appeared to not know about that. This is where the legality of a saw blade attached to the outside, (or inside) of a vehicle runs afoul of numerous state codes and rules or laws as having sharp edges which may place the general public at an unreasonable risk of injury as any reasonable and prudent person would see it. (See federal rules on Negligence), (federal law trumps state law) it is also possible to run into some issues concerning vicarious or third party liability.
    No reasonable person would attach a saw blade to a car, that’s as crazy as bolting a six inch hunting knife on the hood of a car as a hood ornament. This sort of fabrication is inherently dangerous. No sharp edges, remember ?
    I am happy and proud of your accomplishments, such as being a really great Maintenance Manager in the Trucking industry but these accomplishments have nothing to do with justifying the reckless and haphazard construction of unsafe vehicles which are intended to be driven on the public roads and highways. I am sure that in the future the Rat Rod will evolve into something more than it is today but right now there is much room for improvement, Again please remember, Stay on topic.

  33. Doug Towsley

    Robert Robert Robert, another long post and you still cant answer the question. Not even ONE example! I am very familiar with how state and federal laws work and I know of no such “Laws” or “Rules” you contend exist.
    Please, show me at least 2 states out of 50 where such a saw blade would be illegal.
    You rant a great deal about all sorts of things and want to lecture but cant connect the dots.
    Either show us where such a law exists or admit you are wrong.
    Im here all week laddie!

    • Robert Gallagher

      Doug Towsley,
      If you would like to stay on topic I will be happy to answer you,
      however as long as you continue to engage off the topic I will no longer respond.
      I prefer that people respond with the grace of an adult not the grief of a child.

  34. Robert Gallagher

    Michigan, Illinois, Indiana. California, for just a few, don’t be lazy look it up for yourself. Also federal DOT laws makes it illegal in any state.
    And remember to stay on topic. Your off topic, again !

    • Doug Towsley

      Robert, Now you are pouting and wont respond when I asked you do one simple thing????

      Lets be clear, You lectured all of us on motor vehicle laws, safety and what is legal/illegal. I asked you simply to support your position with ANY sort of proof that your illogical rants were based on reality or facts.
      With much fan fare you still have failed to provide ANY supporting material to validate your claims.

      Its not hard. Im asking again, show proof or admit finally that you are wrong. I already know the answer, we all do, Its just important that you come to terms with it.

      So, I am feeling generous today so I will help, Lets take a similar topic,, Say, Window tinting. Most of us are well aware that the laws and rules on this vary from state to state and even counties. But its a good analogy so lets use that. Here is what most people would reference:


      That took all of 3 minutes and I could keep going and going but I think any “Reasonable man” would see the point. When I have worked with DOT or Law Enforcement in the past this is typically how these issues get resolved.

      Now… one last time, you made a LOT of ridiculous statements but I asked simply you support just ONE of them with at least 2 states or jurisdictions where a saw blade like on this vehicle would be illegal.

      • Mr. Robert Gallagher

        Doug, It is not wise to assume a delay is pouting. Guilt trips do not work on me. Some of us have real jobs so we cannot sit on the computer all day at grandmas house just to answer some hot dogger. Stay on topic.
        And you asked this question before and I answered your question already.
        Sorry if you do not like the answer, but the laws are numerous. There are Federal DOT laws, State laws, and City ordinances. If you would like to sift though them be my guest. Here is an article of yet another expert on the issue of buildings home built vehicles. By Robert Riley in Arizona.

