30-Year Slumber: 1969 Chevrolet Camaro RS/SS

The Camaro is one of the quintessential vehicles from the Muscle Car era. Everyone who was alive when these debuted or has since developed an appreciation of vintage tin, knows what they are and maybe even wants to own one. Well, here is a chance to have one that is purportedly an RS-SS convertible! It’s listed here on eBay out of fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada with no reserve.

There is literally nothing that I could say about first-generation Camaros that hasn’t already been said at least a thousand times, by a thousand other people, since their debut on Chevy showroom floors in 1967. They are truly iconic. The white with orange stripes exterior and orange houndstooth interior makes me think this could be a very desirable Pace Car model. The seller doesn’t mention anything about that in the listing though so maybe it’s a clone?

This particular Camaro is, as you can see, a convertible and in pretty good overall condition. The seller tells us that they unearthed it and got it to a point where it runs, moves and stops on its own, but have left it otherwise as-found. As one would expect, it’s a V8 mated to an automatic transmission, but it apparently started life with a manual trans. The photos show us a white car with a light colored top and red houndstooth interior. We’re not given an underhood picture, but we can get an idea of what might be there from the description.

As much as part of me says “Oh look, another Camaro”, another dreamer side says “Aww man, wouldn’t that be SWEET? I could totally finish fixing that up and roll that to every Cars ‘n Coffee  within 50 miles of my house!” The possibility of it turning out to be a real Pace Car makes that dream even sweeter. What do you think, would you take a chance on this one?


  1. Steve

    The “Z11” this car has on the cowl tag indicates a pace car convertible. We still have one in our family that was passed down when my brother passed away. (It was featured in this site when he was trying to sell it before he passed away.) My oldest brother still has it. The covette 427/390 ho has been removed in order to generate funds for the restoration. It will either get a 71 350 dressed in stock form or an LS/LT engine.

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  2. Steve

    Pace cars were also the only cars to get the orange houndstooth interior as indicated by “720” at the lower left, second from bottom position on cowl tag.

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    • doug

      Not true.

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    • Steve

      “Pace cats” LOL. Fingers too fat!

    • Jon

      Also, the pace cars were the only convertibles available with the deluxe interior.

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    • Hans

      Actually, you could get the “720” interior Orange Houndstooth in other ’69 models – coupes only though. What is unique is that the Pace Car is the only convertible model to receive Deluxe Houndstooth interior. All other convertibles either got standard or Deluxe Comfortweave. GM apparently was concerned that the cloth houndstooth interior would not hold up well under open top conditions.

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      • Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

        Wait a minute where’s my checkbook? Now how much was that? Heh, heh, only joking but I wish I wasn’t.

      • SirLurxaLot

        “GM apparently was concerned that the cloth houndstooth interior would not hold up well under open top conditions.”

        I had one. They were right.

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  3. matthew B steele

    My 2nd favorite car of all time behind 63 split window..I wish I had it..🙄

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  4. Mountainwoodie

    Whoa…wait a minute………somebody CONVERTED it to a slushbox instead instead of the original 4 speed…..why?

    The wheelie bars would indicate what? A straight line drag racer? I don’t get it.

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    • Steve R

      I don’t buy that it was seriously drag raced. Other than the seller mentioning it had brackets for wheelie bars, nothing points to it having spent time at a track. Who knows what the brackets are for, there are no pictures. Besides, in the 1980’s more than a few posers installed them on 100% street driven cars.

      Steve R

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      • Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

        Arthritis forces use of automatic transmission. My clutch leg has succumbed to old age, but I still remember slamming through the gears.

  5. TimM

    A great car from the factory! 4 speed car originally! The paint job awesome!! A pace car with RS/SS packages!! It would be a great car to restore to original condition!! I don’t know how many duel packaged pace cars they made but I bet it’s not a whole lot!! Sweet ride!!

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    • Andrew Eldritch

      3674 were built. The majority were 350s, only a handful were 396s like the actual Indy Pace Car, don’t recall the exact number, but it was VERY small.

