30-Year Shed Find! 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle SS

This 1972 Chevelle is believed to be a real Super Sport that was stored in a shed for 30 years! Although there are no pictures of it in the shed, the dust on the car certainly points toward long-term storage. Found here on eBay with a current bid over $6,000, the car is located in Murdock, Minnesota and is said to have a clear Minnesota title.

The engine is advertised as the original numbers-matching 350 cubic inch displacement with an automatic transmission. The ad states “I have no documentation with car, but it is believed to be a true SS car by what I see, I’ve had a few Chevelles throughout the years.” An interested buyer would be wise to do some investigating of the VIN and/or see if you can find a build sheet in the car somewhere.

The interior is pretty rough. The seller says that it has factory buckets and console along with 8-track player and horseshoe shifter. The interior is very dirty and it looks like the windows may have been down slightly while in storage. There are a lot of sources for reproduction parts for these cars and it appears this car will need one of everything.

Based on the photos in the ad, this car looks like a fairly complete and original project. There is some pretty bad rust near the wheel openings and in the trunk. Although the car looks decent, the seller is honest stating it needs a full restoration. This is probably not the fix-it-as-you-drive-it type of project. What do you think? Is this car worth saving?

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  1. Steve R

    In 1972 the VIN will verify which size engine came in the car, but won’t prove a car is an SS unless the car came equipped with a 454. The 454 was only available in the SS in 1972. It probably is an SS, but someone would need to find either a build sheet, Protecto Plate, or some paperwork that came with the car when new such as an order form or window sticker in order to prove it.

    The bidding is currently at $7,500, that’s a stretch for a small block SS, with this much rust even though it has some nice options.

    Steve R

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    • Rick

      In 1971 and 1972 Chevy offered 350 engines in SS Chevelles however this car most likely is not a Super Sport. Door guards and chrome strips below the door were not offered for the SS package.


  2. Kuzspike

    Since this was one of the last ones before the smog controls really took over, and with all of the replacement parts available, I’d fix it, at least to a nice day driver level. But then again, I’m partial to this year/model.

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  3. Jack M.

    Price does not seem out of line for being in the rust belt. Good cars are getting scarcer everyday.

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  4. Del

    At least this one might be restorable.

    Real SS or not ?

    Check under back seat for build sheet ?

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  5. Steve

    This reminds me of the car i wrapped around a pole when i was a teenager. Same exact color combo and interior but mine was a 402 4spd.

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  6. 4 barrel

    My thinking the SS had a 402 & 454 for 1972 no 350?

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      Not true. My first car was a 72 ss with 350. Had the build sheet with it.

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  7. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Just look at hem sexy factory wheels……

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  8. Gray Wolf

    The emission control really bit off the performance in 1971. I started at a Chevy Dealership in 1970 when the vehicles had some punch. 1971 vehicles came out and were a big dissappointment, stumbling, stalling, hesitation and no power!

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