        Robert Q. Riley Enterprises, LLC. is a full service product design and development consultancy.  he delivers solutions to your design, manufacturing, and support challenges. The firm’s founder, Robert Q. Riley, has over 25 years experience in all phases of product design, development, and commercialization. I have 40.
        Here is what he has to say about homemade vehicle requirements.
        Passenger Cars. If you want to argue about the rules call him up. However I am done with you because you just want to use this form as a venue to start an argument and that is not what it is for mountianwoodie is right.
            Re enter Mr. Riley:
        In the U.S., cars having four or more wheels in contact with the ground are classified as passenger cars. Homebuilt or specially constructed passenger cars must be correctly equipped in order to obtain a license, and equipment requirements vary from state to state. Your finished vehicle will be inspected and licensed by the appropriate agency of your particular state. Normally, the agency will be entitled Department of Motor Vehicles or Motor Vehicle Department. In California, for example, homebuilt cars are inspected by the California Highway Patrol and the actual license is issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles.
             Before you begin construction, it’s a good idea to check with the appropriate agency to find out how your vehicle will have to be equipped. That way, the necessary equipment can be incorporated into the vehicle as it is built. Most states provide a booklet outlining the correct equipment and licensing procedure for specially constructed cars. 
        Passenger Car Equipment Requirements
             Equipment requirements normally concern items such as the correct braking, lighting, window glazing materials, safety equipment, rear view mirrors, defrosters, wipers, and other similar items. Emission controls are also an important consideration in meeting state-level equipment requirements.
             Passenger cars must be equipped with hydraulic brakes on all four wheels. Braking system regulations normally require a separate parking brake, independent of the hydraulic braking system, that operates on either the two front or the two rear wheels. The hydraulic braking system must be equipped with a stop light that is activated either by a hydraulic pressure switch or by a mechanical switch on the brake pedal assembly. In most states, the hydraulic braking system must be the type having a dual-chamber master cylinder with two independent brake fluid reservoirs and independent front and rear hydraulic systems. Most states require two tail light fixtures, equipped with running lights and stop lights, but some states still require only a single tail light/stop light fixture.
             A system for defogging the windshield (defroster) will likely be required. Requirements for bumpers and fenders vary between states, but fenders and vehicle-width bumpers are required equipment in most states. Some states, however, exempt vehicles of less than a specified weight. Seats belts are another item that may be necessary in order to obtain a license. Side marker lights may or may not be required in your state.
             In some instances, vehicle regulations could place limitations on particular customization ideas that you may have in mind. In all states, for example, headlights must be located so the center of the lens is no closer than 24 inches above the ground. In the case of retractable headlights, the center of the lens must be at least 24 inches above the ground when the headlights are extended for night driving. If a special design treatment were to result in headlights that are too close to the ground, your finished vehicle may require extensive modification in order to receive a license. Many states permit acrylic window glazing for side and rear windows, but others require glass safety plate for all window glazing. Laminated safety plate is universally required for windshield glazing, and either tempered safety plate or acrylic glazing will be allowed for side and rear windows, depending on the state in which the vehicle is licensed.
             Although homebuilt vehicles are not regulated on a federal level, the vehicle code of many states includes language requiring that all vehicles are equipped according to the federal regulations in effect when the vehicle was built. If you are in one of these state, a vehicle based on an existing automobile chassis will have to be equipped according to the federal regulations in effect when the chassis was built. An entirely scratch built vehicle would have to comply with regulations in effect in the year in which the vehicle is finished.s.

  35. Howard A Member

    This is great. I’m not “subscribed” to this thread,( I will now) but seeing the turn it took, everybody wants the last word. Poor Todd is scratching his head, who’d have thunk, hey Todd? It was just a rat rod, sent off a flurry of fireworks, going way beyond the vehicle itself.( the seller is probably LHAO) I think I may have started this, but it’s cool. I don’t harbor any resentment at all, and Robert, don’t stop, please, your opinion is as valid as the next person’s, and we can’t forget that. While, obviously, I side with Joe and Doug, I can’t argue with Robert’s point’s, they’re true, however,,,today, our media makes a big deal over an isolated incident. This wonderful machine I’m typing on, brings those catastrophe’s to our kitchen table, BUT, what isn’t told, is the millions of people that never have an incident in these endeavors. Don Henley said it best, “Give us dirty laundry”.
    I, for some reason, can’t give thumbs up anymore ( probably because I pissed and moaned about them) but I feel this is much better. Shows we’re still human. Have a great weekend,( although, being retired, it’s one big weekend now) they’re fading fast, and if I may have one of the last words ( I know, me too, I blame my ex-wife for that), in the end, we’re all in this together, and I’m a firm believer in “run what ya’ brung”, and plenty of room for everyone that loves cars.

    • Howard A Member

      I have a strange feeling, Dave Wright is sitting back chuckling about all this, Dave, what say ye?

    • Todd Fitch Staff

      Thanks, Howard. Along the lines of threads taking on life of their own, and for everyone’s amusement, I will link this age-old thread from the famous rec.autos.tech in which my lack of knowledge turned a discussion about why intake valves are larger than exhaust valves into a debate about nuclear physics. At the risk of taking some pot-shots 15 years after the fact I will share this. Enjoy! https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/rec.autos.tech/lovyBc4EmUM

    • Robert Gallagher

      Howard thanks for staying on topic and keeping it civil.
      I can envision the new owner of this rat rod getting pulled over and written up for two citations right off the bat, at least in (Indiana and Illinois).
      One for no front bumper and another for no rear bumper. Here in these states you have to have bumpers. Moreover the bumper heights are limited. they cant be too high or too low. And I am not too sure about the Howard’s quantity numbers, million rat rods ? It’s possible but not likely.

  36. Mountainwoodie

    Guys…I have been reading with amusement this argument about how many angels can dance on the head of pin aka what is legal in which state, how much of a public safety issue is this or that. Suffice it to say the parties involved have each made valid points. But again it is an argument without end. To what point? To endlessly bang at an unknown person on the other end? While I am all about banging on others in a different context, and I appreciate the pictures that Mr. Gallagher has posted establishing his bonafides and also appreciate Doug Towsley long and storied career, I have to wonder don’t we all have lots of other cars to look at that the fine Barn Find crew assemble for our daily dissection? Lets call it a draw shall we?