30 Years in Storage: 1971 Chevrolet Corvette LT1

This 1971 Chevrolet Corvette has been in a storage locker in Indiana for 30 years. It sports a wild in-period paint job, along with a numbers matching engine that still turns freely. The seller notes it was stored properly, and that the storage unit remains tight and dry, free of moisture or rodent infestation. While the sellers have not attempted to start the Corvette, they’ve done some preliminary assessments that should put buyers’ minds at ease. Find it here on eBay with bids just over $10K and no reserve.

Out into the daylight, you can see the Corvette clearly reflects the tastes of a previous owner. The description notes that the second owner painted the car himself in the 1970s, which is about the only period in which a color scheme like this makes sense. The seller notes that the paint has held up extremely well considering how long it’s been stored and that it wasn’t a factory paint job. In addition, the straightness of the panels points to a potentially accident-free history, which is certainly possible considering how many years the Corvette has been off the road.

The interior is another bright spot, not only because it features the preferred manual transmission but because you don’t see the tell-tale signs of rodent nesting or staining on the carpets. The seats, dash, and door panels all look way better than expected, and are a testament to the careful storage of the car. The seller notes that the foam in the seats is starting to break down, but that the glass remains factory original. Chrome and other trim are also noted as presentable, with some tarnishing of the bright work. War Bonnet Yellow and Saddle leather is always a good look for a Corvette.

In preparation for sale, the seller states that they fogged the engine and lubricated it before attempting to turn it by hand. The engine turned freely afterwards, and the cooling system held appropriate pressure. Importantly, the seller notes there is no rust or rot on the frame. This Corvette certainly isn’t for everyone, and I could see the cool paint job being stripped away to return it to its original shade, but  I wouldn’t touch it if it were mine. The sellers notes a second vehicle in storage, a Buick Grand National, will also be coming up for sale in the coming days.


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  1. TimM

    Red and yellow??? Strangest color combination I’ve seen in a while!! Pretty straight forward car and the price isn’t bad right now!! I’m sure it’s going to need all the mechanicals gone over if it’s sat that long but still a nice ride!!!

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  2. matthew B steele

    I’d remove the trailer hitch for sure 🤣 ..i like the yellow..cover red with black..

    • matthew B steele

      I’d remove the trailer hitch for sure 🤣 ..i like the yellow..cover red with black..um no..needs a repaint..thats not a good look..imo

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  3. DayDreamBeliever Member

    30 years. That’s 360 months.

    A typical storage unit big enough for a car will run $100 per month. Sure, it may have been cheaper by a bit when first put into the spot, but still…

    $36K, or somewhere near that, was spent on keeping a car that has a fluctuating value. That really gets to the point of what has been discussed here before: Sell it, if you are not using it… at least, that makes so much sense if you have to pay money every single month just to retain possession!

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    • John

      Maybe he owned the storage unit lol!!!

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    • PatrickM

      Storage unit price in this area, just north of Washington, DC, will run you twice that $$, at least. I agree with a few, that color scheme has to go. Of course, I remember the era, too.

  4. JimmyJ

    Ronald McDonald called…he wants his car back!
    Joking aside I like the chrome bumpers,4gear and no reserve.

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  5. Stangalang

    Another Buick GN woohoo..I’d rather own the vette and wouldn’t change the paint job. I’d style and profile that all day👍

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  6. Tom71mustangs

    Can’t wait for yet another GN on the site. It really will be a great Christmas after all.

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  7. Frank Sumatra

    Nobody cares that this is an LT-1 car?

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    • moosie moosie

      And very early production LT-1 (CGZ) to boot.

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      • Frank Sumatra

        Too busy obsessing over the paint colors. Next up will be the luggage rack dissertations. It’s a freaking War Bonnet Yellow LT-1. That is a desirable car!

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    • MB

      I do, I would paint it a dark forest metallic green. With that tan interior it would look great. LT 1 in a vett is way more fun and livable than a 454.

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  8. lc

    War Bonnet Yellow is a gold color. This appears to be Sunflower Yellow…perhaps those custom colors can be judiciously removed – or not.

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    • lc

      Just maybe the whole car was painted….I’d strip it and respray it back 989-Paint War Bonnett Yellow

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  9. C Carl

    350 LT-1 with a 4 speed and a period correct funky paint job.
    Re-sprayers please ignore this one.

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  10. 1Ronald

    Nothing says it’s MY car than a custom color like this. Bright, cheerful, what a Corvette is meant to be. Was the owner a celebrity? Passed and next of kin decided to cash out? Almost makes it thug proof. Except thugs might go for a celebrity car. And most likely did own the storage facility.

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  11. Mountainwoodie

    Tow this behind the Travco and pretend the next 45 years never passed!

    Seriously though, some things should be left alone just as an historical marker of the times in which they they were produced.

    This is a great example of the times.

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  12. Chris

    Back Home Again in Indiana !

  13. Bob McK Member

    I was going to make a comment about the GN, but others beat me to it… This is a nice find for someone.

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  14. 38ChevyCoupeGuy

    I’ll go ahead and jump on the upper radiator hose with the slip over stainless cover and the fake AN fittings. Definitely replaced 30 years ago. 😁

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  15. A.J.

    Wish I could bid, but no funds for toys. If any of you guys buy it, I have an extra vent knob to replace the missing one, that you’re welcome to.

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  16. jasin

    This is an original 1970s build I would not change a thing just go threw the mechanicals that paint says it all for the year people just want to resto mod everything today original cars r hard to find

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  17. Walter

    Makes me wonder if at one time there was a matching drag boat that it pulled with that hitch. Does anyone remember that trend?

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  18. JoeNYWF64

    I didn’t think you could buy replacement vehicle specific carpeting with no drivers rubber heel pad at all. Someone was very talented & made universal carpeting fit well.
    Heck of a reach for the graphic equalizer.
    A tow hitch & luggage rack are the LAST things i think of when i hear the prefix “custom” car. lol
    Tire shop mounted 1 tire inside out?

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  19. Peter

    I had a, 71 Stingray 454 LS6 factory 425 hp,
    I was a young man then and had the cops chancing me all time, for me it was a game.

    It’s one of those cars I wish I’d never let go. Love the body styling.

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  20. Leslie Martin Member

    When I was a much younger man, I used to work for Super Shops and we sold a ton of those second generation BFG T/A radials. They were the meats of choice for every muscle car back in the day. But what really gives me that ’80’s rewind vibe is the under-dash graphic equalizer. A must have for blasting tunes from your Jensen Tri-Axial speakers…

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  21. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Nice buy for an LT1 car. Ended:Dec 22, 2019 , 2:06PM
    Winning bid:US $15,578.00
    [ 79 bids ]

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  22. Danny

    This car is now running and is for sale.

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