  6. GP Member

    Two weeks ago I picked up a 1969 Camaro Pace car convert. 100% perfect condition inside and out. It still has it’s original plastic wrap and still in it’s original create. It also has the original tank of gas in it. ( 38 year old Jim Beam)

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  7. Camaro Joe

    The “TJY” engine code is a mid to late 1970’s Chevy truck, 350 4BC. That’s not a surprise since the seller says it was drag raced. Actually it looks really decent for a car that was raced. Fortunately whoever raced it didn’t hack it up too much.

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  8. Andrew Eldritch

    This is almost too strange. I think this may be my old car. I bought it from a man by the name of Jim White, who used to be the Chevrolet dealer in the town I currently reside, Lenoir City, Tennessee. He had a used car lot, about 2 miles from where his dealership had been (he had retired a few years earlier, and nobody took over the franchise in our town). The car was on his lot, for sale. He sold it new to a member of his family. It was a 4 speed Pace Car, and had gone through three members of the family, before I bought it on December 30th, 1981. The last family member to have it, was a woman, and could not drive a manual tranny car. They put a Turbo 350 trans in it. It had also had new upholstery and fresh paint shortly before I bought it. Somewhere along the line, the motor was replaced, I do remember the code checked out to be a 300hp 350, which is what was originally in the car. I sold it in 1982 to the owner of a Dodge dealership in Knoxville, Tennessee. After that, I have no idea where it went. If the shifter hole in the tunnel is patched over with part of an old Tennessee license plate, secured with sheet metal screws, then it is DEFINITELY my old car! Can I have it back? Please?

  9. cmarv

    I see “Z11” on the pictured tag .

  10. Tom Member

    Amazing this car has been sitting under a cover like this out in the open. I have to believe that even though it is outside it must be on someone’s private property to not have gain attention over all the years.

    This car, if a real Pace Car and not a clone is an amazing find. Amazing find at any level being a 69 Camaro Convertible. I personally don’t love the 69 Camaro but I respect it. It is the most iconic year of the Camaro.

    I prefer the 67-68 and 70-73 RS myself. I have been fortunate to have owned a 67 RS SS, 70 1/2 RS, 89 IROC convert, an 02 SLP convert. and 2 – 69 Firebirds. Even with the 69 Firebirds, that 69 body style just was not my favorite but again, the 69’s are an iconic year. Amazing find.

  11. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    Like this car. If I was ten years younger and in better health I’d be ll over this one restoring to my satisfaction (no air bag suspension) or any of the modern day gimmicks done to so many classic cars these days. Restore it to day one specs and drive it with great pride. Love all you car nuts though as I’m one myself. I’ve been working on my 64 Buick Riviera for about eight years now. Perhaps one day it will be a show class winner but I just to drive it on warm sunny south Texas days.

  12. Larry Wahler

    I am curious, but I read a while back, that a True RS/SS had the SS badges outside, but the ONLY reference to the RS was on the center of the steering wheel. This car has SS badges everywhere. I am NOT saying this is how it is, but I read it someplace a while back. Anyone know if this is legit?

    • Hans

      Larry – Good question/observation. First this is a Z11, which is an Indy Pace Car – all were SS/RS equipped, so the RS gear is legit.

      In ’69 – All SS cars even with RS gear, had the SS emblem on the steering wheel, assuming standard steering wheel.

      Z28’s with RS gear had the RS emblem on the steering wheel.

      And of course, RS only cars had the RS emblem.

      Reference: http://www.camaros.org/swheel.shtml#69
      “Standard interior cars received a color matched pebble-grained facing on the shroud while RPO Z23 special interior and RPO Z87 custom interior cars had a wood-grained accent that covered the pebble graining. A center “Bow-Tie” emblem was included with base, COPO, and Z28 models, while an “RS” emblem was installed with cars equipped with the RPO Z22 Rally Sport option. Super Sport models received an “SS” emblem and, as before, the “SS” emblem overrode the “RS” emblem if the car was equipped with both options. Also, like before, if the car was equipped with the combination Z28 and Rally Sport options, the “RS” emblem was utilized.”

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      • Larry Wahler

        Thank you Hans for the nice reply! That was some interesting info! I had NO clue there was that much detail involved with the badges! Fer sher way more complicated than I would have guessed! Thanks again!! Larry

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  13. Rustytech Member

    Does anyone else think this is a bargain when compared to the $20k rust bucket 68 Camarillo that was on here the other day.

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